I'll be glad to help your world, Mario.

Aile is a 10 year old girl and the main heroine of Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. She is one of two choices of playing as the main character. She is the wielder of the Keyblade known as Spring's Passion.


She was born in the town by the mines known as Rock Town. Her father was a miner while her mother was a novelist. Aile always liked her mother's stories and always wanted to hear them before she went to bed. Her father would always come home before the sun nightfall to listen to his wife's stories as well and would occasionally act the scenes. But, on Aile's fifth birthday, an cave in happened in the Rock Mines, killing a small group of miners, including Aile's father, thus making her depressed and angered that the Royal Knights of King Ace to save him. But then a few months later, a man named Slade arrived and noticed Aile's depression. Feeling like he should help, Slade decided to become Aile's fatherly figure and taught her the ways of the sword.


Aile has blue eyes and brown hair. She is kind and caring to her friends and will help in any way.


  • Aile has an almost exact description of Aile from Megaman ZX and Megaman ZX Advent. The only thing different abount her is the color of her eyes.
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