The Fallen Angel, Aeron Ouranós
SPECIES Angel (current)/Human (past)
HEIGHT 6'0"/183 cm
WEAPONS Infused Chainwhip, Infused Armblade

Aietos, also known as The Fallen Angel, is the main protagonist of Angels Among Us. He is a Sentinel-infused Angel that was banished to Neutrisia by the Archangel after deliberately freeing multiple captive Sentinels.


Human Life

This section contains spoilers regarding this character's past that would be normally revealed by playing through the game.

Once a human on Neutrisia, Aietos, born as Aeron Ouranós, was the son of Illyas Ouranós, a wealthy politician, and his mistress. He only experienced 13 years of human life before being brutally beaten and murdered in a drunken rampage by his abusive father. Aietos ascended into Lightreach as a new Angel and was cared for by the heavenly world's nurturers, the Maidens.

Harnessing Arc

Upon regaining his strength, an older Aietos was summoned by the Archangel to take place in the harnessing ritual, where he must defeat a captive Sentinel and "harness" its powers. In the arena, Aietos is swiftly defeated by a large Sentinel; however, the Sentinel allowed him to have another chance to fight. The second time, Aietos defeats the Sentinel and is infused with holy powers.

Appearance and Personality

Aietos has medium, dark brown hair and golden-colored eyes. He is considerably young looking, despite being quite tall and decently muscular. As an angel in Lightreach, he possesses large, ethereal wings that radiate light. When banished to Neutrisia, he loses his wings and receives black tattoo-like markings that cover his shoulders and upper back.

Aietos is a very curious soul and is a firm believer in equality. He is extremely loyal to his friends and does everything in his power to protect them. He is shown to be emotionally mentally unstable at times of extreme trauma. For example, even as an Angel, Aietos experiences PTSD-like flashbacks to the physical and verbal abuse he received from his father in his human life. These either cause him to go on reckless rampages or to shut himself away from everyone.

Stats and Abilities

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