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Agumon (アグモン, Agumon) is a playable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. and one of the representatives of the Digimon series. (The others being Shoutmon and the DLC character, Renamon) He was announced with the release of Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory, and was revealed to be the "rival" to Game Freak's Pikachu, similar to how Mario and Sonic were handled. He is voiced by Tom Fahn in the English version of the game, and Chika Sakamoto in the Japanese version.

He is currently considered to be a mid tier character, due to his average stats and moveset. Agumon does have all of tools that allow him to be a great character, however, his lightweight and lackluster damage output makes him mediocre compared to other characters higher than him.

NOTE: I understand that Agumon is a species of Digimon similar to how the Pokemon characters are. HOWEVER, I am referring to Agumon as a "he" due to this Agumon being the same one seen in the anime.


Agumon reflects his species' behavior. He is a fairly average character, with average speed, gravity and speeds all around, and his attacks don't deal much damage. However, his biggest stength is his range and ability to rack up damage in a short time, allowing him to finish his opponents off quickly. However, when Agumon loses his momentum and his ability to read an opponent, Agumon can easily become overwhelmed and KO'd.


Ground Moves

Attack Name Description Damage
Jab Agumon swipes forwards twice with his claws, the bites forwards with his jaws. The final hit does good knockback. 5%, 5%, 4%
Dash Attack Agumon frantically swipes forwards repeatdly, this attack hits 5 times. 3%
Side Tilt Agumon leans forwards and swipes forwards 6%
Up Tilt Agumon jabs upwards with his claws. This can be chained into itself. 3%
Down Tilt Agumon swipes forwards twice. Similar to Bowser's. 2%, 3%
Forward Smash Agumon charges up and headbutts forwards. This is his strongest smash attack in terms of knockback. 9%, 13% (fully charged)
Up Smash Similar to his Forward Smash, however, Agumon jumps and headbutts upwards. 7%, 12% (Fully charged)
Down Smash Agumon jabs outwards with both of his claws at both sides of his body. 6%, 15% (Fully charged)

Aerial Attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral Air Agumon performs sex kick. 8%-3%
Forward Air Agumon kicks forwards with good range. 9%
Back Air Agumon dropkicks behind him. 11%
Up Air Agumon uppercuts upwards with his claws. 6%
Down Air Agumon dives downwards with his feet, bringing down any enemy he hits with him. Based off of his Splash Kick attack in Digimon: All Star Rumble. 8%

Grab Attacks

Attacks Description Damage
Pummel Agumon headbutts his opponent similarly to Mario's. 3%
Forward Throw Agumon lifts the opponent up and throws them forwards. 5%
Up Throw Agumon uppercuts the opponent upwards. 7%
Back Throw Similar to Forward Throw, but Agumon throws the opponent behind him. 5%
Down Throw Agumon throws the opponent downwards and fires a blast of fire from his mouth. 6%
Agumon's Special Moves
Standard Special Move Pepper Breath
Side Special Move Rapid Jab
Up Special Move Burst Eagle
Down Special Move Spirit Fire
Final Smash Warp Digivolve

On-Screen Appearance

Gets digitized into the stage and gets into a fighting stance.


Side - Agumon puts on a Afro wig and gets maracas out and dances to a beat.

Up - Agumon bites forwards and says "Come on!"

Down - Agumon turns around, wiggles his tail, and goes back into his fighting stance.

Idle Poses

  • Agumon brushes off his snout.
  • Agumon stretches his arms.



A remix of the victory theme from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

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