#132 Agnios Ditto
Agnios Ditto.png
Agnios Ditto's artwork from Pokemon Omega Platinum Version
Category Transform Pokémon
National Dex Nr. #132
Generation 1
Pokémon Color Black
First Appearance Pokemon Omega Platinum
Ability/ies Flux DNA
Average Height 6'00" (1.8m)
Average Weight 8.8lbs (4.0kg)

Agnios Ditto is a no define typed Pokémon. It is not known to evolve from or into any Pokemon. It is crystalline in shape and is the Agnios regional variant of the Kantonian Pokemon, Ditto.


The Pokemon has a crystalline shape with four orbital Octahedrons each bearing four of the eighteen types' colours. The remaining two (Fairy-Type & Dark-Type) colour the Ditto's main body. The Dodecahedral Body is slightly transparent unlike the completely opaque Octahedrons. Like Ditto, this regional variant has a simplistic face consisting of two black eyes and a small smile.


Agnios Ditto has the unique ability known as Flux DNA. The ability causes Agnios Ditto to change its types every time it is sent into battle, this includes being swapped out. It will always be dual typed but the types are random each time.


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense


Level Move
0 Leafage
0 Ember
0 Water Gun
0 Thundershock
3 Confusion
6 Pursuit
9 Shadow Sneak
12 Struggle Bug
15 Smack Down
18 Mud Shot
21 Icy Wind
24 Sludge
27 Wing Attack
30 Wake-Up Slap
33 Mirror Shot
36 Draining Kiss
39 Dragon Breath
42 Hidden Power
45 Petal Dance
48 Flare Blitz
51 Hydro Pump
54 Zap Cannon
57 Synchronise
60 Vile Strike
63 Unearthly Howl
66 Megahorn
69 Head Smash
72 Earthquake
75 Blizzard
78 Gunk Shot
81 Sky Attack
84 High Jump Kick
87 Iron Tail
90 Deadly Dream
93 Outrage
96 Boomburst


  • Like Kantonian Ditto, Agnios Ditto has significant ties to the ability to adapt to any situation although due to the nature of its creation it is erratic, referencing the tendency for mutations to form in otherwise regular DNA
  • Unlike Kantonian Ditto, Agnios Ditto cannot breed at all as it has the inability to transform
  • Agnios Ditto learns several moves that would requires appendages it does not have; Wings, Arms & Horns for example, this is represented however by when Agnios Ditto uses its physical attack in which its orbital crystals will fuse into an amorphous blob and strike
  • Agnios Ditto has a special animation for every single type when using Special Attacks, its body changes colour to that type and then performs the attack
  • The Agnios Ditto's cry has an echo effect to it, possibly suggesting the interior of the Pokemon is hollow


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