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The Agents of Shadow is a secret organization of 13 warriors. They operate under General Phai, who takes orders from Lord Kala. Many have assumed friction between Kala and Phai. But this has been proven wrong. They fight using an unique battle system. They appear and challenge a member of Mario's team. Most of the time they challenge either a character or a partner to a duel. Defeating all Agents of Shadow is optional, and some such as Yozhi and Phai are required. But defeating all agents rewards the player with a special secret character. After the Agents of Shadow are exterminated, a short scene shows Phai and Sycho in a conversation, whoever they are never faced again. This could be a new game featuring the agents of Shadow once again, however this is just speculation.

List of Duels

Agents of Shadow First Combantant Area Result Second Combantant Third Combantant
General Phai Mario Yossy Island 1/Victory 2/Loss 3/Loss Bowser & Missile Mike Mario
Missile Mike Mario & Krystal Yossy Island Loses and joins Mario's Party. None None
Dye Guy Mario & Timmi Solomon's Ridge Perhaps Death. None None
Haz-Mat Goshi or Yoshi or Oshi Jibber Jabber City Defeated None None
Wrath Guy Lakilester Sprite Ocean Defeated None None
Yozhi Yoshi Yossy Island Defeated and Imprisoned None None
Sycho Missile Mike Ridge of Jajo 1/ Defeated 2/Retreated, status unknown. None None
Dark King Jumbo Kong DK Island 1/ Victory, 2/ Victory 3/ Defeated Yoster Izzy
T-Rex Rawk Hawk Solomon's Ridge Defeated and presumably dead. None None
Boowzer Lord Boo Holo Cost, Mansion Defeated None None
Blaze Gaz Goomba University Defeated and Reformed None None
King KO Kommando Shroom City Skyscrappers Defeated and presumably dead. None None
Black Spike DK Mountain 1/Defeated and critically injured. 2/ victory 3/ Death Spike Lakilester


  • General Phai
  • Missile Mike - Reformed replaced by (Sycho) - Bullet Bill
  • Dye Guy - Shy Guy
  • Haz-Mat - Shroob
  • Wrath Guy - Boo Guy
  • Yozhi - Yoshi
  • Sycho - replaced Missile Mike - Bullet Bill
  • Dark King - Ape
  • T-Rex - Rexe
  • Boowzer - Boo
  • Blaze - goomba
  • King KO - Koopa
  • Black - lakitu