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Agate is a 2D fighting game developed by Frogworks - released in early access in June 2020, and fully released in September of that year. The game is set in the titular city of Agate - a gritty metropolis ruled by organized crime, backed up by The Enhanced, a small portion of the community gifted with unnatural abilities. While some use their power to protect the innocent, most have fallen to vice and sin, and now work for money and pride, empowering Agate's corrupt politicians and mafia kingpins. It has one DLC pack currently out, Bloodbath and one more in the works


Agate is a fairly conventional fighting game - two to four players duel in a variety of stages set around the city, chaining specials and abilities to rack up huge amounts of damage on your opponents.

The gameplay is built around the ENHANCE System, which allows fighters to power up their moves and attacks through chaining together damage and amassing enough Powerstones, glowing items which give minor stat bonuses depending on type, but max out the ENHANCE meter when one of each type is collected. Powerstones drop from a variety of different actions, be it using an ultimate ability, destroying part of the stage, blocking an attack perfectly or more.

Each character has a Grab, a Jab and a Block (with one exception), each with several alternatives based on the vertical position of the character, which also act as a "triangle" of sorts - Grab beats Block which beats Jab which beats Grab, along with three special moves and a recovery, which can be used when they are knocked off the map or put into a precarious position. Players have a health bar, depending on the character, which diminishes when they are hit, but slowly regenerates over time. When the ENHANCE meter is full, players may use their ultimate ability, which empties the meter but uses an incredibly powerful attacks. While by default special stage features are turned on, in the settings they can be turned off.

The button inputs are as follows:

  • Z - Jab
  • X - Grab
  • C - Block
  • Shift + Arrow Keys - Specials/Recovery
  • Space - Jump

Currently Agate has only one game mode, which is 2-4 player battles with 3 stocks each, and options to do with stage details. However, more are planned for the game, including a Story Mode and different unique ways to battle


The world of Agate is a dark one - failed military experiments back in the 60s put extraterrestrial DNA in the genepool, and it spread throughout the city, the citizens unaware until November 3rd, 20017, when the first of the Enhanced awoke. Finding themself with a strange new power, instead of using it for good, the first of the Enhanced set upon a dark new path. While a vigilant police force had kept Agate's crime down for years, this was torn asunder by the raw power the first brought down on Agate. They wreaked havoc, destroying buildings and killing people, until they were eventually brought down and killed. However, this would only be the first. A string of violence and terror wrought Agate, with the police force in shambles and the government in organized crime's pocket.

Now the city is left alone, an example of poor leadership and of the evils of humanity. Agate lies a dark monolith above a sullen plane. There is no hope left for the citizens of Agate - it's kill or be killed, a constant fight for your lives, as the Enhanced grow ever stronger, and the influence of the city spreads


Name Description Moveset
Jack O Lantern.png

Jack O Lantern

The Jack O Lantern is your typical supervillain - crazy and chaotic, with a penchant for violence and world ending schemes. Only difference here is that there aint no Superman to keep them in check. Once a fairly ordinary person, when the Enhanced genes kicked in Jack O Lantern gained the ability to manipulate fire, and the unintentional death of their loved ones set them over the edge. However, even with a somewhat sympathetic backstory, the Jack O Lantern has no redemption arc coming their way - simply a future of violence, destruction and gleeful chaos. Jack O Lantern is a fast, evasive character, with low health but high speed and high damage, able to annihilate most things that cross their path. 
  • Special One: Jack O Lantern tosses three pumpkin bombs in a single direction, which explode upon contact with a player
  • Special Two: Jack O Lantern sends out a wave of flame, which grows bigger the longer it stays on screen
  • Special Three: Jack O Lantern spins around a ball and chain with a pumpkin on the end, which explodes when it makes contact
  • Recovery: Jack O Lantern shoots a grappling hook up, which latches onto platforms or background objects, and after a couple seconds is yanked directly upward
  • Ultimate: Jack O Lantern summons three mechanical pumpkins, which fly around the map, dispensing explosives on foes and Powerstones on Jack O Lantern
The Silencer.png

The Silencer

Formerly a cop, The Silencer left the force after their Enhanced powers kicked in. Gaining the ability to use telekenisis, she took up work as an assassin, using a variety of weapons she could wield at once. As her career went well, her ties to organized crime strengthened, and soon she became the top enforcer for the Gianella Family, one of the most prominent crime families in Agate. Now she kills for a living, shakes down everyone from fellow mobsters to cops and politicians, and plots to seize control of the family - because you can never have enough power. The Silencer is a well balanced character, primarily using ranged attacks, all though they are not incredibly resilient, leaning more toward the evasive end of the spectrum/
  • Special One: The Silencer lifts her assault rifle and fires in the direction they are facing, unable to move during this time
  • Special Two: The Silencer throws a knife, which homes in on enemies and deals a decent amount of damage
  • Special Three: The Silencer fires a spread shot of three bullets that slowly diverge apart as they cross the screen
  • Recovery: The Silencer uses her assault rifle to boost herself upwards at immense speeds, albeit unpredictably
  • Ultimate: The Silencer sends out a wave of energy, and all opponents are unable to attack for 10 seconds, and are stunned if they attempt to
Achilles Ironside.png

Achilles Ironside

A wealthy buisnessman who, although not living within Agate itself, has an acute interest in the dealings of the city's mob. Unknown to the general public, Ironside is an Enhanced, with the ability to transform into solid stone at will. Funding his media empire through profits from his mob roots, Achilles is ruthless, and will not let anyone get in the way of his agenda - expanding the influences of the mob beyond the collapsing city of Agate and into the rest of the world. Politicians sit in his pocket, and he's not afraid to use torture and murder to acheive his goals. Achilles is pretty much the definition of tank, able to shrug off most attacks with ease due to his stone body, and hits like a truck - however he is slow and has low mobility, unable to chase after the more nimble characters on the roster, and must rely on primarily melee attacks to deal damage.
  • Special One: Achilles jumps up and slams down one of his arms, a small shockwave coming out from where it makes contact
  • Special Two: Achilles tosses a stone javelin forward, which deals heavy piercing damage when it hits
  • Special Three: Achilles summons a large stone sword and uses it to slash brutally in the direction he is facing
  • Recovery: Achilles leaps upward and grabs, dealing high damage to anyone in his path but not going especially high
  • Ultimate: Achilles whistles and an Ironside Industries truck comes in and rolls along the stage, crushing anybody caught in it's path and leaving a cache of Powerstones
Scylla Davis.png

Scylla Davis

Scylla Davis is the governor of the state, and thus the politician with the most influence over Agate. She grew up in the gritty streets of the city, born a couple years before the start of the Enhanced - however, her gene didn't kick in until she was already an established politician in the pocket of several Agate gangs. Gifted the ability to control water, Scylla slew those she held debts too and began to establish her own web of connections, protecting gangsters in return for power and authority on the streets of the city, and eventually building her own criminal empire. Scylla is a medium, well balanced character, with a mix of ranged and melee attacks, and a fairly balanced layout of offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Special One: Scylla slashes with a blade of ice, stunning any opponents hit by the attack for 2 seconds
  • Special Two: Scylla fires a pulse of water that pierces through any number of foes and slowly gets smaller
  • Special Three: Scylla whips upward with a strand of water, dealing high damage to anyone caught in the attack
  • Recovery: Scylla creates a water "jetpack" and boosts upward, able to hover in the air for a couple seconds
  • Ultimate: Scylla creates a helix spiral of water around herself, which gives her pseudo inveunerability, dealing high damage to anyone that makes contact, for 10 seconds


Bloodsaw is, simply put, a psychopath. In her wake is a trail of blood and bones, gored bodies lying dead and dying across Agate, all with the telltale chainsaw slashes across their faces. Unlike most of the roster, Bloodsaw isn't actually an Enhanced. She was once a philanthropist billionare, who was captured and tortured during one of the early Enhanced incidents. This destroyed her mind, and when she returned home, she fashioned a metal armour, equipped with a saw on one arm, then she went on a rampage that continues tto this day, leaving the brutalized corpses of her victims left around the city streets, traumatizing the citizens. Bloodsaw is the ultimate glass cannon - they have very little HP, but they can tear through flesh like butter. She crumbles in the face of proper pressure, but can destroy opponents incredibly quickly.
  • Special One: Bloodsaw charges up and does a homing dash at the closest opponent, stopping just before making contact
  • Special Two: Bloodsaw does a very short range slash with her chainsaw that does absurd amounts of damage
  • Special Three: Bloodsaw gains invunerability for 2 seconds. This attack has a 2 second cooldown
  • Recovery: Bloodsaw does a dash in whatever direction she is facing, phasing out of existence during the dash
  • Ultimate: Bloodsaw gains incredible speed and near invunerability for 5 seconds, and her ENHANCE meter fills up more for each time she deals damage to an opponent during this time
Corin The Barbarian.png

Corin The Barbarian

Corin The Barbarian is the closest thing Agate has to a hero. Once an old man, Corin's Enhanced abilities were among the first to awaken - gaining incredible strength, but losing most of his intelligence. Now he roams the streets of Agate, fighting anyone who dares offend his barbarian sensibilities and praying to his pagan god of war and chaos. His trusty axe makes short work of most of his foes, and anything else can be crushed by his enormous strength. He has a simple mind, but don't underestimate his cunning - this elderly warrior still has a couple tricks up his sleeve. Corin is a balanced character, with high damage, health and speed - however, he has a major downside - he cannot block attacks, and must instead tank all of the damage, and his regeneration is slower than normal.
  • Special One: Corin throws his axe like a boomerang, it goes to the end of the screens and then comes back to meet him at the other side
  • Special Two: Corin whistles and a sewer crocodile lunges up in front of him, dealing damage to anyone in the way
  • Special Three: Corin leaps in a diagonal motion. If he makes contact with an opponent during this leap, he and the opponent plummet to the ground, doing massive damage
  • Recovery: Corin ties a rope to his axe and throws it like a grappling hook, then climbs up the rope at a very fast speed
  • Ultimate: Corin laughs loudly, and six feral cats prowl onto the screen. For the next 7 seconds, they follow and enhance the barbarian's attacks, and leave behind gifts of Powerstones when they go
The Disciple.png

The Disciple

Once a priest who brought religious teachings to disadvantaged neighbourhoods, when his Enhanced powers awakened Joshua James gained the ability to sculpt light, and viewing this as a gift from God, set out to use his newfound powers to bring his religion to others. Fanatically devout to his beliefs, the self-dubbed Disciple is willing to do anything to "convert" people, be it undoubtedly sinful violence or psychological manipuation, he has lost all moral boundaries in his belief that he is the hand of god. The Disciple is a lightweight, weak character with low attack and health, with his only redeeming quality seemingly being his high speed - however, this is discounting his primary ability - absurd amounts of regeneration, which give him pseudo-tanky properties, giving him an attrition based strategy
  • Special One: The Disciple creates a ball of light which floats around him for 15 seconds, healing him and harming opponents that make contact. Up to 3 of these balls can exist at once
  • Special Two: The Disciple shimmers with light, and sends out an aura of silence, stopping all attacks currently in progress. This attack has a 5 second cooldown
  • Special Three: The Disciple sends out strands of light, which deal low damage but heal the Disciple for all damage dealt this way
  • Recovery: The Disciple uses his staff to pull himself upwards at a fairly high speed, but this has a somewhat low range
  • Ultimate: The Disciple gains tripled damage and all of his attacks now gain him life equal to the amount of damage they deal for 7 seconds
Lucky Charm Agate.png

Lucky Charm

Roulette, poker, blackjack, you name it - Lucky Charm's casino has them all. Already skirting the law before her Enhanced abilities activated, the enigmatic Lucky Charm gained the ability to read people's minds - a surefire way to make sure the house wins every single time. When everything went to hell, Lucky's casino was one of the few institutions that actually benefitted from the rule of the mafia - and they're all to scared to question her. Now she rules the roulette tables and stashes money, preparing for something big. Lucky Charm is a well rounded character with a twist - her specials all have a hint of randomness, usually choosing between one of three options. While this could be considered a drawback, it makes her hard to predict and when utilized correctly can be incredibly potent.
  • Special One: Lucky spins around and throws either a roulette wheel that boomerangs, a barrage of poker chips or a whole slot machine
  • Special Two: Lucky throws a card at random from a deck of cards - if it's a diamond it explodes into homing fragments, if it's a heart it heals Lucky, if it's a club it deals immense damage and if it's a spade it splits into four seperate projectiles
  • Special Three: Lucky pulls out a machine gun that shoots out poker chips - red ones light enemies on fire, blue ones make them take double damage
  • Recovery: Lucky does a spin and leaps upward, shooting out coins as she does so
  • Ultimate: Lucky summons a huge slot machine, which then spins. For each coin it shoots out a barrage of each coins, for each skull is summons a homing ghost skull and for each heart it makes Lucky's attacks do life drain. If it is three of the same then the effects are tripled


Name Description
City Central City Central is the game's "vanilla" stage. Three platforms in a triangular formation are evenly laid out above the arena, and there are no stage hazards or special features. Four billboards are laid out in line with the top platform, which respawn periodically. When broken they drop Powerstones.
The Lantern Lair The Lantern Lair is themed around Jack O Lantern, and is appropriately chaotic. Six platforms are laid out above a pit of acid. Pumpkin bombs are regularly tossed onto the stage, and can be broken to drop Powerstones. Occasionally flame is blasted, invalidating one of the two layers of platforms.
Gianella Manor Gianella Manor is The Silencer's home stage, and features a variety of booby traps and hazards. It is a scrolling stage, with the platform layout changing over time, and various traps are located throughout, including falling axes, turrets, flamethrowers and more, making almost all parts of the stage hazardous - however, most of these traps drop Powerstones when broken
Ironside Industries Ironside Industries is where business tyrant Achilles Ironside resides - the offices shown are minimalistic and brutal, a unique kind of corporate terror. There are four platforms arranged across two layers, and during the fight various employees of the company will walk onto the stage, and will initiate "Safety Training" when killed, which creates an slowly enclosing box to "capture" intruders
CHARBYDIS CHARBYDIS is the name of Scylla Davis's home in Agate, and what seems on the outside a modest apartment is really a criminal mastercomplex, filled with weaponry and trickery - the thing is, it's entirely underwater. Because of this, characters will slowly suffocate unless they can make periodical contact with the air bubbles that float to the top of the level, which can also be broken to drop Powerstones
Bloodsoaked Streets While Bloodsaw doesn't have a home, the streets of Agate where they roam are a pretty good representation. Three platforms are above a road, which periodically has trucks and cars coming along it, which drop Powerstones if destroyed enough. Bloodied corpses litter the stage, all with the telltale chainsaw slashes of Bloodsaw
Barbarian Badlands Corin lives on the outskirts of Agate, among the mutated sewer crocodiles and the feral cats - his stage reflects his shamanistic nature, with three totem poles around the stage that either summon wolves, shoot down a bolt of lightning or make a small tornado that knocks players around when hit. Each of the totem poles also serves as a platform to be jumped on
St Joshua's Cathedral An abandoned cathedral, stained glass windows broken and altars burnt, this is where The Disciple resides. Eight platforms are scattered across the stage, and they rotate on a regular basis. Beams of light are periodically shot down from the top floor of the church, and various "saints" come in throughout the stage, attacking all players and dropping Powerstones
 Charmed Casino The Charmed Casino takes place on a giant roulette wheel that is constantly spinning, with three platforms above it. When the roulette stops, an effect happens if a player is standing in a space - be it a blast of flame, a cache of Powerstones or even summoning one of the casino's enforcers to be fought off.


Name Description
Red Powerstone.png

Red Powerstone

The most basic form of Powerstone, the Red Powerstone provides a flat +15% damage on all attacks. It has a 25% chance of dropping whenever a Powerstone would drop.
Blue Powerstone.png

Blue Powerstone

The Blue Powerstone is the opposite to the Red Powerstone, providing a +15% defense bonus. It has a 25% chance of dropping whenever a Powerstone would drop.
Yellow Powerstone.png

Yellow Powerstone

The third of the core trio of Powerstones, the Yellow Powerstone is arguably the best, providing a +15% bonus to speed. It has a 25% chance of dropping whenever a Powerstone would drop
Green Powerstone.png

Green Powerstone

Slightly rarer than the core three, the Green Powerstone provides +5% to attacks, +5% to defense and +5% to speed, giving well rounded bonuses as opposed to hyper focus. It has a 20% chance of dropping whenever a Powerstone would drop
Purple Powerstone.png

Purple Powerstone

The rarest type of Powerstone, the Purple Powerstone provides +100% damage but makes the user take +100% damage, turning them into effectively a glass cannon. It has a 5% chance of dropping whenever a Powerstone would drop

Story Mode

The story mode of Agate is set out as eight seperate stories, all taking place on the same night. Although there are threads linking them, each of the stories are independent. There is a unique boss at the end of each story.

One Hallowed Evening - Jack

It's been a long year of mayhem and destruction for the Jack O Lantern, and every Halloween tends to be their day off - however, this year the ghosts and ghouls are out in full, and an old rival seems to be stirring up trouble for this rotten pumpkin

Setting out to investigate the ghoulish figures on their favourite day of the year, Jack first suspects the Silencer, a shady mafia enforcer who pulls all sorts of uncanny tricks. Luring her to their lair, Jack confronts the strange figure, and the two engage in combat

Fight One: Jack O Lantern vs The Silencer

However, even when beaten soundly, The Silencer seems unaware of the ghouls, so Jack crossed her of their list and goes to keep investigating. Next they head to Lucky Charm's casino, where many of the ghouls seem to be gathering. Not wanting her pride and joy to be destroyed, Lucky stops Jack at the door, and this quickly escalates into fighting

Fight Two: Jack O Lantern vs Lucky Charm

Once beaten, Lucky spits out that she recognizes that the ghouls are mostly marked with a cross, and suggests Jack head to the graveyard at St Joshua's Cathedral. However, when investigating, Jack is attacked by the Disciple, who is understandably suspicious

Fight Three: Jack O Lantern vs The Disciple

With nothing but a heavily injured former priest left at the church, Jack decides to head back to the center of the city, seeing as the night goes on more and more of the ghouls are showing up at Agate Tower. However, on the way they run into a very agitated Bloodsaw, and decide to do some good old brawling

Fight Four: Jack O Lantern vs Bloodsaw

After getting back on topic, Jack makes it to Agate Tower, where they find that their old rival, Dr. Spooks, is using this ghostly power to assemble a death ray, which he plans to use to take over the city (more than he already has). Understandably, Jack does not like being usurped as No 1. Supervillain, and thus challenges Spooks to a good old 1 on 1 duel

Fight Five: Jack O Lantern vs Dr. Spooks

With Halloween saved, the night almost over and plenty of tricks played, Jack retreats into his lair for some good old treats

Mafia Takeover - The Silencer

Her plans culminating into one, tonight is the night The Silencer plans to take over the Gianella crime family and make it her own. However, first things first, she needs to clear up some business with Achilles Ironside, who is in town for the first time in quite a while

Fight One: The Silencer vs Achilles Ironside

With Ironside dealt with, The Silencer heads home, only to receive information about one of her targets. Bothered by this interruption, she heads to the location - it turns out to be a trap, and she has been lured to the lair of the pumpkin themed maniac Jack O Lantern

Fight Two: The Silencer vs Jack O Lantern

Irritating Halloween decorations aside, The Silencer is finally able to get on with the night's work. She heads to CHARBYDIS, where she plans to change Governor Scylla Davis' mind on the Gianella family, whether the politician likes it or not

Fight Three: The Silencer vs Scylla Davis

With the message soundly beaten into Davis's head, The Silencer is almost done with her task, almost all of the Gianella's connections have been fractured. However, on her way to the mansion she is attacked by the hulking brute that is Corin The Barbarian, hired by Leonardo Gianella to slow her down, which she is not currently in the mood to deal with

Fight Four: The Silencer vs Corin The Barbarian

Corin trumped and sent back to his badlands, The Silencer advances on the mansion. Fighting her way past the traps she devised and mutilating the guards she hired, she eventually makes her way to the metaphorical throne room. An unwelcome surprise is waiting inside though - Leonardo Gianella has prepared, and has equipped himself (and his closest associates) inside a massive mechanical titan dubbed MARIA. Nevertheless, The Silencer initiates combat and attempts to fell the automaton

Fight Five: The Silencer vs MARIA

With Leonardo and his closest associates dead or dying, there is no-one standing in the Silencer's way to taking the throne and becoming the queen of the Agate mafia. And the first order of business? Killing the remnants of the Gianella family

Old Friends - Achilles

Achilles Ironside is back in town for the first time in a while, and hr has some vitally important business to take care of. First on the agenda - a "meeting" with Scylla Davis of the Charybdis Syndicate. Arriving at her lair, Achilles prepares to fight.

Fight One: Achilles Ironside vs Scylla Davis

With the governor bloodied, brutalized and taught not to mess with the mob, Achilles continues on his way. With his plans in motion, he makes his way to Ironside Industries. However, when he arrives at the business giant's Agate offices, he finds The Silencer waiting for him, vengeful after the last mob-mafia war

Fight Two: Achilles vs The Silencer

The Silencer has had the shit thoroughly kicked out of them, and now Achilles can really get his work done. Overloading the Ironside systems, he ejects a small USB stick and leaves the building, heading to the other side of the city - however, he must pass through the badlands, and here he is attacked by the ravenous barbarian Corin

Fight Three: Achilles Ironside vs Corin The Barbarian

Looking down at the barbarian's semi-conscious form, Achilles decides to give some mercy - go kill the Silencer and I won't crush your skull here and now. Two birds successfully felled with one stone, Achilles makes his way through the badlands and over the bridge, ending up in the bloody streets where creeps, muggers and serial killers make their living. And surprise surprise, here he is attacked by a frantic Bloodsaw, screaming about Agate something

Fight Four: Achilles Ironside vs Bloodsaw

With Bloodsaw knocked unconscious, Achilles continues through the city, eventually ending up in the centre of the city. Here he activates a beacon. After a couple minutes the business he was intending to take care of arrives. His pseudo-estranged sister and current kingpin of the Agate mob, Atalanta Ironside. What starts as pleasant conversation soon devolves into the two trading blows

Fight Five: Achilles Ironside vs Atalanta Ironside

With his sistwe's corpse lying at his feet, Achilles calls a meeting of the inner circle of the Agate Mob, and explains the change in leadership - and when the other members protest? Well that's just an excuse to kill them all

Election Year - Scylla

Its Election Year in Araiga and Scylla Davis has returned to Agate to investigate one of her political opponents, the ominous Damien Blackgate, and hopefully take him out of the race. However, first things first, she needs to talk to Achilles Ironside - the two have some unfinished business from the last time they were both in town.

Fight One: Scylla Davis vs Achilles Ironside

With Achilles soundly beaten, she leaves his semi-conscious form outside CHARYBDIS, and heads to the cathedral, as Blackgate is supposedly a religious man. Here she makes contact with the disciple, who refuses to give up the information without a fight. Begrudgingly, Scylla prepares for battle

Fight Two: Scylla Davis vs The Disciple

Beaten and bloody, the heavily injured Disciple spits out that although Damien Blackgate used to attend the sermons he holds, recently he has stop coming and has started going to Lucky Charm's casino more. Heading to the casino, she confronts Lucky Charm out front, who looks like she has already had a hell of a night, and demands to know about Damien Blackgate. At this, Lucky snaps and attacks Scylla

Fight Three: Scylla Davis vs Lucky Charm

Scylla takes down Lucky Charm, who admits that she has been bankrolling Blackgate's finances. Infuriated, Scylla destroys part of the casino before storming away. Returning to CHARYBDIS to regroup, when she gets inside Scylla is attacked by The Silencer, who demands she cuts all ties to the Gianella Mafia.

Fight Four: Scylla Davis vs The Silencer

The Silencer shattered, Scylla decides to confront Blackgate front on. Showing up outside his apartment, she calls him, and the two talk for a couple minutes, before she runs out of patience and assaults him

Fight Five: Scylla Davis vs Damien Blackgate

Damien is dead, and now Scylla runs unopposed for the third time. The election is in three weeks, and Scylla takes a flight back to the Governor's mansion to start preparing for her victory

Vengeance - Bloodsaw

Bloodsaw has recently heard news of Julia Sapphire, one of the most influential early Enhanced, is returning to Agate for the first time in years - it is the location of their wedding. Seeking information about the one who harmed her so long ago, Bloodsaw decides to confront Sapphire and hopefully glean some useful knowledge on her forsaken foe. However, when figuring this out she runs into Achilles Ironside and after a couple offensive comments is infuriated

Fight One: Bloodsaw vs Achilles Ironside

Deciding not to finish off the buisinessman in fear of incurring the mob's wrath, Bloodsaw leaves, agitated by the interruption to her plans. However, as she is about to head into the city the highly infuriating Jack O Lantern shows up, who cracks some jokes and suggests they fight. Liking the idea, Bloodsaw attacks the pumpkin.

Fight Two: Bloodsaw vs Jack O Lantern

With Jack on the floor "laughing", Bloodsaw leaves the streets that make up her domain. Making her way through the badlands, she finds the corpses of crocodiles littering the streets and eventually runs into a strange, muscular man fighting hordes of crocodiles. Thirsty for another kill, she decides to go after the barbarian.

Fight Three: Bloodsaw vs Corin The Barbarian

Just before Bloodsaw can cut her foe's throat, she is stopped by a beam of light. Spinning around she finds The Disciple, who does not approve of "unnecessary" combat. Enraged by this, Bloodsaw runs at the former priest and attacks him, her chainsaw revving up at massive speeds.

Fight Four: Bloodsaw vs The Disciple

The Disciple almost dead, Bloodsaw realizes the wedding is about to start and makes her way to the grounds. Here she screams out to confront Sapphire, who floats up into the air and starts to summon blue stones. Climbing the sides of the church, Bloodsaw lunges at the geomancer, attempting to slice them up as fast as possible.

Fight Five: Bloodsaw vs Julia Sapphire

Julia, defeated, falls to the floor, and Bloodsaw approaches them, demanding that they tell her about the torturer. Sapphire laughs and refuses. Just as Bloodsaw is about to kill the early Enhanced, a poison dart is launched into their neck, and they stumble to the floor, passing out. Sapphire gets up and chuckles, before leaving to join their bride. Bloodsaw is dragged away by a strange, cloaked being.

Infestation - Corin

Corin is not having a good time. An unusually large number of sewer crocodiles have been popping up in the former park he calls his badlands. To add onto this, the Charmed Casino has begun to set up various obnoxious advertisements around the area, the neon lights messing with the local wildlife. Enraged by this interference in the natural order, Corin sets out to right this wrong

Fight One: Corin The Barbarian vs Lucky Charm

With Lucky's intrusive additions dealt with, Corin heads back to his home, intending to deal with the crocodile infestation. However, on his way there, he is attacked by the overly civilized businessman/gangster Achilles Ironside

Fight Two: Corin The Barbarian vs Achilles Ironside

Just before Corin throws him to the crocodiles, Achilles offers permanent protection for the badlands in return for his life - and Corin going after The Silencer. Agreeing to this, Corin hunts down the assassin and attacks her in the street

Fight Three: Corin The Barbarian vs The Silencer

With The Silencer silenced, Corin heads back home, where the crocodile problem is intensifying rapidly. Just as he is about to head into the sewers to find the cause, a strange red haired figure with a chainsaw assaults him

Fight Four: Corin The Barbarian vs Bloodsaw

Just as Corin is about to slay the figure, a beam of light interrupts the fight. Deciding to take the chance to leave, Corin descends into the sewers, where he finds an enormous, mutated man in a crocodile suit - The Great Crocomungo, his archnemesis. Swinging his axe, he runs at the sewer king and tries to decapitate him.

Fight Five: Corin The Barbarian vs The Great Crocomungo

With the croc problem dealt with, Corin decides to call it a night and sleep under the Hallow's Eve stars.

Crusade - The Disciple

The Disciple has not been having a good time. His converted have been leaving the safety of the abandoned cathedral, where he is unable to protect them, and some have even turned against him, leading raids and attacks on St Joshua's. After a particularly vicious raid, The Disciple is healing the few remaining members of his community when the highly corrupt and sinful politician Scylla Davis knocks on his door. After a couple pleasantries the two emerge into battle.

Fight One: The Disciple vs Scylla Davis

As Scylla, defeated soundly, is leaving, she asks something about Damien Blackgate. Taking pity on the poor soul and seeking his own sort of revenge, The Disciple tells her about the politician's ties to the Charmed Casino. As he is about to leave the church, he is attacked by the maniacal Jack O Lantern

Fight Two: The Disciple vs Jack O Lantern

With the pumpkin laid to rest, The Disciple heads out to the Badlands, where he seeks to find more people to convert to his questionable cause. However, when he arrives he sees a large barbarian and a strange masked figure dueling. Disapproving of this needless violence, he steps in, only to be attacked by the masked figure

Fight Three: The Disciple vs Bloodsaw

The bloody figure downed, The Disciple returns to the church after a couple failed conversions, only to find that the Charmed Casino is attempting to intrude on his territory. Disapproving of the horrible, sinful act of gambling, he pays Lucky Charm a visit, who is absolutely done with this shit

Fight Four: The Disciple vs Lucky Charm

As he returns from teaching sinners a lesson, The Disciple heads back to the church, oy to find a hulking figure he recognises as one of the former converted assaulting his loyal subjects. Rushing to defend those he holds most dear, The Disciple raises up a massive ball of light and brings it down on the monster

Fight Five: The Disciple vs The Underhauler

Just as the hulking figure falls to the floor, The Disciple hears a noise behind him and spins around, only to be met with a sword at his throat. A short teenage girl chuckles sadistically and fells the corrupt priest.

Jackpot - Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm hasn't been having a good night. Her girlfriend, The Golden Glory, is out of town and business at the casino is not in the best state right now. To add onto that, the advertising robots she enlisted have been stirring up all sorts of trouble. Speaking of that, a very pissed barbarian is waiting outside to make some complaints.

Fight One: Lucky Charm vs Corin The Barbarian

Corin has been beat into the ground, and Lucky is off dealing with the next business already. Scylla Davis, the governor, has been asking irritating questions about one of Lucky's projects, Damien Blackgate.

Fight Two: Lucky Charm vs Scylla Davis

Taking pity on the bloodied politician, Lucky informs her about the funding of Blackgate, before running into The Disciple, who is once again complaining about the fucking advertising robots.

Fight Three: Lucky Charm vs The Disciple

With the priest soundly curbstomped, Lucky finds that another fucking idiot is trying to get into her casino - Jack O Lantern, everyone's least favourite decoration. At least this time he fits with the theme. So done with this, Lucky runs at the pumpkin and attacks him.

Fight Four: Lucky Charm vs Jack O Lantern

Just as Jack is being sent off, on a pointless errand to the church, Lucky is absolutely done. However, just as she is about to call it a night, The Golden Glory shows up, and the two reunite. Glory offers to spar, and Lucky, looking to relax, takes her girlfriend up on the offer.

Fight Five: Lucky Charm vs Golden Glory

With a playful brawl done, Lucky and her girl head home for some movies and cuddles.


Name Description Attacks

Dr. Spooks

The arch nemesis of the Jack O Lantern, Dr. Spooks is a conniving supercriminal with the ability to conjure illusions, primarily in the form of phantoms - unfortunately for him, he believes they are real. Despite this strange hindrance, he is still capable of many acts of terror, and he and Jack regularly compete to be the most despicable Halloween themed superhero in town!

  • Spook Storm: The mad doctor shoots out a burst of ghostly energy, which although it deals very minimal damage, hides a large portion of the screen from the player's viewpoint
  • Ethereal Missile: A small missile is launched from Dr. Spooks's shoulder, which explodes when it makes contact into a shower of illusionary ghosts
  • Cleaver Toss: Spooks tosses a boomeranging cleaver, which reaches about half of the screen, and pierces through the player


Created by the Enhanced known as Gearblade, MARIA is an enormous automaton in which Leonardo Gianella, head of the Agate mafia, and his associates Sparrow and Jakson Gianella, ride into battle. Named after the presumably dead Maria Gianella, this robot is a titan on the battlefield, over three times taller than an average human, and armed with a variety of crazy weapons.

  • Chainsaw: One of MARIA's arms extends into a chainsaw, which then swipes up and down the screen twice
  • Laser Cannon: The headmounted laser cannon directs a homing target at the player, which stops after a few seconds and sends a large laser beam shortly afterward
  • Charge: MARIA revs up for a couple seconds then charges across the screen, taking up almost the whole bottom two thirds, forcing the player to jump over the charging robot

Atalanta Ironside

Achilles Ironside's estranged sister and current head honcho of the Agate Mafia, Atalanta Ironside is truly a force to be reckoned with. She sports the ability to manipulate metal, and uses this in a variety of creative and gruesome ways to get the upper hand in battle. No one knows why she and Achilles hold a grudge against each other, but the hatred runs deep.

  • Dagger Toss: Atalanta manifests three small daggers and throws them forward - these daggers home in on the player until they make contact with the ground or with the for
  • Steel Slicer: Atalanta summons a small blade and throws it, which spins around the player in slowly enclosing circles
  • Iron Blade: Atalanta jumps and does three rapid slashes with a sword formed out of the metal orb she carries

Damien Blackgate

Damien Blackgate is an incredibly intimidating figure at first glance. Clad in pitch black armour carved with demonic imagery, a small red flame dances aboves the six horns mounted on his helment. However, despite this terrifying appearance, this wannabe darklord is a pretty good guy, setting out to improve his hometown of Agate and imprison the Enhanced who ruin it. Also, he can shoot lasers from his eyes.

  • Souldestroyer Sword: Damien swings with his massive flaming sword and brings it down on the opponent, dealing corrosive damage to the foe
  • Laser Beam Of Death: Damien floats up a bit and shoots his lasers in the direction of the player, which home in on them slightly
  • Army Of The Damned: Damien stands still for 3 seconds and glows purple, before screaming loudly and summoning six zombie soldiers, which attack the player. This is a rarer attack then the other two

Julia Sapphire

Julia Sapphire is a member of the Inner Circle, a highly elite group of the most powerful Enhanced, and has almost no standing in Agate, focused in locations other than the cursed city. However, they have recently returned to Agate for a short time to get married to their fiance, Ariana Arcia, in their shared home town. Julia is incredibly powerful but prefers not to use their full powers most of the time, instead toying with their victims.

  • Sapphire Slice: Julia creates a large sapphire sword and throws it at the player. If the sword makes contact it temporarily stuns the player
  • Blue Beam: Julia raises into the air and shoots a large beam of light, slowly rotating around for a couple seconds, which deals immense damage
  • Crystal Crash: Julia leaps into the air and crashes to the ground, creating high shockwaves that must be jumped over

The Great Crocomungo

The Great Crocomungo is the mortal for of Corin The Barbarian, the two trading blows every few months. Mutated awfully by contact with the Enhanced known as SEWER, Crocomungo rules the sewers beneath Agate, commanding an army of somewhat mutant crocodiles to irritate and perturb the city's residents, kidnapping some to transform into mutated beings. It's unknown why Crocomungo does these things, but he has been at it for a long time, and it doesn't look like the colossal mutant will be stopping any time soon.

  • Crocodile Hurl: Crocomungo tosses a crocodile which awakens when it hits, attacking the player for a small amount
  • Mutant Vomit: Crocomungo barfs up acidic puke, which burns on the floor for 5 seconds dealing massive damage
  • Roar: Crocomungo roars and sends out a large shockwave. Soon an army of crocodiles starts taking up the bottom half of the screen. Crocomungo only does this attack when he is at under half his life

The Underhauler

Formerly a sailor, Arvald Capterr was a popular restraunt owner in Agate before he was kidnapped by The Disciple and transformed into The Underhauler, an undead behemoth that served at The Disciple's every whim, often aiding him in capturing new subjects for the mad priest's "conversion" experiments. However he was freed by the enigmatic Auk, who gave him his own will again. Infuriated by the manipulations on his soul, The Underhauler began leading attacks on The Disciple's church before eventually confronting the man himself.

  • Anchored: The Underhauler throws a heavy anchor that, if it makes contact with a foe, pulls them toward him at high speeds
  • Crush Of Tentacles: The Underhauler whistles and a large octopus comes out of the ground, throwing various projectiles at foes before burrowing back down
  • Barnacle Barrage: The Underhauler begins to pluck barnacles off his body and throw them at high speeds, creating a torrent of high speed sharp molluscs that deal heavy damage

Golden Glory

Unlike all the other bosses, Golden Glory holds no ill will toward her opponent - the two are actually dating, have been for six months. Instead, it's more of a friendly brawl between the two lovers. Glory has had her Enhanced powers for longer than most others, for an unknown reason, able to manipulate gold and everything to do with it, setting out to be an independent vigilante. She certainly isn't a good guy, but she kills those who her twisted worldview thinks are evil - which is something, at least.

  • Cash In: Glory throws a golden medallion and it splits into six which go out in a pattern
  • Shiny!: Glory chuckles and throws three golden knives which spins in circles, zigzagging around the screen
  • Golden God: Glory laughs and turns to gold, becoming invulnerable to attacks for 5 seconds, although her attacks get a major penalty to damage


  • This is Dreii's first project after returning to Fantendo
  • The game was created with an edgy, gritty aesthetic in mind, meant to be reminiscent of "overly edgy" films such as Zach Snyder's DC films
  • Several of the characters were created with the concept of putting unique spins of convential powersets, and playing off several well known villain tropes
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