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Developer(s) Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Illusion Works
Platform(s) Pacifico
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States 2016.
Flag of European Union 2016.
25px-Flag of Japan2 2016.
Flag of Australia 2016.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Hack 'N' Slash
Series Syi-Fi
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included Pacifico Application

AFTERDARK is an open world action and adventure fighting game created by Illusion Works to be released on the Pacifico on May 27, 2016. The game was created as part of TheFoxyRiolu's Series Swap Day, as a fusion of the Syi-Fi and Bayonetta series. It was officially announced during the April 4 Presentation hosted by Solarrion (tbc)


Afterdark plays similarly to titles such as the Bayonetta series and the Final Fantasy series, where Syi will explore an open 3D wolrd whilst destroying any enemies which come in contact with her. A level guage is displayed with a picture of the enemy, which gives the player an indication whether the fight will go in the player's favour or the enemies'. 

Game Modes

Story Mode

Story Mode is the main mode of Afterdark. It features Syi as she travels throughout the land on the run from the town that mistreated her.

Free-Play Mode

In Free-Play Mode, you can play through the levels of the game once again with any character(s) you wish to play with, losing the constraint of locked characters in the story.

Casual Mode

In Casual Mode, you can play through the game without time limits or other hazards like enemies which allow you to search the game to its fullest.


Achievements are extra awards you can receive when you complete certain milestones in the game. 



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Here is a list of the trailers for the game.

Reveal Trailer

A scarecrow is tending to a set of crops in a field. Days pass as the scarecrow continues to do the field work, however, she realises what her life has become, and she packs up her belongings and leaves the town. The local townspeople realise that the scarecrow who did all of the work for them has disappeared, and they make it their mission to find and reclaim the scarecrow to force it to continue to do their work for them.

It is the job of Syi the scarecrow to either find a way out of her miserable life, or die trying.



  • Afterdark is the first Series Swap day Solarrion (tbc) has participated in. 
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