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Afro Kombat is an Umbrella game that is made entirely by Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc). The game is a spin-off of the Mortal Kombat franchise, and as such features characters and celebrities from various franchises that otherwise wouldn't appear in the regular franchise. The game retains the infamous fatalities that the franchise is known for.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Emril Lagasse
SSB Reality.png
Bob the Builder
SSB BobtheBuilder.png
Cheech Marin
SSB Reality.png
Bill Clinton
SSB Reality.png
Ronald McDonald
Sir Topham Hatt
LeBron James
SSB Reality.png
Venus Williams
SSB Reality.png
Don Genie
SSB F-Zero Series.png
Terry Bogard
SSB FatalFury.png
Yuri Sakazaki
SSB FatalFury.png
Sakura Kusagano
SSB Hetalia.png
Kate Alen
SSB F-Zero Series.png
Lily Flyer
SSB F-Zero Series.png
Homer Simpson
Cassie Cage
Jaqui Briggs
Yoai Fangirl
GoAnimate Person


Each characters has three fatalities to finish off their opponent. They are as follows...

Character Fatality 1 Fatality 2
Emril Lagasse Beats the opponent over the head with a meat tenderizer, and then kicks them into a giant blender where the opponent is blended into a smoothie. Kicks the opponent onto a cutting board where he then stuffs them with lard, and then throws them into an oven, where the opponent is cooked into a meal.
Bob the Builder Bob pulls out an electric drill from his toolbox, and proceeds to drill a hole through the opponent's head until they collapse. Bob summons Spud the Scarecrow to repeatedly hit the opponent in the head with a shovel until they are barely moving. He then proceeds to summon Roley the Steamroller to crush the opponent body. Finally, he has the rest of the machines make a grave for the opponent.
Cheech Marin Cheech ties a rope around the opponent's feet, and proceeds to beat the opponent repeatedly as if they were a pinata until their intestines fall out.
Sir Topham Hatt Sir Topham Hatt jumps into his car, and uses the headlights to preform a "deer in headlights" moment on the opponent and uses it as an oppritunity to smash the opponent with the front of the car, and cause their body parts to fall off.
Venus Williams
Kate Alen Kate takes a deep breath and preforms a musical note that is so loud it causes the opponent's head to explode. Kate Alen tosses several CDs towards the opponent which will make multiple cuts on the opponents body. She then knocks them down and steps on their face until it is crushed by her high heeled boots.
Don Genie Don Genie pulls out a futuristic machine gun, and shoots multiple rounds at the opponent until they collapse from blood loss.
Terry Bogard
Judge Judy Pulls out a bible and proceeds to hit the opponent with the bible multiple times until they are unconscious, and finishes the attack by smashing the bible inside of the opponents brain.
Bill Clinton Grabs the opponent by their feet, spins them around three times, and throws them headfirst into a giant liberty bell, where their head will explode on impact.
Yoai Fangirl The Yoai Fangirl assumes that the opponent has said something about her OTP, and proceeds to pull out a giant paddle, and beats the opponent to death until they are a bloody pulp in a major fit of anger.
GoAnimate Person Grounds the opponent for trying to kill them by grounding them for 123456789123456789123457891234567891234 years. Creates a "punishment day" which involves getting attacked by a dog, taking a cold shower, drinking hot sauce, getting sucked up by a tornado, getting struck by lightning, listening to very loud music, and getting grounded for life.