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An Aesir is a type of character that is planned for the New Fantendoverse, but has yet to be properly introduced. Aesir are people with "Galvan Blood," essentially meaning that leftover power from the universe's creation is locked inside their blood, and are able to unleash powerful magic by sacrificing it.

Powers and Abilities

The definitive feature of the Aesir is Aesir's Blood, a power that lets them sacrifice their own blood or body parts in order to tap into the Power Chaotic and wield reality-warping magic. The more of their body that they give up, the more powerful the magic, and the more permanent the sacrifice, the more long-lasting the magic. One of the most notable examples of this principle is with Odin, who gave up one his eyes in exchange for knowledge of the universe. Healing a wound inflicted to unleash the Aesir's Blood will cause the magic weaved by that wound to be undone.

Aesir's Blood can only be activated by a willing sacrifice. Wounds inflicted by others cannot alter reality, nor can wounds that an Aesir inflicts on his or her own body while being directly controlled by hypnosis or mind control. Tricking an Aesir into spilling their own blood using deception or illusions, however, works just fine.

Since they essentially have Power Chaotic coursing through their veins, Aesir are critically vulnerable to the Power Harmonic, and prolonged exposure to it will sap their strength. They can also be temporarily prevented from using Aesir's Blood by Descension, though they will usually regain the power within 24 hours. Additionally, due to the strange qualities of their blood, it will not be as effective when used as fuel for Red or Blue Energy.

Aesir can live have extraordinarily long lives, but only because of their usage of magic - by sacrificing a small amount of their Aesir's Blood each day to reduce their age by a single day, an Aesir can effectively slow the speed at which they age down to a crawl. An Aesir that regularly performs this ritual can effectively live forever, while one that neglects it will still be able to grow old at the usual speed.

Known Aesir