Adventures on Planet 33 is a crossover action RPG game for the Nintendo Switch, the Play Station 4, the XBOX One and can be downloaded on the PC. It will be released on the 22nd of June 2020.

It revolves around how Ivan, a regular 13 year-old boy, appears on a mysterious planet known as Planet 33, and tries to find a way to get back to his home planet.

Adventures on Planet 33
Developer(s) Omega-Sun Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Poke-Luigi 3
Platform(s) Wii U, Play Station 4, XBOX1, PC
Genre(s) Action Crossover Role Playing Game
Release Date(s) -Japan: 23rd April 2018

-America: 3rd June 2018

-Europe and Oceania: 22nd June 2018

-Rest of the world: 17th July 2018

Mode(s) Story Mode, Challenge Mode, Boss Rush, Reverse Boss Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Online Tournament
Age Rating(s) Teen


Basic Battle Gameplay

Adventures on Planet 33 has the gameplay of a classic, turn-based Role Playing game. You construct a strategic team of 4 characters, and in battle, you have to decide what each of them does, wether it be attack, use an item or guard. Then, the enemy will attack.

To use attacks, a character will use up some of his/her EP (Energy Points). Every character has 100 EP, and if all of their EP runs out, they will only be able to use an attack called Struggle, which damages both the enemy and the character. EP points can be restored by using certain items.

When a team of characters defeat an enemy, they will earn Experience Points, depending on how much they contributed to the battle. The more they help in battle and attack enemies, the more Experience Points they'll learn. Once a character earns 100 Experience Points, he/she will level up, boosting his/her stats.

Overworld and Facilites

When a team of characters isn't battling, they'll be able to explore and interact with the world around them. They can interact with certain objects, which will inform the player a little bit about the object. The player can also talk to other characters or read signs.

In certain locations, there are facilities, similar to the ones in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

  • Mc Billy's Item Shop of Items: In this facility, which is run by Stic, the player can buy items which will aid in the adventure, in exchange of Point Tokens, of course (The main currency of Planet 33)!
  • Wario's Big Bank: In this facility, which is run by the greedy Wario, the player can deposit items and money, just like in a real bank. However, this service sometimes is not reliable, because there is a slight chance that Wario steals a little bit of your items and/or cash!
  • Markie's Devastating Dojo: In this facility, which is run by a Marowak called Markie, the player can battle enemies of their choice in order to earn Experience Points and pottentially level up. After a battle, the player will be completely healed. The player can also battle Markie himself, and if the player manages to defeat him, Markie will reward the player with lots of Point Tokens and items!

Stats and Character Classes

Each character and enemy has different stats: A character's HP determines how much health he/she has. A character's Attack determines how much damage his/her attacks cause. A character's Defense determines how much damage he/she will take from attacks (The higher defense, the less damage he/she will take from Attacks). A character's Speed determines the turn order (The character with the highest Speed stat will always attack first). However, if the enemy's Speed stat is higher, it will go first. 

There are also Character Classes, which are different groups of characters that have a certain distribution of their stats, certain moves, etc. There are six character classes.

  • Balanced: The most basic character class, which is pretty much self-explanatory. These characters have balanced stats, which is, a regular ammount of HP, Attack, Defense and Speed.
  • Offensive: Offensive characters are specialized in attacking, and thus have the highest Attack stat. The rest of its stats are balanced.
  • Defensive: Defensive characters, also known as tanks, specialize in Defense. They also tend to have a pretty good Attack and HP stat, but compensate in being the slowest character class.
  • Sprinters: Sprinters are characters that specialize in Speed. They also tend to have a pretty good Attack stat, but a poor Defense stat.
  • Supporters: Supporters are characters that specialize in, rather than hurting the enemy, in helping the other characters. They tend to have a high HP stat, and have attacks which heal and raise other character's stats. However, this compensates in supporters having the worst Attack stat.
  • Inflicters: Inflicters, like Supporters, specialize in helping the other characters, but unlike Supporters, Inflicters help by giving status conditions to the enemies, as well as lowering their stats. However, Inflicters have a lower HP stat than Supporters do, but have a higher Attack stat as well. 

Super Moves and Supreme Characters

Every character has their own Super Move, which is an extremely powerful attack which can only be used once in battle, similar to Z-Moves from Pokémon Sun and Moon. However, there is a difference. In order to use a Super Move, a character needs to fill up his/her Super Bar, which is gradually filled as you deal damage to enemies. The more damage inflicted, the more the Super Bar is filled.

There's also another feature called Supreme Characters, which are extremely powerful characters with very powerful and devastating attacks. In fact, they're so powerful, that the Supreme Character will be your team's only member if you choose to play as him/her. However, they also have a smaller number of maximum EP, and their attacks cost more EP to use.


There are various modes of the game.

Story Mode 

1 player

This is the game's main mode. It allows the player to play the game's main story, which can be read down below.


2 players

This mode allows you to play locally with another person. Each person will be able to freely select their team, with each of their characters having to belong to a different character class. When the teams are selected, the 2 will bet on something (Money or items), and the teams will battle. The winning team will recieve the betted items/money.

Online Tournament

2-16 players

This mode allows you to connect to the Internet, and play with other people online in a tournament.

Boss Blitz

1 player

In this mode, you fight all the bosses in the game consecutively. It has three main difficulties, but it also has an additional "Reverse" mode, where you play as a boss:

  • Normal: This difficulty allows you to defeat all the bosses in their regular form. You will unlock the True Arena when you complete this mode for the first time.
  • Hard: This difficulty allows you to defeat harder versions of the bosses in the storyline known as EX bosses (And a few secret bosses as well). These have a higher HP and their attacks deal more damage. When you clear this mode for the first time, you will unlock the hardest mode, the Ultimate Arena.
  • Holy: This difficulty allows doesn't allow you to defeat the bosses fought in story mode or upgraded versions of them. It allows you to defeat completely different bosses: The Gods. These Gods are super hard, having stats that are much higher than any EX boss. When a God is defeated, he/she will tell you his/her connection to the main lore.
  • Reverse: This one isn't really a difficulty. It allows you to freely choose a boss character to play as, wether it be its regular or EX variant, and battle against the team of characters that you had at the time you battled against the boss you chose.


Note: This story is a WIP, so it is prone to changes, wether big or small.


The main plot revolves around Ivan, a 13 year old boy, who mysteriously appears in a strange world, filled with everything he likes. Mario characters, Pokémon and many more. The first few chapters have Ivan wanting to return to planet Earth and see the people that love him again. However, in the later chapters, Ivan discovers the world's newest threat, and gets more ambitious to know how and why he got sent to this mysterious planet.


Our story revolves around--

The screen suddenly goes blurry, and a rewind sound effect suddenly plays. After a few seconds, this noise stops, and the screen reveals an ancient city in the middle of a grassland-like area.

This is the Dremian civilization, an ancient civilization formed by an intelligent species known as Dremians. This species was actually inmortal for thousands of years ammount of time, until today, that is. 

A Dremian.

The screen goes black, and after a second, reveals a Dremian that looked a bit different than the rest, in the middle of the grasslands surrounding the village.

This is Dremini, the ancient Dremian warrior. He, along with others, defended the Dremian civilization from any harm, but Dremini was the strongest of those warriors. He just had... something in his soul that made him stronger, that sent his foes quivering with fear. Well, most foes that is... Today, he's gonna meet an enemy, that he himself will fear...

And who is that other old-looking guy next to him? He's Dremperius, the village's elder, who ruled it with an iron fist for thousands of years. Despite his inmense power, he is a really kind-hearted and generous leader, bringing many comforts for not only his minions and servants, but for the entire village as well. He used to be an even stronger warrior than Dremini, but now that he's old, his skills and his body are starting to die out. Wow... Just think of what the Dremians would be without this guy... 
Dremperius ds

Dremperius, the elder of the Dremians.

  • Dremperius: Well, no one looked around here... Do you suppose that that she could be around here?
  • Dremini: Maybe. I do not know for certain, my master. *sheds a tear*  But I will find her.
  • Dremperius: That's the spirit! You will find her indeed, but the facts about the dissapearance of your loved one are quite mysterious indeed... She's with you one day, and she dissapears the next. Mysterious, and kind of unsettling as well...
  • Dremini: I am aware...

You see, Dremini's wife, Dreminia, has gone missing misteriously, just like Dremperius said, and Dremini is searching for her. Hopefully she won't be dead. There was a shuffle behind a nearby bush. Dremini was positioning himself to battle, but the individual behind the bush revealed itself to be...


...just a Dremian.

However, this Dremian was kind of hurt and dirty, and had a horrified look on its face. Not even the brave look on Dremini's face calmed him down.

  • Dremperius: Oh, dear! Are you alright?
  • Dremian: T-the... The Profecy!
  • Dremperius: What about it!?
  • Dremian: The Profecy states that the end is near... And it is true!

Suddenly, a small purple cloud with a single-eyed skull appeared behind the Dremian, and went inside him! The Dremian screamed and screamed, but after a few seconds, he fell to the floor, dead.

  • Dremini: Oh no... It can't be...
  • ???: HeeHEeeHHEHEHheheEEhee... He's right... The end of your civilization is near... Yeah, another hero might appear on this planet in the distant future... But his or her power will not be a match to yours, Dremini... And your power, Dremini, is no match to mine, and our master!
  • Dremperius: ...No...
  • Dremini: Don't worry master. I'll take care of this fiend.
  • ???: I wouldn't be too sure about that. Let's FIGHT!!!

The tutorial battle of the game begins. Dremperius asks Dremini (the player) if he wishes to remind the player about the battle controls, and after that, depending on the player's choice, you battle the enemy normally or with the tutorial. After the fight, another tutorial begins.

  • ???: Impossible! I've been defeated!? ... NnnnNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Poof poofity poof. The cloud died.

Anyway, after that battle, despite that mysterious entity's defeat, Dremperius still looked terrified. Dremini was slightly concerned by this, and looked at him.

  • Dremperius: ......
  • Dremini: What's wrong, master?
  • Dremperius: The Profecy... It was true all along... This Dremian, right here, is dead, and what did The Profecy state? That, at some point in time, our kind's inmortality will be destroyed by a shadowy force, and this means not only the death to this poor individual, but our entire civilization!

Soon after that comment, Dremini started feeling worried too. This means that his wife Dreminia might be dead as well! Suddenly, he suddenly started running away from Dremperius and his village, towards a scary-looking cave which looked like it had a big mouth.

  • Dremperius: Wait! Where are you going? You know it's dangerous in Gaping Mouth Cavern!
  • Dremini: It does not matter! I will find Dreminia and I change The Profecy's statements, no matter what!

And so he ran away into Gaping Mouth Cavern, determined to find Dreminia, despite the death of that poor Dremian, and the possible death of Dreminia as well!

In the cave, tall, huge gems and boulders were scattered everywhere, and it made it look like it was midnight, despite being the middle of the day. Normally, Gaping Mouth Cavern was full of dangerous predatorial animals (It also looked pretty scary from outside), but right now, they were absent, making the place really silent and ominous. Perhaps these animals were hiding in their homes because of the shadowy forces that are present might kill them by simply entering their bodies and eliminating their souls.

Despite this, Dremini is still determined to find his wife.

Now, you can control Dremini walk around the cave and battle enemies that are exactly like the ones you encountered before. When Dremini enters Gaping Mouth Core, the depths of Gaping Mouth Cavern, another cutscene begins.

Dremini has arrived to the Gaping Mouth Core, where it's even darker and more ominous than the rest of it. Not only that, but Dremini felt another dark pressence, and saw Dreminia's dead body! He ran up to her.

  • Dremini: NOO!!! DREMINIA!!!

Dremini started crying. However, shortly after, a purple cloud that was much larger than the ones he previously encountered appeared. It also had a giant one-eyed skull in the center, horns sprouting from its sides and a menacing face. So Dremini stopped crying, got up to his feet and prepared to fight!

  • ???: oH, wAs ThAt YoUr GiRlFrIeNd? I'm VeRy SoRrY... aCtuAlLy No... i'M nOt!
  • Dremini: Sh-Show yourself! I-I'm not s-scared!
  • ???: oH! a BrAvE oNe, I sEe... I aM iMpReSsEd By YouR cOuRaGe... HoWeVeR, i Do SuPpOsE yOu ArE sMaRt EnOuGh To NoT mEdDlE wItH tHe DaRk FoRcEs...
  • Dremini: Shadowy or not shadowy, I'll still take you down!
  • ???: hOw StUbBoRn AnD pAtHeTiC... wAiT, i StIlL dId NoT iNtRoDuCe MySeLf!... I... aM DEATH CLOUD, tHe CaUsE oF dEaTh In ThIs DiSgUsTiNgLy GoOd WoRlD...
  • Dremini: W-Wait, why'd you bother to introduce yourself? You are a villain, so why did you do it?
  • Death Cloud: uHh... I jUsT wAnT tHe PeRsOn WhO's PlAyInG tHiS gAmE tO kNoW mY nAmE. i Am TiReD oF hAvInG tHrEe QuEsTiOn MaRkS iN mY dIaLoG bOx...
  • Dremini: ...
  • Death Cloud:...nEvEr MiNd! LeT's FiGhT aLrEaDy!

Now, ther first boss fight of this game begins, which is against Death Cloud. After the fight, another cutscene begins.

  • Death Cloud: aRgH! i'Ve BeEn DeFeAtEd!

Dremini did a little victory dance (Because he somehow thought that Dreminia was gonna get revived), but Death Cloud, despite his defeat, laughed.

  • Death Cloud: wHy ArE yOu HaPpY? iT'S aLrEaDy ToO lAtE...
  • Dremini: Wait, what? What do you mean?
  • Death Cloud: yOu MiGhT'vE dEfEaTeD mE, bUt It WoN't StOp DeAtH fRoM cOmInG tO yOuR kInD... i BeLiEvE mY mInIoNs aLrEaDy KiLlEd YoUr ViLlAgE...
  • Dremini: What!? No, it can't be!-

After that short conversation, Death Cloud dissapeared into thin air. Dremini rushed back to the village, which was much more silent than usual. He saw everyone's corpses scattered throughout the village, and in its center, he saw Dremperius, who was dead as well.

  • Dremini: n-n-nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Dremini screamed, the screen zoomed out of him, into the clouds, until he was out of sight. After a few seconds, the screen went blurry, and a rewind track played. When it stopped it revealed a black screen, in which it said END OF PROLOGUE.


Chapter 1: Where am I?

Well, after that interruption, let's get started on the actual story Our story revolves around Ivan, a regular 13-year old boy. However, what's not so regular about this boy is that he dissapeared from his home planet, Earth, and suddendly appeared in another one. How, and why did this happen? I... have no idea. Well, I actually do, but I'm not telling!

The screen lights up to reveal a humanoid figure (Ivan), unconcious on an orange desert-like area. The figure suddenly wakes up.

So, you were wondering who Ivan is? He's this guy. He was gradually starting to get scared, since he was basically in the middle of nowhere. 

  • Ivan: Huh? W-where am I?

Told you so.

  • Ivan: H-hello!? Anyone here!?
  • ???: Calm down, newcomer...

That voice somehow confused Ivan even more, but at the same time, relaxed him. Then, Ivan saw a small, strange light in front of him. 

  • ???: Follow me... I will guide you to whatever answers you wish to find...
  • Ivan: What? What's going on?
  • ???: You will find the answers... Just follow me...

The light suddenly starts floating away from him. Ivan, who was mysteriously more relaxed now, starts to follow the strange light.

Now, the game lets the player control Ivan. After a while, the player reaches a cave which looks like a mouth, very similar to Gaping Mouth Cavern from the Prologue. Another cutscene begins.

  • ???: It is getting dark... And you need to rest... You shall take shelter here... I shall leave now... Good luck...
  • Ivan: Wait! You told me I'd "find the answers"! Can I please ask you some questions before you-

But it was too late. The light had already dissapeared into thin air.

The sky was getting darker, the night was approaching. Ivan was looking up in the sky as he thought about the various questions he wanted to ask the light thing. Where was he, and how did he get there? Heck, was he even on planet Earth? And, most importantly, how could he get back home? Suddenly, a mighty roar is heard from the distance.

  • ???: gggRRROOOAAAARRRR!!!!!
  • Ivan: Uhhh... What the heck was that!?

Then, Ivan hears the roar again, but this time it's closer!

  • ???: gggRRROOOAAAARRRR!!!!!
  • Ivan: Yikes!

Then, Ivan hears the roar again, but this time it's even closer! Wow, I completely wasn't expecting that at all... Either way, suddenly, a large, green creature shows up in front of Ivan. The creature stared at Ivan, and it was hungry

  • ???: gggRRROOOAAAARRRR!!!!!
  • Ivan: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Ivan suddenly starts to run away from the monster. The monster, of course, starts to chase after him.

Meanwhile, in another part of the desert, two cute, yellow creatures are walking along in the desert. One of them is bigger and has mechanical arms (and a fabulous moustache). He's accompanied by a smaller one who also has mechanical arms, but instead of a moustache, he has a cute little hat on.

  • Smaller Happee: Uhm... Dad? Can we go back home, please? It's hot, and I'm tired.
  • Bigger Happee: Be patient, my boy! I just need to find the last ingredient for my latest invention and we'll be off to our home!
  • ???: gggRRROOOAAAARRRR!!!!!
  • Bigger Happee: Wait, what was that!?

Ivan and the giant creature suddenly appear, running across the desert, close to the two Happees.

  • Bigger Happee: Holy moly! A giant Pac-Creature! C'mon, my boy. We have to save that kid!

The bigger happee suddenly starts to run after the creature and Ivan. The smaller one tags along behind him.

Alright. Now let's get back to Ivan. Ivan was running for quite some time now, and is pretty tired, but there's a cliff in front of him! He can't escape from the monster now!

  • Ivan: Dang it, a cliff! Looks like we're gonna have to fight, monster dude!
  • ???: gggRRROOOAAAARRRR!!!!!

Now, there's a boss fight against the monster, which is known as a Giant Pac-Creature.

When Ivan defeats the monster, it falls for a moment. But then, suddenly, it gets up, and starts walking towards Ivan!

  • Ivan: Oh, crud, you're still alive? Please don't eat me! Please don't eat me!

Just when the monster is about to eat Ivan, the monster is electrocuted by a lazer and falls to the floor, unconscious. But where did this lazer come from? Remember the Happee that we saw before? Yeah, it came from that guy's lazer gun! He suddenly starts getting close to Ivan.

  • Bigger Happee: Are you okay?
  • Ivan: Yes, I'm fine, tha-Wait, what are you!? You're very similar to a character I created.
  • Bigger Happee: I'm a Happee, of course! What did you think I was?
  • Ivan: I honestly don't know... Happees are actually the names of creatures I created as well, and you look pretty similar to one. Well, either way, thank you for saving me!
  • Bigger Happee: You're welcome! What's your name?
  • Ivan: My name's Ivan. And you?
  • Dr. Glad: My name is Dr. Glad, and this is my nephew, Glad Jr.!
  • Glad Jr.: Hi!
  • Ivan: Nice to meet you both!
  • Dr. Glad: Nice to meet you to! I was comtemplating your battle with that Giant Pac-Creature from the distance and I must say, you are really strong. How about you come to my house and stay there for a few nights! You could be a great help to both me and my nephew!
  • Ivan: Really? Thank you so much!
  • Dr. Glad: No problem! Wait, what's that thing in your pocket? Wait a second! That's the last ingredient! Now I can finally make my invention! 
  • Glad Jr.: Yay! Now we can finally go home!

Dr. Glad suddenly grabbed the rock that Ivan found before and took it from him. This was a somehow rude gesture, but Ivan let it slide. Then, Dr. Glad pulled out a devide out of his pocket and opened up a portal with it, and told Ivan to jump in it. Then, the three of them jumped in, and warped to Dr. Glad and Glad Jr.'s home.

  • Dr. Glad: Wowzers! It's getting dark! We already had dinner, so here. Have this sandwich!
  • Ivan: Thanks!

Ivan eats the sandwich, completely replenishing his health.

  • Dr. Glad: Ok, it's time for bed now. Ivan, you're sleeping on the couch. Nighty night!
  • Glad Jr.: Good night!
  • Ivan: Good night!

When Dr. Glad and Glad Jr. leave the room, Ivan groans, because he has to sleep on the couch. Ivan then lies on it, and thinks about everything that happened. Where is he, and how did he get there? What was the light fairy thingy that guided him? Is there any possible way he can go back home? It appears that he's gonna have to wait for the answers to come...



Chapter 2: New World, New Discoveries

The next morning, Dr. Glad and Glad Jr. walk in the room where Ivan was sleeping. Ivan was sleeping deeply, with his mouth half open and a bit of saliva coming out of it (Ew!). Dr. Glad suddenly grabbed a radio from a nearby room, maxes its volume and plays it on Ivan's face.

  • Dr. Glad: GOOD MORNING IVAN!!!!!!

Dr. Glad and Glad Jr. laughed as Ivan fell off of the bed. Ivan wasn't so happy about it, though...

  • Ivan: What was that for!!??
  • Dr. Glad: Either you get up at the time I say, or you'll get an absurdly loud "Good Morning" from my Loud Radio 2000! Come on! Let's go have breakfast.

Dr. Glad started to walk towards the kitchen, followed by Glad Jr. and Ivan.

  • Glad Jr.: Don't worry. If it makes you feel any better, he used to do that to me as well...
  • Ivan: Wow, hard times for you I guess...
  • Glad Jr.: Not really. I don't have any ears!
  • Ivan: Lolwut? Then how can you hear me talking then?
  • Glad Jr.: We Happees can hear stuff, but not super-loud stuff, fortunately. Maybe you should have plastic surgery to remove your ears!
  • Ivan: I'd rather not...

Ivan suddenly thought of a person without any ears, and cringed a bit.

Either way, Dr. Glad had just finished making breakfast with his Auto-Chocolate Milk Generator and grabbed a box of chocolate muesli. Then, the three of them sat on the table, and started having breakfast.

  • Ivan: One thing... Do you mind if I ask a few questions?
  • Dr. Glad: Of course not! I love answering questions!
  • Ivan: Ok, so where am I? You see, I don't remember what happened beforehand, but I just suddenly awoke in that large desert area. Am I on planet Earth, even?! How can I come back?!

Ivan raised his voice as he thought about his parents, saddening him and making him nervous.

  • Glad Jr.: Wait, you're an alien? Awesome!
  • Dr. Glad: You come from another planet?! Interesting, very interesting indeed... I have seen many individuals that I believe are the same species as you... This will go miraculously well for my research!
  • Ivan: You still haven't answered my question...
  • Glad Jr.: Oh! Sorry for my lack of manners! Either way, you're on Planet 33, a planet similar to your home planet which I think is called "Earth" or something like that, which I believe is very far away from here.
  • Ivan: Wait, so how will I be able to come back home then!?
  • Dr. Glad: Hmmm... I don't know for certain... Wait! *to Glad Jr.*  Bring me my Porta-Portal!

Glad Jr. walked to another room to get the Porta-Portal, and Ivan looked at Dr. Glad, confused.

  • Ivan: Uuuuhh... What's a Porta-Portal?
  • Dr. Glad: That thing I used to take us from the desert to here! It might be able to get you back to Earth!
  • Ivan: Really!? That's great!!!!!

Glad Jr. came back with the Porta-Portal and gave it to Dr. Glad. Dr. Glad thanked him, and typed "Earth" in it. However, the machine didn't respond. Dr. Glad tried again, but it still didn't work. Then, Ivan took a peek (Y'know, to check if Dr. Glad spelled "Earth" wrong), but then... You guessed it. Still didn't work!

  • Dr. Glad: Dang it! I just remembered! The Porta-Portal can only teleport us on places that exist within our planet! Only Porta-Portals enhanced with extremely advanced technology can take us to places beyond this world... Wait! Speaking of "enhanced technology"...

All of a sudden, Dr. Glad came running out of the room. After a few seconds, he came back with a small and crumpled map of where they were.

  • Dr. Glad: This is where we are. We're in the country of Alegria, which, just so Ivan knows, is one of the many countries that exist within our planet. If we travel enough towards the south, we'll arrive at a different country called Cientifika, a country with a lot of high-tech machinery. Maybe there are enhanced Porta-Portals down there that could take Ivan back home, so how about we go there and find out?
  • Glad Jr.: Oooh! An excursion? Nice!
  • Ivan: R-really!? I'll do anything to return to Earth!
  • Dr. Glad: Then let's get going then! To the Science-Mobile!
  • Ivan: *whispering to himself* Wow... What a dumb name... *to Dr. Glad* How about we grab some food supply? Just incase something happens!
  • Dr. Glad: We already have some stuff there. But why would anything bad happen? What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ivan: I don't know... I just feel like this is going to unfold in a really big adventure or something...




Image Name 

Description and Stats


Everyone's favourite... Actually, no. He's not everyone's favourite human. Either way, Ivan is the main protagonist of this game, mysteriously appearing on an uknown planet. Ivan has ADHD, and because of that, he gets distracted quite easily. Despite this, he's calm most of the time and is quite smart as well.

In battle, since Ivan is the first character unlocked in the game, Ivan is an All-Around character. He's the character with the most basic stats, being the most balanced of them all.

  • HP: 3/5
  • Attack: 3/5
  • Defense: 3/5
  • Speed: 3/5

Most of Ivan's attacks are damage-dealing attacks, but he does have some status and healing moves:

  • Punch: Ivan punches the enemy, dealing a medium ammount of damage. This attack uses up 5 EP.
  • Judo kick: Ivan jumps in the air, and kicks the enemy, dealing a large ammount of damage. This attack uses up 10 EP.
  • Mum's homemade youghurts: Ivan grabs one of mum's delicious home-made youghurts, and eats it, healing some of his HP. This attack uses up 7 EP.
  • Lift weights: Ivan lifts some weights, temporarily boosting his Attack stat. This attack uses up 5 EP.

More TBA

Major NPCs

Image Name Description
 (UNIDENTIFIED)  No one knows what this light is. A lot of people on Planet 33 claim to see this light when they're in dangerous situations. They also claim that this light "guides" them to safety, or as this light says, "destiny"
Dr. Glad AoP33
Dr. Glad Dr. Glad is a Happee that is far smarter than the others of its species. He has managed to build mechanical arms, thanks to his inmense intelligence (No one knows how, though. He didn't have any arms at the time that he was making them). Dr. Glad also has an inmense generosity, and always tries to help those it sees that are in danger. However, he is quite old, and normally needs assistance at the time of doing his experiments.
Glad Jr.
Glad Jr. Glad Jr. is Dr. Glad's beloved nephew, who also has mechanical arms. He lives with his grandfather, since his parents have dissapeared for uknown reasons. He's not as intelligent as Dr. Glad, but is much more energetic, and loves to help him in his experiments.

Shop Keepers

Image Name Description
Mc Billy
Mc Billy

Mc Billy is the friendly owner of Stic's Item Shop of Items, and he's a fanatic of Bullet Bills for some reason. His weird tatooes on his face are supposed to look like them, and his top hat does as well. Some say he once had a friend who was a Bullet Bill, and after he died, he grew his obsession over Bullet Bills. Despite this, he's a friendly and nice guy who sells his stuff with an "excellent price" (His products are actually considerably expen

Wario AoP33

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Wario Wario is the greedy owner of Wario's Big Bank where you can deposit items and/or Point Tokens. Wario once had lots of money, but he spent it all on food, which explains why he's so fat and poor. Now, he runs this bank, hoping to earn some money again to spend it on more junk food and get even fatter than he is now! His service isn't really reliable, because he sometimes steals some of your goodies if you take long enough to get them back!
Markie placeholder

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Markie the Marowak Markie is a young, brave Marowak that runs Markie's Devastating Dojo, where you can train your team by battling enemies of your choice, and even by battling Markie himself. When Markie was a Cubone, he had a rough life. He was bullied for crying a lot, and he even got a scar on his forehead in an accident! This developed his tough and brave personality, and trains other people so they can learn how to defend themselves in situations like his.




Normal Enemies

Image Name Description Attacks
Sand Crawler
Sand Crawler

The first and weakest enemy you encounter in the game. It is extremely common in arid desert-like areas. It is uknown to scientists how this creature is so common, despite it being very weak. It's ideal for grinding.

Competitively, as said earlier, Sand Crawlers are the weakest enemies encountered in the game, so they have absurdly low stats. It has an especially low Speed stat, because it "crawls" around.

  • Scratch: The Sand Crawler scratches its foes with its somewhat sharp claws, dealing a small ammount of damage.
  • Nibble: The Sand Crawler bites its foes with its somewhat sharp "teeth", dealing a small ammount of damage.
Tumbling Weed
Tumbling Weed

Tumbling Weeds are tumbleweeds corrupted with dark energy, thus making them alive. They simply roll around, not caring at all about what's in their way.

Competitively, Tumbling Weeds are pretty weak enemies, but are still stronger than Sand Crawlers.

  • Rollout: The Tumbling Weed rolls over the target, dealing a medium ammount of damage.
  • Sand twirl: The Tumbling Weed creates a small sandy gust and sends it to the target. This gives the target the Blind status condition.
Rattle Snake

Rattlesnakes are... Wait, aren't rattlesnakes actual species on regular planet Earth? Well, they look different, and are not as venemous... Anyway...

Rattlesnakes are considerably stronger than Tumbling Weeds and Sand Crawlers, but are still pretty weak. Their Venomous Bite will most likely poison you, so watch out!

  • Venomous Bite: The Rattlesnake bites the target, dealing a medium ammount of damage. It has a chance of giving the target the Poison status condition.
  • Wrap: The Rattlesnake wraps itself around the target, lowering its speed stat.

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Regular forms

Image Name Description Attacks
Death Cloud
Death Cloud

This misterious entity (We don't know it's real name, so we'll just call it Death Cloud, since it's a cloud of death. Very original, I know) has the power to straight up kill anything, even if it's inmortal, making it a huge threat to the Dremian civilization! It is fought in the prologue, and thanks to Dremini's pure soul, Death Cloud can't kill him! Although it's the first boss in the game, it's quite challenging to defeat, having 40 HP.

  • Smog: Death Cloud releases some of its fog towards the target. This would kill many, but because of Dremini's brave nature, it only poisons him.
  • Fear Stare: Death Cloud stares at the target menacingly with glowing red eyes, lowering one of its stats.
  • Bone Blade: Death Cloud summons a small sword made of bones, dealing a medium ammount of damage to the target.
Giant Pac-Creature 33

Gobbledons are the apex-predators of arid, desert-like areas, and, because of its huge appetite, it will try to devour anything that comes close to it. Ivan was unfortunate enough to encounter one on the first chapter, and had no choice but to fight it! However, since it's one of the first bosses fought in the game, it's one of the easiest to defeat (Duh), and it has 50 HP.

  • Chomp: The Gobbledon bites the target, dealing a large ammount of damage.
  • Slobber: The Gobbledon spits a huge pile of saliva on the target, lowering its Speed and potentially poisoning it.
  • Lick: The Gobbledon licks the oponent, dealing a small ammount of damage and poisoning the target.

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EX forms


God bosses





Character art

References and Easter Eggs

Adventures on Planet 33 has a lot of references of easter eggs referencing other franchises as well as Poke-Luigi 3's other projects.


  • This game was inspired by The Silva Gunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. Because of this, Adventures on Planet 33 was originally going to be a visual novel. However, this was changed due to the more appealing idea of having an RPG game based on the game's story.
    • This game was also an attempt to merge everything that the creator of this article (Poke-Luigi 3) likes into an RPG game. There were several other ideas for doing that same thing, but they all got scrapped.
  • The game's European and Oceanian release date coincide with Poke-Luigi 3's birthday. This is due to the creator of this article being spanish and australian as well.
  • Glad Jr. was originally planned to not have mechanical arms.
  • The Gobbledon has an alternate design that was not used in the game. It resembled Pac-Man more, which was the initial inspiration for the character, but it was replaced due to Poke-Luigi 3 preffering the new design better. 
    • It was also originally going to be called Giant Pac-Creature, but its name was changed due to it not being very original and also because its current design doesn't really resemble Pac-Man anymore. 
      Gobbledon Beta

      A sketch of Gobbledon's scrapped, unused design.

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