Adventures of White (beta name: Adventures of White: The Painting Madness) is a third-person action role-playing game featuring characters from both the first and the second game of the franchise (except for the guest characters). It is not canon to the main series' timeline. It takes place on a different location. The game is based on games such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Kirby Canvas Course.

The game have a four-player local multiplayer with a online battle multiplayer capable of having 32 players.


White finds a ink and starts drawning some artworks of him and his friends, when he suddenly draws a giant monster. The monster comes to life and sucks the entire world where White in into the painting. White meets with his friends and discovers that the creature has been freed from his prision (the ink) after someone painted him. It's up to White and his friends to stop the monster.


Adventures of White is a third person action-adventure role-playing game. Each character has a different weapon, but they play mostly the same. Each character has an special ability, which can be used after defeating 10 or more enemies and increases the Special Ability bar. The special ability isn't actually meant to defeat an enemy, yet it is made for a more strategic play. Adventures of White rewards players for being silent and stealth. Instead of defeating an enemy, the player can find an alternate path. This rewards the players with secret items, locations or other playable characters.

Despite this, the game is also for players who like action. Each character has an expensive moveset and also a different weapon with a different ability. Weapons can be crafted after finding a items and crafting them. Unlike the previous installments, weapon crafting only requires items, not Minecraft-like crafting. The game also supports four-player co-op, on multiplayer, the levels drasitcally change to require the said characters abilities to find new areas.

The game has a online versus mode and also the player can create their own character on this mode to fight other players.


Character Description Main Ability
White is a, well, white Popopo. He is the hero of the game, but accidentally caused the events of it. White uses the Boom Stick as his main weapon. Boom!
White's main ability uses his Boom Stick which creates a loud sound wave. This can confuse enemies and also reveal hidden items.
Red is White's clumsy friend. Red can control ice using his Ice Mace as his main weapon. Red is also one of the fastest characters in the game. Freeze!
Red's main ability uses his Ice Mace to create a statue of himself to fool the enemies making them follow the statue instead of him.
Yellow is... ok you get it, he is a yellow Popopo. He uses a swordstaff and he can also take control of eletricity. Shock!
Yellow's main ability creates a sparking shield around him, protecting him from enemies and enemies' projectiles.
WAA WAA WAA Walukirby makes an unexpected appearance in the game! He uses his WAAA Sword and his WAAA Cannon, he also takes control of WAAAA. WAAA!
Walukirby simply shouts WAAA defeating every enemy on the screen.
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