Koden Tankyuu no Zeruda Saburoze Kyou Kanadzuchi Majikku (Japanese: ゼルダの伝説:クエストSubrosiaとマジックハンマー / The Legend of Zelda: Quest in Subrosia and the Magic Hammer), known in America as Adventures in Subrosia: The Legend of Zelda is an upcoming Freeware Action-Adventure PC Game being made by KingChaos Inc., who, despite their name, is simply the name of their team, moreso their company. The game features Link as he traverses between the worlds of Hyrule and Subrosia, after subsequently being turned into one for a short while. Like The Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, this game features a side-scrolling element put into the Subrosian form of the game. The entirety revolves around Link gathering the eight Essences of Life to enter Ganondorf's Palace, which is caught between Subrosia and Hyrule.


The game is reported to be in the early stages, as it has all basic ideas laid out, but is in dire need of spriters. The team is currently one-man, but the team, in addition to the community is open to all who would like to join and contribute. The game's development forum can be found Here.

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