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'Adventure Time with Finn and Jimmy Neutron'
FJPH 3DS Box art.png 3DS Box art
Developer(s) WayForward technologies and JimmyNeutronFan98
Publisher(s) Nick games, Sega
Platform(s) PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Immerce, PC, SamStation, 3DS and PSVita
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Release Date(s) PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Immerce, PC and SamStation Versions:
August, 2013- USA
12 of September, 2013- Europe
3DS and Vita versions:
Mode(s) Single playser, Multiplayer (online and mini games)
Age Rating(s) E-ESRB
Media Included Home consoles(except Xbox 360)and PC- blu-ray

Adventure Time with Finn and Jimmy Neutron is a crossover video game, created by JimmyNeutronFan98 and was released in august, 2013. Here "Adventure Time" characters meet "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" characters.


Here gameplay is similar to "Zelda: Ocarina of Time", when player controls Jimmy Neutron, or Finn with Jake, depends of level.


Mission 1

One hot day Finn decides to greet Princess Bubblegum with the best science parade. He and Jake find old car in junkyard and want to create "Dimension-Travelling Machine", like DeLorean from "Back to the Future" movie. Finn asks Princess Bubblegum if she can repair it, and PB makes it. Soon Finn, Jake, Beemo, Cinnamon Bun and Lumpy Space Princess sit in car to test it. Finn chooses random dimension. Few seconds later car vanishes and Princess become amazed and declares it her work, but she worries about Finn and his friends can't go back, because she gives them one megawatt of electricity. 

  • Boss- Gary the Garbage Queen

Mission 2

In August, 2013, Finn, Jake, BMO, Cinnamon Bun and LSP come to abandoned Jimmy Neutron's lab. Group of allies see diplomas for science achievements. Jake reads: "James Isaac Neutron is awarded for victory in International Physics Olympics." He can go to the Retroville College to study on science faculty. Signature: Dr. Atoms." Finn, Jake, Beemo, Cinnamon Bun and LSP go to Retroville College. Jake morphs to school bus, and friends went to college. Before coming to college heroes must fight Sewer Alligator, who runs out of sewer.

  • Boss:Alligator

Mission 3

When heroes arrive at College, Finn takes Jake, who morphed to bag with Beemo, LSP, Cinnamon Bun and Finn's back pack inside. Finn see keeper and lies, that he is Jimmy Neutron's distant cousin and comes into Jimmy Neutron's room, meeting him. Jimmy is glad to see new room neightbour and greet him. After Jimmy worked lots of time on his referate about dimension-travelling he goes  with his new friend for a cocktail. After their return Jimmy's printed referate was blown to outdoor and chopped by lawnmower and all pieces of referate flew in different parts of Retroville. Finn and Jake agrees to help Jimmy and his friends in his actions. After Finn, Jake, Jimmy, Carl, Cindy and Libby use special drinks, what get humans super powers and made them The N-Men- Jimmy get ability to morph in super strong guy, like Hulk, Cindy get Wonder Woman's abilities, Carl get powerful fart and burp, Finn get DC's Flash abilities and Libby get ability to be invisible . Super Villain League want to avenge Jimmy and co.. 

  • Bosses: Eustose Stritch, Cousin Eddy, King Gubboth V and Granny.

Mission 4

They find all four pages of referate and fixed it, defeating Super Villian League members: Eustose Stritch, cousin Eddy, Alien Grandma and Trasher. Jimmy starts suspect Pr. Edistein in something evil.

  • No bosses.

Mission 5

Meanwhile in Ooo Ice King moans, because he doesn't achive any princess in Ooo, because Finn and Jake don't let Ice King kidnap princesses. So he hires bounty hunter to get rid of Finn and Jake. Finn is using to be in Jimmy's dimension. When Ice King opened portal to Retroville and entered it, he looks for Finn and Jake. Whole day Finn and Jake have been exploring the town and city and learn much about living humans. Cindy invited friends to Retroland. When Finn, Carl and Jimmy ride Rollercoaster, Finn feels like he adventures. At evening, park has been attacked by Hitman. This



Image Name Description
FinnTheHumanBoy.png Finn The Human Protagonist of this game. Here he used time machine with Jake, Cinnamon Bun and LSP for test of working. He saves Ooo from Ice King, Lich and various bad things many times with help of Jake.
JakeTHEDOG.png Jake The Dog Sidekick of protagonist. His magic powers allow him change size and shape. Married Lady Rainicorn.
James Isaac “Jimmy” Neutron.png James "Jimmy" Isaac Neutron Post-teenage scientist who studies in college on science faculty. When he met Finn, Jake and their close friends, he befriended them.


Image Name Description
Bubblegum.png Princess Bubblegum Smart love interest of Finn. She likes experiments. After meeting Jimmy Neutron, she got crush on him, making Finn jealous.
Cinnamon bun.jpg Cinnamon Bun He helps Finn or Jimmy to break traps.
LumpyPrincess.png Lumpy Space Princess She helps Finn in cutscenes.
Beemo.png BMO Finn and Jake's computer. He is used like map and compass.
CarlWheezer.jpg Carl Wheezer Cowardly lama-loving friend of Jimmy Neutron.
CindyVortex.jpg Cynthia "Cindy" Wortex Girlfriend and former rival of Jimmy Neutron. 




Image Name Description
Iceking.png Ice King Secondary villain of series. He joint Pr. Calamitous to Supervillain League to destroy Finn and Jake.
Professor Calamitous Jimmy Neutron's arch-nemesis. He tried to take over Ooo and Retroville.
King Gubboth V Pr. Calamitous' henchman. Avenges for failures of Earth conquests.
Eustose Stritch He is very jealous to Jimmy Neutron because of intellegence.
Cousin Eddy He tries to kill older Neutrons for getting all presents from his family.
Anti-Finn Finn's evil clone, who likes making bad things.



  • Retroville levels have 3D format and Ooo levels has cel-shading format.
  • All actors reprised their roles.
Action 3DS and Wii U Xbox 360 'PS3 and PSVita