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This page details all the attacks the playable characters have in Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest.

Finn the Human
  • Scarlet: Attack one enemy with Finn's golden sword. Reaches 1 space.
  • Crossbow: Shoots his crossbow to attack one enemy. Reaches any space in the same row in front of Finn.
  • Demon Blood: Attack two enemies with the Demon Blood Sword by swiping sideways. Reaches 1 space.
  • Sword of the Dead: Attack all enemies on the battlefield by swiping across the entire field. Reaches all spaces.

Jake the Dog
  • Stomp: Jake stretches large and stomps on enemies in the way. Reaches 2 spaces.
  • Flatten: Jake stretches large and then flattens himself on the ground, attacking anyone 1 space around Jake.
  • Stretch: Jake stretches himself big, raising his attack by 2 points.
  • Shrink: Jake shrinks himself small, increasing the chances of the enemies missing.

  • Real Game: BMO brings enemies from his video game's into the real world. Reaches 2 spaces.
  • Strobe: BMO turns on his strobe light which leaves an enemies in line of it blind an unable to move for 2 turns.
  • Rewiring: BMO rewires his programming to heal himself.
  • Combo Move: BMO performs the deadly Combo Move from Guardians of Sunshine. Reaches 1 space.

  • Pie Toss: Throws a pie at an enemy. Reaches 1 space.
  • Wall of Pies: Neptr throws a wall of pies to greatly attack one player. Reaches 1 space.
  • Hide N Seek: Neptr hides, preventing him from being attacked for 2 turns.
  • Never Ending Pie: Neptr throws a giant pie and slams it over the head of an enemy, hurting them and paralyzing them for 2 moves. Reaches 1 space.

Flame Princess
  • Flame Blast: Releases a blast of fire out of her hand. Reaches 2 spaces.
  • Elemental Matrix: Flame Princess overheats her Elemental Matrix, attack any enemy within 2 spaces and boosting her attack.
  • Fire Blade: Flame Princess reveals her Fire Blade which attacks any enemy 2 spaces in front of her.
  • Flame Queen: Flame Princess turns into her maddened self and storms down two rows, attacking any enemy she goes past.

Susan Strong
  • Arm Slam: Susan slams her arm down to the ground and hurts any enemy 1 space in front of her.
  • Lub Glub: Susan throws multiple Lub Glubs in front of her which guard her and will attack any enemy in front of them.
  • Power Toss: Susan runs to pick up an enemy and throw it at another enemy.
  • Water's Wrath: Susan and Finn get on her raft and the battlefield fills up with water that damages all enemies on the battlefield.

  • Ax Bass: Marceline attacks an enemy with her Ax Bass. The move spans 1 space.
  • Pyrokinesis: Using her Pyrokinesis ability, Marceline lights a flame to burn one enemy. The flame automatically lights where the enemy is.
  • Necromancy: Marceline revives one character in the party. If the character isn't dead, they will receive health.
  • Monster Form: Marceline turns into one of her four monster forms; Bat, Wolf, Giant and Tentacle. Each monster does a different attack.

Grob Gob Glob Grod
  • Comet Dive: The four brothers go high into the sky and crash down to Earth like a comet. Covers 3 spaces.
  • Teleport: Allows the deity to teleport anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Magic Drain: Drain's the magic from an enemy and replenishes their own.
  • Bejewel: They throw their head like a boomerang which automatically hits all enemies twice.

Lady Rainicorn
  • Rainbow Dash: Lady dashes and attacks any enemies within her way. Reaches 4 spaces.
  • Light Beam: Casts a beam of light off her horn. Any enemies in the same row will be hurt.
  • Corkscrew: Lady wraps herself around an enemy which hurts the enemy. The move lasts for 3 turns and reaches 3 spaces.
  • Fly Off: Lady Rainicorn picks up one enemy and takes them off the battlefield. Reaches 1 space.

  • Ice Darts: Throw numerous icicles at enemies which deals numerous small damages. Reaches 2 spaces.
  • Taser: Gunter pulls out a taser to hurt any enemy within the same row.
  • Reflex: Gunter stores his energy and can counter any attacks that are directed towards. The attack will then damage the enemy who dealt the move.
  • Demonic Wishing Eye: Gunter uses the demonic wishing eye to create an Ice Penguin Monster to attack one character on the battlefield no matter where they are.

Peppermint Butler
  • Black Magic: Peppermint Butler uss his black magic skills to create armor and a flaming sword. Reaches 1 space.
  • Veil: Surrounds himself and Finn in Black Magic making them appear invisible and cannot be attacked. Lasts 1 turn.
  • Burrow: Burrows himself underground and attacks an enemy from underneath the battlefield.
  • Summon: Peppermint Butler summons a demon to attack all enemies on the field.

References to the TV show

  • Finn
    • The moves Scarlet, Demon Blood and Sword of the Dead are three of the swords that he used in the TV show.
    • The move Crossbow relates to the crossbow he used in the episode Conquest of Cuteness.
  • BMO
    • Real Game is seen in the episode Guardians of Sunshine. BMO brings the enemies of Guardians of Sunshine to the real world.
    • The Combo Move is a move in the game Guardians of Sunshine. BMO is shown to be able to perform Combo Move in the episode Hug Wolf.
  • Flame Princess
    • Flame Princess's move Elemental Matrix relates to how she almost melted her Elemental Matrix because of her love for Finn in Burning Low.
    • The move Flame Queen is shown in Hot to the Touch when Flame Princess transforms into a monster as she burns down the Goblin Kingdom.
  • Susan Strong
    • Susan Strong's move Lub Glub was first seen in Beautopia. Lub Glub's are enemies that appear in the episode.
    • Water's Wrath was also seen in Beautopia. She uses her raft from the episode to stay out of the water.
  • Marceline
    • Marceline's uses her commonly seen Ax Bass as a weapon in the move Ax Bass.
    • Her necromancy abilities are shown in Henchmen.
    • Her monster forms of Bat, Wolf, Giant and Tentacle are seen throughout the show.
  • Grob Gob Glob Grod
    • Comet Dive is based on them flying down to Earth in Sons of Mars.
    • Magic Drain refers to how they drained Magic Man's powers from him in Sons of Mars.
  • Lady Rainicorn
    • Lady Rainicorn is shown to be able to fire a chromatic light beam which she does in her move Light Beam.
  • Gunter
  • Peppermint Butler
    • Peppermint Butler's armor and flaming sword are the same as the ones seen in Nemesis.