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Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest
AdventureTime TEQBoxArt.png
The logo for Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) RPG
Series Adventure Time series
Predecessor Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DONT KNOW!
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan.png 2015
25px-Flag of USA.png 2015
Flag of European Union.png 2015
25px-Flag of Australia.png 2015
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Wii U:

Media CD icon.png Optical Disk
Media DL icon.png Digital Download

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Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest (known as アドベンチャータイム:手引書クエストAdobenchātaimu: Tebiki-sho kuesuto in Japan and Adventure Time: Quest for the Enchiridion in Europe) is an upcoming Wii UPlaystation 4 and Xbox One game developed by Amuza and slated for release in 2014.

The game follows Finn and Jake as they try to unlock the secret of The Enchiridion by collecting the 9 Crystals of Power from around the Land of Ooo, eventually being able to throw The Lich into the portal it creates and destroy him forever.


Off to the Enchiridion

Finn and Jake are relaxing in their Tree Fort when Princess Bubblegum contacts them and tells them to come to the Candy Kingdom. Once Finn and Jake arrive at the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum shows them a secret chamber and tells them about The Enchiridion.

Princess Bubblegum asks Finn and Jake to retrieve the Enchiridion for she believes they are heroes deserving of this book. The two then head to Mount Cragdor where the Enchiridion is being held and have to pass a series of trials proving they are heroes. Once completed, Key-per and Mannish Man the Minotaur, the ones who guard the Enchiridion, hand the book over to Finn and Jake.

Mount Cragdor TEQ.png

Suddenly, Mannish Man the Minotaur's eyes turn black and he fights Finn and Jake, eventually losing and laying on the ground passed out. Key-per is shocked and tells Finn and Jake about an evil force that has terrorized the land of Ooo since it's creation. Key-per turns the sword which reveals nine different slots that hold the nine different Crystals of Power.

Finn flips The Enchiridion to chapter one, titled "The Nine Crystals of Power", which has a map of Ooo and will reveal where the Crystals of Power are. Unfortunately, the book can only show one stone at a time, and it currently displays the Small Crystal of Power in the Hot Dog Kingdom.

A Crystal for a Hot Dog

Finn and Jake are on their way to the Hot Dog Kingdom when they see the Tree Fort is on fire. Rushing into the fort to put it out, the two find BMO who started the fire whilst he was trying to program fighting abilities into his system so he could adventure with Finn and Jake. BMO then joins Finn's party and they continue on their way to the Hot Dog Kingdom.

AT TEQLabyrinth.png

At the Hot Dog Kingdom, the newly formed trio confront Hot Dog Princess to retrieve her Crystal of Power but soon learn that the princess doesn't have her crystal. She reveals she gave the Crystal of Power to her Hot Dog Knights as they were going to offer it to Aquandrius in the Labyrinth so they could get more wishes.

Finn and Jake rush to the Labyrinth and make their way through the puzzling maze, eventually arriving at the center where Aquandrius awaits. The trio make it just in time before the Hot Dog Knights hand the Small Crystal of Power to Aquandrius. Finn defeats Aquandrius and retrieves the Small Crystal of Power from the Hot Dog Knights.

Finn places the Small Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Crown Crystal of Power reveals itself in the Wildberry Kingdom.

The Perfect Antidote

The group arrive at the Wildberry Kingdom and immediately decide to head to find Wildberry Princess. When they find her, the learn that she has been poisoned by Me-Mow, the miniature second-class cat assasin from the Guild of Assassins. Due to her poisoning, the Crystal of Power she holds is currently powerless.

AT TEQWildberryKingdom.png

The Wildberry Princess asks Finn to meet the Berry Wizard who should know how to make an antidote to the poison. The Berry Wizard tells Finn and co to collect four different objects from around the Wildberry Kingdom and bring it back to him to create the antidote.

As they're collecting the four ingredients, Finn runs into Neptr who announces that he is the best hide and seek player after Finn forgot about their game. Neptr then decides to join Finn on his quest. After the party collect the four different ingredients, they return to the Berry Wizard and hurry back to Wildberry Princess.

Once they return to Wildberry Princess, they find Me-Mow by Wildberry Princess and she attempts to stop Finn from rescuing Wildberry Princess, but ultimately fails. Finn gives the sick princess the antidote and she becomes healthy again and the power returns to Crown Crystal of Power.

Finn places the Crown Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Square Crystal of Power reveals itself in the Fire Kingdom.

Kiss My Heart Cold

Finn and friends make their way to the Fire Kingdom and eventually reach the Fire Palace where Flame King is waiting. Unfortunately for Finn, the Fire Kingdom is holding their annual Bonfire of the Humanities festival where anyone who isn't a flame person is thrown into the lava.

AT TEQFireKingdom.png

Finn tries to find a way to be spared his life and the Flame King eventually agrees to let him live if he helps with the search for Flame Princess. Joining the search through the Fire Kingdom, Finn is assigned to search through a specific area of the Fire Kingdom and after searching the area, finds Flame Princess hiding and confronts her.

Finn consoles the princess who doesn't want the Bonfire of the Humanities to continue, and the two show affection for each other. Flame Princess joins Finn's party and he takes her back to the Fire Palace, but once they get there, Flame Princess's love for Finn burns to bright and she endangers the entire world from overheating, fortunately Finn manages to cool her down, and the Flame King awards Finn with the Square Crystal of Power.

Finn places the Square Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Spherical Crystal of Power reveals itself in the Slime Kingdom.

The Long Way Around

AT TEQSlimeKingdom.png

Finn and his party make their way to the Slime Kingdom located beneath the Bad Lands. Unfortunately, the slime that allows people to enter the Slime Kingdom has gone hard and it's impossible to get in that way. After consulting with Jake, Finn decides to get to the Slime Kingdom the long way, through the underground channels of Ooo.

Entering through an underground hatch in the Grass Lands, Finn soon encounters Susan Strong who offers to help Finn get to the Slime Kingdom. Susan joins Finn's party and they get on her raft and make their way through the underground channels and eventually end up at Beautopia.

After a short break, they continue on and find themselves at the Slime Kingdom. Finn and his party find Slime Princess and ask for the Crystal of Power but are interrupted by the princess who asks for their help to get rid of her sister and husband, Blargetha and Guillermo who want to overrun the Land of Ooo. Finn and co defeat the slimes and the princess hands over the Crystal of Power.

Finn places the Spherical Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Triangular Crystal of Power reveals itself in the Nightosphere.

Finn the Jailbird

The first problem for Finn is to find an entrance into the Nightosphere. Deciding to met Marceline, Finn and friends make their way through Grass Lands into the cave where Marceline's house resides.

AT TEQNightosphere.png

They soon find Marceline and ask for a way into the Nightosphere, and after arguing, she eventually agrees and lets Finn and co into the Nightosphere but only under Marceline's supervision, and Marceline joins the party.

Finally inside the Nightosphere, Finn and co step into the world but are immediately knocked out. Upon waking up they find out they are locked away in a mysterious room.

Marceline helps Finn escape the cell and they navigate their way through the prison-like area avoiding being found or risk being taken back into the cell. Eventually the group find Hunson Abadeer and Marceline asks if they can have his Crystal of Power, which he only hands over once he has been defeated.

Finn places the Triangular Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Hollow Crystal of Power reveals itself in the Dead World.

Death and All His Friends

Finn finds Ghost Princess who wanders the mortal plane trying to find out who killed her to be able to descend to the Dead World. Being a ghost on the mortal plane, she has no material interaction, and she needs to find out who killed her to descend to the Dead World and be able to give Finn a Crystal of Power.

HamburgerHillsCemetery TEQ.png

The two start by investigating at the Hamburger Hills Cemetery.

After an investigation into Ghost Princesses memories, Finn and the princess learn her true past about her love for a man named Clarence and that he killed her on the battlefield. The two ghosts finally reunite and descend to the 50th Dead World.

Finn unfortunately has to head into the Dead World to be able to collect the Crystal of Power, and consults with Death to be temorarily killed and descend into the 50th Dead World. After Death kills Finn, he immediately descends to the Dead World as he knows who killed him. He reunites with Ghost Princess and collects the Hollow Crystal of Power from her.

Finn places the Hollow Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Star Crystal of Power reveals itself in Lumpy Space.

A Lump to the Past

Finn heads into Lumpy Space to get the Star Crystal of Power from Lumpy Space Princess. Finn finds the princess at Makeout Point and asks to take the Crystal of Power from Lumpy Space Princess.

Unfortunately for Finn, the crystal is stuck within Lumpy Space Princess' head and to get it out Finn will have to travel back in time to when she was a kid and super glued the crystal into her head.

LumpySpace TEQ.png

Finn and friends leave Lumpy Space and head to the Candy Kingdom to meet with Princess Bubblegum and borrow her time travel machine. Princess Bubblegum hands the time travel machine to Finn, but recodes it so it only works within Lumpy Space.

They return to Lumpy Space and head back in time to when Lumpy Space Princess was a kid at school. Finn heads to the Lumpy Space School and finds Lumpy Space Princess inside an art class with the glue. Finn rushes in and stops the princess from gluing her crystal into her head and Finn instead takes the Star Crystal of Power from her.

Finn places the Star Crystal of Power into one of the slots in The Enchiridion and it lights up as it's put in. On Chapter 1 of the book, the Diamond Crystal of Power reveals itself in the Ice Kingdom.

Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

All Aboard The Mystery Train


Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest plays much similar to RPG games such asPaper Mario. In the game, Finn and another character in the party make their way around the world and collect Crystals of Power that are located in different places around the world.

Finn can also have partners who help him out around the world and in battle. Each partner has a special ability than can be used to around the world and can change a certain aspect within the world.

Battle System

Their are numerous enemies that walk around the world. When Finn bumps into one of them, it'll start a battle. The battle system in the game is turn-based, with Finn and a partner picking their moves and attacking, followed by the enemies picking their moves and attacking.

One of the main mechanics of the battle system is space. Certain attacks will move certain space around the battle field. If an enemy is out of range of the attack, they won't get hurt. The player and enemies can also move backwards or forwards during a turn to get closer or further away from an enemy.

In battle, their are three main stats; Health, when this runs out the character dies, Magic, allows the character to perform more special and damaging tricks and Space, which determines whether an enemy can be hit or not.


Playable Characters

Finn the Human

The hero of the land of Ooo. Finn is always ready for adventure with his best friend Jake, especially when that adventure involves saving innocent people. For this guy, everyday is... Adventure Time!

Jake the Dog

The hero of the land of Ooo. He's always ready for an adventure and especially now that it involves saving the entire land of Ooo


BMO is a living video game console, portable electrical outlet, music player, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light and much more and is also one of Finn and Jake's best friends. Outside of battle, BMO can give information to Finn about where he is and his enemies.


The Never-Ending Pie-Throwing Robot, or Neptr for short is one of Finn's robot creations he made to prank Jake. Finn finds Neptr playing hide n seek in the Wildberry Kingdom and he joins Finn on his quest, even though Finn doesn't want him to.

Flame Princess

The fiesty Princess of the Fire Kingdom, she and Finn have a thing for each other, but it's always hard for them to fall in love with her heat. After Finn collects her Crystal of Power, she falls in love and decides to go with Finn on his journey.

Susan Strong

One of the members of the Hyooman tribe, Susan Strong is largely afraid of most things outside of her home, but Finn is going to make sure that Susan can open up to the world. She helps Finn get to the Slime Kingdom through the underground channels of Ooo. Outside of battle, she can help Finn travel across water with her raft.


Marceline is a half demon/half vampire known as The Vampire Queen. Marceline has a bad relationship with her father and when she finds out that Finn and Jake are going to her father, she decides to tag along.

Grob Gob Glob Grod

The four faced deity, Grob Gob Glob Grod are religious titles that the land of Ooo worship. Once Finn meets him, he teleports Finn to the Dead World to get the Crystal of Power from Ghost Princess and so he can defeat stop Death from terrorizing the world. Outside of battle, these four brothers can carry Finn and levitate above the ground.

Lady Rainicorn

The royal steed for Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn is here to help Finn. Outside of battle, Lady Rainicorn can fast-travel around the world.


Gunter is the Ice King's personal servant who betrays the Ice King once he sends Gunter away for being stinky.

Peppermint Butler

Princess Bubblegum's butler, Peppermint Butler goes along with Finn to the Lemongrab Earldom to rescue the kidnapped Princess Bubblegum. Outside of battle, Peppermint Butler can use dark magic to make him and Finn appear invisible

Crystal of Power carriers

Hot Dog Princess

The Princess of the small Hot Dog Kingdom. Hot Dog Princess is a oversized hot dog with puppy like qualities. She holds on to the Small Crystal of Power.

Wildberry Princess

Wildberry Princess is the Princess of the Wildberry Kingdom. She holds onto the crown Crystal of Power in the Wildberry Kingdom.

Flame Princess

The fiesty Princess of the Fire Kingdom, she and Finn have a thing for each other, but it's always hard for them to fall in love with her heat. Flame Princess has the Square Crystal of Power and it is obtained from the Fire Kingdom.

Slime Princess

The Princess of the Slime Kingdom, Slime Princess is a big blob of slime with a crown resembling Princess Bubblegum's. She holds the Spherical Crystal of Power and is found in the Slime Kingdom.

Hunson Abadeer

Hunson Abadeer is the Lord of Evil and is Marceline's dad. He has the triangular Crystal of Power which he keeps with him in the Nightosphere.

Ghost Princess

The undead Princess known as the Ghost Princess. Formerly known as Warrior Princess, Finn collects the Hollow Crystal of Power from Ghost Princess in the Dead World.

Lumpy Space Princess

Oh my glob. It turns out Lumpy Space Princess's star in her head is actually a crystal of Power. Finn obtains it in Lumpy Space.

Ice King

The dreaded (and weird) king of the Ice Kingdom. Ice King is always off trying to capture a Princess to marry, and he's even captured and hidden some Princesses around the kingdom! Within Ice King's crown lies the Diamond Crystal of Power, which is taken by Finn in the Ice Kingdom.

Princess Bubblegum

The wonderous Princess of the Candy Kingdom. She is the one who sets Finn up on the great adventure to retrieve the Enchiridion and destroy the Lich once and for all. As it turns out, Princess Bubblegum holds on to the Royal Crystal of Power in the Candy Kingdom.


Mannish Man
Mannish Man.png

Mannish Man the Minotaur is the horrendous creature that resides on Mount Cragdor with Key-per. After handing over the Enchiridion, Mannish Man becomes possessed by The Lich and fights Finn and Jake.


Aquandrius is a magical creature that waits in the center of the Labyrinth for travelers. After faking being nice, Aquandrius attacks Finn using his Wish Orbs.


Me-Mow is a minature cat who is training to become an assassin at the Guild of Assassins. She is currently ranked second-class but if she succeeds in killing Wildberry Princess she will finally make it to first-class assassin.

Flame Princess

The Flame Princess is royalty within the Fire Kingdom and the Flame King's daughter. After Finn rescues her and returns her home, her love for him burns to bright and she endangers the world via overheat so Finn fights her to put her flame out.


The younger sister of the Slime Princess, all Blargetha wants is to rule the Slime Kingdom and she even creates a fake husband to be able to overrun the kingdom.

Hunson Abadeer

Hunson Abadeer is the lord of evil and Marceline's dad. When he finds out Finn wants his Crystal of Power he uses it to transform into his monster form and fights Finn in an attempt to not let him take it.


Image Description
AT TEQGrassLands.png The Grass Lands are a large section of Ooo that contains mostly grassy plains. Finn and Jake's treehouse reside in the Grass Lands and make this the of the starting points of the game.

Characters found here include Finn, Jake and BMO.

Mount Cragdor TEQ.png Mount Cragdor is a large mountain where the Enchiridion remains. The mountain is home to The Hero's Trials, a series of trials which prove if someone is a hero or not. Princess Bubblegum sends Finn here because she believes he is a deserving hero of the book.

Characters found here include Key-per, Mannish Man and Gnomes.

AT TEQHotDogKingdom.png The Hot Dog Kingdom is the tiny kingdom within the Grass Lands where the Hot Dog People reside. The kingdom consists of a wooden fence and a kennel for Hot Dog Princess.

Characters found here include Hot Dog Princess and Hot Dog Knights.

AT TEQLabyrinth.png The Labyrinth is a large maze that resides in the Grass Lands. In the center of the Labyrinth is Aquandrius, a serpent-like creature who grants anyone a wish. Finn goes into the Labyrinth to retrieve the Small Crystal of Power from the Hot Dog Knights.

Characters found here include Aquandrius, Hot Dog Knights and Golems.

AT TEQWildberryKingdom.png The Wildberry Kingdom is a kingdom which inhabits many forestation. In the middle of the kingdom is the Wildberry Village and Wildberry Princess who holds the crown Crystal of Power.

Characters found here include Wildberry Princess, Berry Wizard and Me-Mow.

AT TEQFireKingdom.png The Fire Kingdom is a large section of Ooo that is set ablaze with large amounts of lava around. When Finn arrives here, the Flame & Fire Games is just commencing and Finn partakes in the action.

Characters found here include Flame Princess and Flame King

AT TEQBeautopia.png Beautopia is the home of the Hyooman tribe and a central hub for underneath the Land of Ooo. Finn and Susan Strong first have to light the beacon to return life to the place.

Characters found here include Susan Strong and the Hyooman tribe.

AT TEQSlimeKingdom.png The Slime Kingdom is the home to Slime Princess and her Slime People. The kingdom is situated underneath the Bad Lands but can only be accessed through the underground channels of Ooo.

Characters found here include Slime Princess, Blargetha and Elder Plops.

AT TEQNightosphere.png The Nightopshere is an alternate dimension which can only be entered through the use of a portal. The Nightosphere is the location where all the demons of the world reside.

Characters found here include Hunson Abadeer and Demons

HamburgerHillsCemetery TEQ.png
Hamburger Hills Cemetery is the area where many ghosts who still walk the mortal plane roam. It is where most people who die in the Land of Ooo are buried. Despite popular belief, the cemetery is quite a nice place.

Characters found here include; Ghost Princess, Clarence and Death

DeadWorld TEQ.png
The Dead World is a world full of different levels where individuals go to spend their afterlife. Finn and co. can enter the Dead World if they get Death's wish, where they will be killed and descend upon the 50th Dead World.

Finn can also partake in the Dead World Trials, where he descends upon each level of the Dead World and fights different enemies to get to the next level. There is a total of 99 levels.

LumpySpace TEQ.png
Lumpy Space is the location of where all the Lumpy Space people reside. It is a cloud-like area in the outer reaches of Ooo.

Characters found here include Lumpy Space Princess, Brad and Melissa.


  • In the episode The Lich, the Crystals of Power are shown to be held by Engagement Ring Princess, Emerald Princess, Embryo Princess, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum.
    • However, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Flame Princess, Lumpy Space Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Ghost Princess, Slime Princess, Wildberry Princess and Hunson Abadeer hold the Crystals of Power in this game.
  • Flame Princess is the only character to be a partner, Crystal of Power carrier and boss.
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