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Adventure Circuit Laser Logo Final.png
Developer(s) Nextgen solo logo4.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Shift Market Logo.png
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Adventure
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Downloadable Game

Adventure: Circuit Laser is a 2D platformer game developed by NextGen Solo, as part of their new Adventure series of games. Being a Series Swap and Adventure game, the original Circuit Laser game actually belongs to a different company than Hybrid Co.


After the events of the first game, the Recovery Squad was honored by the Centauri Antivirus System and were each given the title of Guard for stopping the Swarms and defeating the powerful virus, Axionocthema. However, the Axion Essence, the true power behind the evil, was never fully eliminated, and it stirred for a while, coding another Axionocthema with even greater power, dubbed Axionocthema 2.0.

When the Swarms returned to the Desktop Network, they now focused solely on corrupting the Server Computer, to get revenge on the Recovery Squad and eliminate them to clear the way for taking over the entire Network and the World Wide Web. Axionocthema 2.0 and the Swarms managed to split up the team from each other, spreading them across the Server Computer with malicious code.

Now, starting with Allegreta, the player has to go through the levels, reuniting with the other Recovery Squad members and defeating the virus threat once again.


Adventure: Circuit Laser plays like a standard 2D platfomer. Proceeding to the right, defeating enemies, and plenty of jumping are common fare. The game also retains some features from the original Circuit Laser, like the use of weapons such as a ray gun (Allegreta), Centuari Sword (Razor), Techmagic Staff (Burz), and more.

As shown above, multiple characters are playable in the game. The player can freely switch between any characters that are unlocked at the time. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, which balance out with the others to create an element of strategy within the game.


Unlike the original game, Adventure: Circuit Laser takes place in only one place within the Desktop Network: the Server Computer. The levels are split up into the quests of each hero to find the others, while also helping the people of the Server Computer in ridding them of the viruses.

Quest Levels

Allegreta's Adevnture

Separated from the Recovery Squad, Allegreta is now on her own, wandering the streets of the Server Computer, searching for her friends...

A-1: The Adventure Begins!
A-2: Helping the Centauri Guard
A-3: The Street Where They United
A-4: Alleys of the Town
A-5: Virus Underground
A-BOSS: Superspy.dll
Once Superspy is defeated, the emergency alarms go off in the Virus Underground, and Allegreta is forced to hide and wait for another Squad member to (hopefully) find her...

Razor's Rampage

Axionocthema has awakened the dark side of Razor, as the previous version did. Now he must break free of this manipulation before he aids the viruses too far in their plan...

R-1: Corruption
R-2: Chased by the Centauri
R-3: The Viruses Shall Betray You
R-4: Clearing Up
R-5: Virus Underground
R-BOSS: King Spamalot.rtf
After defeating Spamalot, Razor sees Allegreta and snaps out of his evil trance. The two leave the Virus Underground in search of the others...
Burz's Travel

Lost within the Badlands, the outer rim of the Server Computer, Burz must make it back to the main city and hopefully meet up with Allegreta and Razor...

B-1: Knowledge Doesn't Get Much Here
B-2: Through the Virtual Sands
B-3: Outcast Town
B-4: Viruses are All Around
B-5: City Limits
B-BOSS: Megaworm.vbs
When Megaworm is defeated, Burz goes into the city and quickly finds Allegreta and Razor. They reunite, and Burz suggests that they head to Image Castle to locate Princess Dellia...
Dellia's Escape

When Image Castle is invaded by Axionocthema's viruses, Dellia plans her daring escape from the huge stone structure in hopes of reaching the city in one piece...

D-1: The Princess Tower
D-2: The Grand Halls
D-3: The Endless Stairs
D-4: The Foyer
D-5: The Royal Courtyard
D-BOSS: Trojan Cavalry.bat
The 3 reunited members of the Recovery Squad meet up with Dellia in the courtyard just in time to help take down the Trojan Cavalry. When the horse-drawn army is defeated, the now-complete Recovery Squad searches for Axionocthema...
Rogue's Rampage

After Axionocthema gets word of the Recovery Squad's reconciliation, and the fact that they are on the hunt for him, he calls upon Rogue, his head Trasher virus, to deal with them...

R-6: Hideout Floor 3
R-7: Hideout Floor 2
R-8: Hideout Floor 1
R-9: Attacking the City
R-10: The Street Where They United
R-BOSS 2: The Recovery Squad
Rogue fails in defeating the Recovery Squad. When Razor gets close to delivering the final blow, Rogue begins to glow, as does Razor himself. Realizing they are connected somehow, Burz stops Razor in his attack and suggests that Rouge come along as they infiltrate Axionocthema's Hideout...
Axionocthema's Hideout

With their new squad member, Rogue, the Recovery Squad finally reaches the hideout of the virus leader. They soon realize this will not be as easy as it seems...

H-1: Welcome Back, Rogue
H-2: Long Time No See, Recovery Squad
H-3: Hideout Floor 1
H-4: Hideout Floor 2
H-5: Final Floor
H-BOSS: Axionocthema

When the Squad reaches Axionocthema, Rogue suddenly attacks Razor. Rogue is an extraction of Razor's power that Axionocthema created into a Trasher virus. By touching Razor, Rogue vanished and returned the power. Angered, Axionocthema attacks.

After a hard battle, Axionocthema falls, and with his deletion off of the Server Computer, all of the other viruses vanish along with him. Feeling more close and powerful than ever, the Recovery Squad celebrates their victory...


Image Description


Playable from Start

A rebellious, heroic defender of the Desktop Network, Allegreta is the character the player starts with in the game. She is well-rounded in both fighting and platforming.



Playable from Razor's Rampage

Though a damaged, outcast program, Razor is a very strong fighter (as he was designed to be) and will prove to be an invaluable ally in the fight to restore the Server Computer.



Playable from Burz's Travel

An old library file teeming with knowledge, Burz teaches the basics of the gameplay in the tutorial. When you meet with him later, he joins the team and puts his magic power to use.



Playable from Dellia's Escape

The Photo Princess of the Desktop Network, Dellia isn't very skilled at fighting but is adept at platforming; she often had to go out into more varied territory to take those special pics.



Playable from Rogue's Rampage

Once an evil Trasher virus, Rogue has betrayed Axionocthema and set off to join the side of good. Still retaining those Trasher skills, he is pretty fast and a good fighter as well.



  • This is first game in the Adventure series. There was originally going to be a game in that series to come before this one, titled Adventure: Sixty Four, but it was pushed back, making this the first one. Soon after, Adventure: Sixty Four was cancelled altogether.
  • This will be the first NextGen Solo game for the SHiFT Market.
  • All of the levels in Dellia's Escape start with the word "the."
  • Though each hero has special attributes that are described like the game will take a great advantage of a multiple-character strategy element, it only comes into play during the Dellia's Escape boss fight and the Axionocthema's Hideout levels.
  • While Dellia is credited in her description as the "Photo Princess" of the Desktop Network, she does not touch a camera throughout the entire game, and holds a sleek-looking tri-shot blaster in her official artwork.