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I know these things are just models... but there's a resonance between me and them.

AdvanPlas ACE
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Immerse MODU
Genre(s) RPG/Strategy
Release Date(s) 2016
Mode(s) Story
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E10Rating.png - Everyone 10 and Up
PEGI: 7Rating.png - Ages 7 and Up
CERO: CERO B.png - 12+
OFLC: OFLC PG.png - Parental Guidance Suggested
Media Included Immerse MODU disk

AdvanPlas ACE is a strategy RPG developed by Fantasize Studios for Immerse MODU. It features a group of four teens in a town near Tokyo, and their AdvanPlas (complex toy models). There are 32 chapters, with 26 story chapters and 6 optional chapters you can find on the map.


Story [WARNING: Really big, why else would we have a Collapse for it?]

In the year of 2021, the world was swept up in a global trend- AdvanPlas, the advanced plastic model. These unique creations with an unknown potential were companions to some, and strong fighters to others. People around the world were building these kits, and with the power of a Drive, they could move around on their own. In 2026, the Type 2 AdvanPlas were released by the AdvanPla Industries company, with the power of Chips to give them a mind of their own. My name is Diam Shintai, and I'm an AdvanPla enthusiast.

Diam wakes up in his house, and looks around his room. Drawings of AdvanPlas are put around the walls, and a laptop sits on a desk next to his bed. The young boy gets out of bed and changes into his clothes, and walks downstairs where his mom is waiting with a package. She says it was sent to the house last night from the huge AdvanPla Industries skyscraper nearby. Diam opens it and looks at its contents- an intricately designed tray filled with pieces for a new AdvanPla.

Diam immediately heads up to his room and begins building the new model, labelled as a Model ♦. As he inserts the Chip into its back, its single eye lights up and looks around. "Am... I... reassembled? That cold place... they took me apart there...", it says, walking around Diam's desk. However, Diam is too busy posting pictures of the new model onto his AdvanPla news site, looking over at the Model ♦ briefly and noting it has a cool backstory.

The Model ♦ climbs onto Diam's shoulder, and says it doesn't know what a backstory is. Diam explains that all Type 2 AdvanPlas have complex minds built to convey a sense of story- like an action figure of an alien, except it would actually act like an alien and commit to its past. However, Model ♦ claims to be a Type 3- an ACE. Diam looks over again, now in awe, and picks the little AdvanPla up.

Meanwhile, across the street, young AdvanPla dueler Pade puts on his favorite pair of shades, shaped like spades, and looks out the window. "Hey, D! You got a new AdvanPla? Well, it's no where near my Type 3 AdvanPla!", he yells out as Diam looks across the street annoyed. Pade runs down into the streets, and unleashes the Model ♠ for a battle. After Diam manages to win the duel, Pade smirks and says he'll buy Diam any AdvanPla he wants at the store- and Diam picks Model A.

Meanwhile in the town, Hart returns to her house and finds a package by the front door. Taking it inside, she discovers the Model ♥ AdvanPla, and begins building it. As she puts in the Chip, its eyes light up, and it begins looking around. "This place is warm. That other place... it was so dark.", it says, sitting down. Quickly, Hart puts a bow on it, which it promptly removes, saying it doesn't want to be dressed up. However, Hart continues to decorate the little AdvanPla.

Pade begins walking to the AdvanPla Industries skyscraper, when he suddenly hears a noise from Hart's house. Quickly, he takes one of the stones he was planning to throw at the doors of the skyscraper and tosses it to Hart. Hart looks outside, rather annoyed, and comes downstairs with Model ♥ and Model B. "Heh... H. You got a Type 3 too? Wonder why those guys in the building are just handing out one-of-a-kind early releases like candy...", he says. Quickly, the Model ♠ jumps out from behind Pade, and challenges Hart to a battle. With Model ♥ backing it up, the Model B takes down Model ♠. However, before Hart can say goodbye, Pade and his AdvanPla have disappeared.

Back at home, Pade sighs. "Well, little guy, you seem to be strong, but I'm not sure you're the best fighter.", he says, taking off his shades. The Model ♠ looks up at Pade, asking why he seems so concerned. Pade responds with a small story about his first win, and how good he felt when he managed to keep winning. Suddenly, Pade lets down his hair, and Model ♠ asks about his long hair. "It's just because... well, I'm a girl. But don't let Diam and Hart know that, ok?", she says.

Suddenly, the door bell rings, and Pade puts her hair back up, and runs downstairs. "This must be that Model C I ordered a while back!", she says, picking the package up. However, she notices the delivery man isn't really a delivery man, but an average-looking guy. "S-sorry, kid! Your AdvanPla arrived at my apartment, and I couldn't really take it without feeling bad...", he says. As he does, Model ♣ sits on his shoulder, and Pade smiles and points at it. "Another Type 3! That one looks even better than mine!", she says.

Pade returns back to her room and builds the Model C, placing it next to the Model ♠. The two spar briefly, but then Model ♠ looks over to Pade. "Why do you keep your hair up like that, miss?", it asks. Pade tells it to just call her Pade, and explains she always wanted to be an AdvanPla dueler, but her parents thought it was unladylike, and only bought her AdvanPlas for show. She sighs and decides to try and challenge Diam again, and heads out to find him. After a short conversation about how Pade's hair is getting longer, Diam and Pade duel, with Pade barely winning.

The boy who delivered Model C to Pade's door rides his bike through Builen, back to his apartment. The Model ♣ climbs back onto his shoulder and beeps a bit. "That was very kind of you, Clov! Although I bet Model D would have loved a companion.", it says, looking around. Clov smiles and laughs a bit, but continues. However, he barely manages to stop his bike when he sees Hart walking across the street, causing him to crash. "S-sorry, kid!", he says, picking up Model ♣.

Hart looks at the Model ♣ and smiles, saying it could be very pretty if it wanted to be. The Model ♣ looks away, and Clov says it seems like it doesn't want to be social right now. He picks up his bike, but Hart stops him, saying she wants to see how good the Model ♣ does in battle. Clov agrees to a short battle, which he manages to win using Model ♣ and Model D. Hart says she'll tell Diam about the Model ♣ for his site, and runs off, while Clov gets back to riding through town.

more coming soon...


The gameplay of AdvanPlas ACE is similar to that of Fire Emblem, with the player controlling units on a battlefield. In addition, the player can form bonds between the AdvanPlas' owners (of which there are 6, counting the optional characters) which provides additional cutscenes and buffs in battle for their units. In between chapters, you can explore Builen, allowing you to buy items, form bonds, and talk to citizens. Unlike Fire Emblem, the map is full 3D.


There are 32 units to collect, each with its own stats and attacks. As you progress through battles, your units level up and learn new skills.

Image Character Description
N/A Model ♦
(with Diam by default)
Model ♦ is the Diamond AdvanPla, and is themed around diamonds in decks of cards. It is one of the four experimental ACE AdvanPlas, and Diam's signature AdvanPla. It is a balanced unit with several options.
N/A Model ♥
(with Hart by default)
Model ♥ is the Heart AdvanPla, and is themed around hearts in decks of cards. It is another ACE AdvanPla, and is one of the best healer units in the game. It has a small attack stat, but massive defenses.
N/A Model ♠
(with Pade by default)
Model ♠ is the Spade AdvanPla, and is themed around spades in decks of cards. It is the third ACE AdvanPla, and an all-out attacker with low defenses. Its low HP counters its high attack and speed stats.
N/A Model ♣
(with Clov by default)
Model ♣ is the Clover AdvanPla, and is themed around clovers in decks of cards. It is the fourth and final ACE AdvanPla, and is a bulky fighter with good attack, high HP and Defense, and low speed.
N/A Model A
(found by Diam in Chapter 1)
Model A is the Action AdvanPla, and is themed around superheroes. It is a mostly offensive unit with below-average defenses, and is the only unit to learn Super Strength, a very strong attack that increases the stat increase of the unit if you level up after its use.
N/A Model B
{found by Hart in Chapter 2)
Model B is the Baron AdvanPla, and is themed around the Red Baron. While its stats are rather sub-par, its range of movement is high above average. It can use its propellers to slash at enemies.
N/A Model C
{found by Pade in Chapter 3)
Model C is the Coffin AdvanPla, and is themed around pharaohs and coffins. It is a mixed unit, with good attacks and buffs. It can use Curse to take down enemies while buffing its allies.
N/A Model D
(found by Clov in Chapter 4)
Model D is the Decibel AdvanPla, and is themed around boomboxes. It has fairly good stats all around, with lackluster speed- however, its main feature is its long attack range, allowing it to hit enemies from far away.
N/A Model E
(found by Diam in Chapter 5)
Model E is the Excalibur AdvanPla, and is themed around the legend of Excalibur. It is a fairly strong unit, with strong attacks and good speed. However, its main draw is Rally Troops, a skill that teleports 3 of your other units to its side.
N/A Model F
(found by Hart in Chapter 6)
Model F is the Flare AdvanPla, and is themed around flare guns. It is a long-ranged attacker capable of inflicting fire damage on foes, and later on it gains the skill Flare Cluster, which can hit multiple enemies at one time from far away.
N/A Model G
(found by Pade in Chapter 7)
Model G is the Gopher AdvanPla, and is themed around gophers and spies. It isn't a strong attacker, but its speed is above average and it can traverse the battlefield quickly. It can also buff allies to make them faster.
N/A Model H
(found by Clov in Chapter 8)
Model H is the Hawk AdvanPla, and is themed around birds of prey. It is a fast striking unit with a wide range of movement, although it is very vulnerable to long-ranged attacks. It uses the blades on its wings to strike enemies.


The Trainers are the owners of the AdvanPlas, and the characters who can bond with each other. Each of them joins your team at various times, allowing you to use their AdvanPlas.

Image Character Description
N/A Diam Diam is a 14-year old boy, who's been living in Builen for all his life. His mother works at the pawn shop, leaving him plenty of time to run the most visited news source in the AdvanPla community, AdvanNews Network. While he doesn't have enough money to buy many AdvanPlas, he is quite knowledgeable on their weaknesses, strengths, and abilities. While he is very knowledgeable, he's not a social person, and he mostly stays in his room.
N/A Hart Hart is a 13-year old girl, and the most optimistic member of Diam's group. She's known him since she moved to Builen a few years ago, but they rarely talk. While she's very heartfelt and perky, she honestly wants to do something more with her life. She's a very talented AdvanPla customizer, and looks at the world artistically. However, she has trouble focusing on serious issues and sometimes feel insecure about her talent.
N/A Pade Pade is a 14-year old boy like Diam, and the local champion at AdvanPla duels. He considers himself to be talented in all areas, but is rather unfocused and relies on his skills with AdvanPlas to keep his claim up. His biggest wish is to visit the nearby AdvanPla Industries building, and he often sits around throwing rocks at the locked doors. One of his main flaws is his arrogance, and the fact that every loss is a massive chip in his self-respect. However, he's actually a girl, who dresses like a boy because her parents think AdvanPla dueling is unladylike.
N/A Clov Clov is a 16-year old boy, and a scholar. He's come to town on a study, although he's very distracted due to his love of building AdvanPlas. He's very tall, and rather imposing looking, but is rather sensitive and quiet. He doubts his intelligence due to being distracted by AdvanPlas, despite being told that AdvanPlas could actually help him learn about assembling fossils. However, when something makes him angry, he's focused on stopping it.


Bonds are links between the Trainers, which can be developed by pairing their AdvanPlas togehter in battles often. Bonds become available after Chapter 5, when the group comes together as a team. Bonds are ranked on a scale, with C being the lowest rank and S being the highest rank, usually with a romantic coupling. Benefits of forming Bonds include AdvanPlas using combined attacks, taking hits for each other, and increased stat gains when working with each other. Below is a list of Bond conversations for each rank and various combinations.

Diam and Hart

Rank C

Diam walks into Hart's room, as she dresses up the Model ♦

Diam: Hart, how many times have I said the Model ♦ doesn't like playing dress up?

Hart: Oh, sorry... he just looks so good in a fedora!

Diam: Well, in a duel, what use does a fedora serve?

Hart: I'll have you know that fedora makes Model ♦ look like a sophisticated gentleman no AdvanPla would want to mess with!

Diam: ...I guess there's no harm in letting him wear it.

Diam sits down with Hart and begins putting accessories on Model ♦ with her

Diam and Pade

Rank C

Diam knocks on Pade's door

Diam: Pade, hurry up! We've got things to do toda-

Pade opens the door, wearing a nightgown

Pade: dad... just five more minutes...

Diam: ...nice nightgown.

Pade realizes it's Diam and blushes

Pade: Oh, D! Guess I was gonna tell you guys anyways, but...

The scene fades for a second

Diam: you're a girl? Huh.

Pade: Don't think I'm frail or anything! I'm still the best dueler in town, you hear me?

Diam and Clov

Rank C

Clov picks up the Model ♣ and smiles

Clov: Nice duel, Diam! You did pretty well.

Diam: Thanks. I'm glad we could both get stronger!

Clov: Well, if you don't mind, I need to train another muscle- my brain.

Diam: Your brain isn't a muscle, it's-

Clov: AGH! See? I gotta catch up on studies!

Diam: Heh, don't feel bad.


  • Volt makes a cameo appearance around Builen, appearing on a billboard for 'HighVolt Batteries'.
  • Fantasize Studios originally planned to develop a Fire Emblem game, but decided to create their own franchise with similar gameplay.