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Adult Roy Koopa


Adult Roy Koopa is an adult version of Roy Koopa, he looks very identical to his father (now deceased) Bowser. He has features similar to his younger self, as his shiny purple sunglasses, but he has new features such as larger spikes on his shell, hair, 4 spike bracelets on his arms and one on his neck, and larger two front teeth. without those features, he would look exactly like Bowser. 


When he was a child, Roy and his brother Morton Koopa Jr. , learned how to make stunning stomps, so he now uses them on Mario to respect his father.


When fighting Roy, he will use the following attacks...

  • Stomp
  • Koopa Shell Throwing
  • Tail Slam

Attack 1 (Stomp)

Just like his dad, he uses stunning stomps to freeze Mario in place so he gets an extra chance to attack.

Attack 2 (Koopa Shell Throwing)

When fighting Roy, he will occasionally pick up a shell and throw it toward Mario, causing the shell to spin toward him. Although, Mario can stomp on the shell and throw it back at Roy.

Attack 3 (Tail Slam)

Roy will occasionally slam his tail on the arena causing electrical shocks.