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Adult Larry Koopa


Adult Larry Koopa is an adult version of Larry Koopa, He looks very identical to his father (now deceased) Bowser. He has features similar to his younger self, like his tall sky blue colored hair, but he has new features such as larger spikes on his shell, eyebrows, 4 spike bracelets on his arms and one on his neck, and larger two front teeth. without those features, he would look exactly like Bowser. 


When he was a child Larry learned evil deeds from his father. But he found out new ways to be bad since his father died. Luckily, he and the other grown-up Koopalings kept their wands.


When fighting adult Larry, he will use the following attacks.

  • Blue Fireballs
  • Wand Blast
  • Shell Spin

Attack 1 (Blue Fireball)

When fighting Adult Larry Koopa, he will blow 3 sky blue fireballs in your direction, they also chase Mario until they hit a solid.

Attack 2 (Wand Blast)

Also when fighting Larry, he pulls out his new magic wand and shoots 4 blue magic blasts out of it. Just like the fireballs, they also chase Mario!

Attack 3 (Shell Spin)

Just like when he was a kid, he would jump in his shell and spin around the arena in it, but there is also a new attack with the shell spin. Larry can jump in his shell and create electrical blasts. After about 4 spins, he jumps out of his shell and starts fighting again.

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