Adrian Degtyarov.

Adrian " Legate " Degtyarov is a green - eyed and black - haired G20 forces field commander, secret agent and one of five Scott Mitchell`s personal students. He is noted to be a decent shot with sniper rifle, but always uses assault rifles, SMGs or any other weapon. He doesn`t tolerate a betrayal and is quick to execute a traitor with a shot to the head or with one precise knife stab or slash. According to the info, he is 1.87 cm tall and weights 90 kg because of his muscles and nano - botes inside his body.

Early life.

Adrian was born in Moscow, Russia, in October 12th of 1993. His father was a GRU special forces major and his mother was an accountant. He, along with his twin sister Jenny, was raised by his mother because of his father`s job. Two years later, his younger siblings - Alex and Karen - were born. Then, when he was 3, his father was killed, and his mother had no other choice but to marry Alexey Poltavtsev, a young Ultranationalist. Seven years later, Adrian started to develop a hatred towards his step - father, who didn`t noticed it and started to train young boy in order to make him his perfect soldier, but all of the attempts failed. 

At the age of 16, he met his first real friends. Anthony Pereyaslov, Tanya Lisina and Kate Smirnova became his friends for life, and Kate soon became his girlfriend. But his step - father noticed her one day, when young lovers decided to spend their evening in Adrian`s place. The man was drunk, and started to harass Kate, to which Adrian responded with a quick jab to Alexey`s jaw, breaking it in the process, but was kicked in the stomach. Poltavtsev grabbed the kitchen knife and started to undress Kate. She hit him in the balls, and recovered Adrian stabbed him three times to the side, severely injuring him and forcing the teenagers to live at Kate`s place.

After the crazy studying year had finished, two lovers were planning to marry, but suddenly, Adrian`s step - father declared a war to the whole world, and young boy fixed his sights on the crazed warlord, and even enlisted to the GRU with the help of his dad`s old friends. His mother didn`t care - she was mad at him for stabbing his step - father and didn`t even bothered to listen the truth.

And thus, at the end of summer, when Kate was preparing to her wedding, Adrian said to her that he`s leaving. His girfriend started to slap him, crying and cursing him, calling him a coward and a bastard, to which Adrian agreeded - this was the first time, when his self - hatred surfaced. Kate gave him a locket with the picture of them, and he left.

Start of the military career and becoming a Ghost Lead.

In January 5th, 2013, Adrian and four of his squadmates - Dima " Centurion " Egorov, Nikita " Samurai " Smirnov, Roman " Ronin " Frolov and Anthony " Saint " Pereyaslov - was deployed to Paris in order to stop the nuke. They succeded, but were severely injured in the process. 

Military command decided to make them the first nano - machines powered soldiers, and Scott Mitchell noticed the five teenagers, who were 18 at the time, and took them under his wing, becoming their first friend, mentor and somewhat a father figure.

Mitchell trained them personally, making them the best of the Ghosts. The five of them became unstoppable, killing everyone on their way and eventually helping Americans and Russian Loyalists to win the war. At some time, before the end of the war, he befriended Nick Keegan, Delta`s operator, codenamed Sandman, but he and his squad was killed in the diamond mine.

Adrian went to Dubai, where his stepfather was hiding, and, after the slaughter of security guards and the Ultranationalists, who were left alive and hid with their boss, he hanged him on the roof of the hotel Oasis, then surrendered himself to the arrived cops.

In the beginning of 2015, he returned to Moscow, bailed out from UAE prison by Scott, Sam and his girlfriend`s father. He started to drink and visit the psychologist, who was his girl`s mother. He was hiding his identity out of shame for abandoning Kate, and rarely talked. His main themes of dialogues were that he should die or that everything is his fault - especially deaths of his friends from Delta squad and civilians, that he and his squad could`ve saved.

The war changed young operator - from seemingly idealistic to cynical and jaded man, who just wants to be left alone, and who will kill his enemies without remorse.

In November 2015, he and his friends were sent in the field again - joining the Rainbow. Adrian was made a field commander because of his experience and being Ghost Lead. Ash and Thatcher were made his second - in - command.

A year later, March 2016, he and some of the Rainbow operators went to Paris to stop the second terrorist attack, and the mission was successful. But three months later Hereford was obliterated and Adrian decided to find and kill the one who ordered the hit.


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