Abstracted Planet is a third-person platformer game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya, and the first game set in the Abstractverse.


In the year 20XX, The Abstraction occurred; Earth was split into hundreds of islands, drifting through space. Because of the unique magical nature of The Abstraction, each island retained the atmosphere and gravity it had while still connected to Earth.

Vassal and Aurelia are two people from Oppidan Island, one of the many islands Earth was separated into after The Abstraction, who have had their colour removed by The Abstraction, causing them to constantly appear in a monochrome state.

While exploring underground, the magical core of the island is discovered and accidentally activated. This creates solid bridges of magical energy (known as world bridges) which link to all of the nearest islands. One of Vassal or Aurelia (based on the player's choice of gender) sees the potential to find the cure for the affliction given to them by The Abstraction on the other islands, and follows the bridges.


  • Vassal: Male playable character
  • Aurelia: Female playable character


Abstracted Planet is a 3D platformer, in the vein of Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie. Players control one of Vassal or Aurelia, depending on the choice of Male or Female made at the start of the game.

The world map shows all of the worlds which are currently available for visiting (those which are adjacent to worlds which have had their cores activated), and the status of all collectible items on those worlds. It can be accessed by jumping onto the world bridges between each world, which appear when at least one of the two worlds connected by the bridge have their cores activated.

Each world in Abstracted Planet mostly allows the character to roam freely, explore and collect the many different collectible items which the game focuses rather heavily on. Each world contains 10 Abstract Motes, which are used to activate the cores of worlds, enabling the world bridges to all adjacent worlds on the world map.


Image World Description
OppidanIslandAP Oppidan Island Once only a small part of a sprawling, metropolitan city, Oppidan Island is now merely four city blocks and their inhabitants, all of whom are determined to continue living their lives regardless of The Abstraction.
RainFactoryAP Rain Factory The Rain Factory once had another purpose, but The Abstraction hit it hard and now all of its machinery serves one purpose: creating rain, which is sent through space to all of the other islands.
TBA Carnival Beach An amusement park located near a beach which were merged in the Abstraction, creating the world's greatest (and most dangerous) half-submerged theme park.
TBA Maze Park What was once an innocent hedge maze has been distorted by The Abstraction to consume the entire park it stood at the centre of. Those who had been visiting Maze Park during The Abstraction still remain trapped inside.



Image Item Description
WrenchAP Wrench A wrench which can be used to repair most machines with Scrap Metal, and also serves as a formidable melee weapon when swung. It can be upgraded to the Runic Wrench, which is able to repair Runic technology as well.


Image Item Description


Various machines can be constructed at Blaise's Workshop on Oppidan Island. They require a certain quantity of items to be constructed, and they must be charged using Abstract Motes. One machine can be chosen to bring into each world when entering it. If the machine is destroyed, the world must be restarted to obtain a new one (or to switch to a new machine).

Image Item Description/Crafting Materials
TBA Hoverbike A pre-Abstraction motorcycle that has been modified to use advanced magical technology rather than wheels (although it still isn't capable of flying, so don't try that).
  • 50x Scrap Metal
  • 2x Abstract Mote
TBA Mai A robot whose AI was created when the Abstraction merged her previous human mind with a computer. She has a vast amount of data on the post-Abstraction world, which she doesn't remember obtaining.
  • 500x Scrap Metal
  • 3x Abstract Mote


Abstracted Planet has an extensive amount of collectible items available within it, forming the main objective of the game.

Image Item Description
AbstractMoteAP Abstract Motes There are 10 Abstract Motes in each world, which are used to activate the various constructs created by The Abstraction including the world cores (and associated world bridges).
GlassShardAP Glass Shards There are 5 Glass Shards in each world, and 10 of them can be used to rebuild a Colour Mirror in a world, allowing the colour from that world to be restored to Vassal or Aurelia.
TBA Scrap Metal There are 100 pieces of Scrap Metal scattered throughout each level. If all 100 are collected, an Abstract Mote is spawned. Collected Scrap Metal respawns as slightly transparent Scrap Metal if the player returns to a world, to make it easier to track down all 100 pieces.
TBA Scrap Pack There are five Scrap Packs in each level, which give 20 Scrap Metal each when collected. This Scrap Metal is separate from the 100 Scrap Metal count for Metal found outside of the Scrap Packs.
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