A Pokemon Trainer's World of Adventure Boxart

The official boxart.

A Pokémon Trainer's World of Adventure is a Nintendo DS title made by PokemonMaster270g (tbc). This Fan Game can also be played on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSe. This is a Pokémon series game that takes place in a new region called Joahnno (pronounced "JOH-noh"). The Joahnno Region contains every existing Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Regions.


In A Pokémon Trainer's World of Adventure, you must first choose whether you want your character to be a girl or a boy, then you choose your character's name or make a different one. Note that this game is fairly similar to any other Pokémon game for the DS, it just has a name that is not a version of Pokémon.

Capturing and Training Your Pokémon

Just like any other Nintendo DS Pokémon game, you must capture your Pokémon by weakening it and then trying to seal it inside a Poké Ball. Each Trainer in the Joahnno Region can have up to eight Pokémon instead of the traditional six. You can raise your Pokémon by raising their EXP. points and leveling them up or by feeding them Rare Candies. Once a certain Pokémon reaches a destined level, it will evolve.

List of Pokémon

Listed in an alphabetical order. Legendary Pokémon cannot be caught.

Abomasnow -

  • Rarity: Rare/Evolve
  • Extra Details: Evolves from Snover/Evolves from at Lv.34

Abra -

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Extra Details: Evolves into Kadabra/Evolves into at Lv.16

Absol -

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Extra Details: None

Aerodactyl -

  • Rarity: Super-rare
  • Extra Details: None

Aggron -

  • Rarity: Evolve
  • Extra Details: Evolves from Lairon/Evolves from at Lv.45

Aipom -

  • Rarity: Common
  • Extra Details: Evolves into Ambipom/Evolves into at Lv.22

Alakazam -

  • Rarity: Evolve
  • Extra Details: Evolves from Kadabra/Evolves from at Lv.36

Altaria -

  • Rarity: Evolve
  • Extra Details: Evolves from Swablu/Evolves from at Lv.29
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