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A Nutty Adventure: Trick Card
Developer(s) Hammy Logooo.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Hammicube
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series A Nutty Adventure
Release Date(s) TBC

A Nutty Adventure: Trick Card is the sequel to A Nutty Adventure. It is made by Hammy Games Inc. for the Hammicube. It includes some new features, and more content than its predecessor.


This game is a 3D platformer. You can run, jump, duck, attack, walk and every other movement possible in a standard 3D platformer. You can also climb certain terrains. By default, you can climb stone, bricks, dirt, wood and leaves. Through the use of cards, you can climb up new terrain, get a temporary ability and, in some cases, create terrain.


8 year old Squav and a black squavacado of the same age are seen approaching a book. "Are you sure you wanna do this?" asks Squav. "Of course. It's my destiny..." says the squavacado. He touches the book and a black shockwave comes out, making the squavacado disappear. "Dark!" cries Squav who then surrounds himself in a field of Light to defend himself from the Dark wave. And thus, Darkness was introduced to the world.

Fast forward 4 years. The black squavacado known as Dark is in a pitch black world. He is reading a book. A pair of white eyes watch him. "Have you found it yet?" a voice asks. "No. I've checked the entire Illusion book and not one mention of a White Vision spell," Dark replies. He throws the book onto the floor and checks the Black Book which transported him here four years ago. "Ah, here it is. The Black Book has all the answers." The voice sighs. "Yes, that is why I told you to get it. Imbicle..." Dark recites a spell and his green eyes turn white. He sees Squav fighting a Dark Demon. "He still has his powers, Master..."

A couple of months before the events of A Nutty Adventure, Dark is standing in his pitch black world. "I'm ready..." he says. A flash and seemingly nothing happens. "It worked! Now I am... The Darknesse!" Dark exclaims. He transforms into a ball of Dark Energy and flies away to cause havoc.

Meanwhile, squavacado scientists all across the world are researching the appearance of mysterious Cards. One is seen holding an envelope and sending it to Squavacado Forest. Squav opens his mailbox and finds the envelope. He opens it to find a Card and a letter. It instructs him to go to Squavacado Square. there, he meets two squavacados who introduce themselves as Gail and Bushy. Bushy explains that he was told to collect Star Cards, although he isn't sure why. In the distance a beacon of Darkness emerges from the skies. The trio nod and begin their journey.



Image Name Summary Power
Squav 1.png Squav

Squav is back! The leader of the Squavacado clan wields the legendary sword of Light, Exulbore. He also has Light powers, which he stores in his amulet.

He is the fastest of all the characters, but is also fairly balanced. His Card is the Avacorn Card.


Gail drifts in! She is a Squavacado who owns a Parasol which allows her to glide. With her Parasol, she can use Wind powers.

She is a slow character and weak, but can jump high and glide. Her Card is the Cloud Card.


Bushy is ready for an adventure! He is an old Squavacado who wields the Bow of the Forest, which can, as well as shooting arrows, use Forest powers.

He is a powerful character with bad jumping. His Card is the Seed Card.


Sabra was on an expedition to Dash's dojo when she was rudely kidnapped by Darknesse. She is the head soceress of Squavacado Forest, wielding the Warlock's Wand. After being rescued from Darknesse, she is playable.

She is a skillful character, bad at close combat. Her Card is the Spell Card.



Image Name Summary Location
Poiless Poiless is a female squavacado with Toxin powers. She wields a large rod similar to a bubble blower, except it shoots poisonous bubbles. She can help you boost your power by going through a vigorous training session in exchange for avacorns. Squavacado Forest
Blu A lifegaurd squavacado with Water powers and a Shuriken Shell. He watches over Bubble Beach and helps any lost travellers. He can increase your defense for avacorns. Bubble Beach
Teko Teko is a young squavacado with Tech powers. He wields a Magnet Rod and dons shoes with magnetic soles. He will boost you climbing skills in exchange for machine parts. Squavacado Forest
Mona Mona is a teenage squavacado with a passion for music, fitting for her Sound powers. She has headphones on her ears, a Boombox in her hand and a song in her heart. She will let you listen to any song you've encountered. Squavacado Forest
Camile Camile is a female Squavacado bearing Mind powers. Strangely, she doesn't a weapon per say, but she can summon psychic energy in her hands. She can tell you data (such as how long you've played, how many Cards you've used, etc.) but she can also give out hints. Dash's Dojo
Dash The proud owner of a dojo atop the Crumbling Cliffs. He has Uppercut Gloves and great speed. In fact, he'll help you move faster if you give him avacorns. Dash's Dojo


Image Name Summary Type
Avacorn Card Squav's Card. It makes the team invincible and boosts their power, speed, range and jump.



Cloud Card Gail's Card. It creates Cloud platforms in places which would be helpful. You can also create platforms manually.



Seed Card Bushy's Card. The team shoot explosive seeds which sometimes sprout into trees.




Spell Card Sabra's Card. Each team member gets a random, positive effect. Enemies will get a negative effect.



Heart Card A card that heals you. It is more common than others and can be upgraded. Status
Shield Card A card that gives you a powerful shield. At its least powerful form it can last three hits, but can be upgraded to protect you for longer.



Claw Card A card that grants you powerful claws. these help you climb quicker but restrict you to close range attacks.