A Nutty Adventure
Developer(s) Hammy Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG, Platformer
Release Date(s) Yet to be confirmed
Mode(s) Story Mode, Battle Mode, Free Play Mode, Boss Arena Mode
Media Included 3DS cartridge

A Nutty Adventure is a game for the 3DS and the first game in the "Nutty Adventures" series. It's release date is yet to be confirmed.


A 2.5D sidescroller with enemies and other obstacles. Health is measured with "hearts". Hearts appear differently for each character. Each character has a special ability used to access hidden areas or to advance in the level.


Squav exits his house and is surrounded by a mob of Squavacados. They tell him about The Darkness and his plan to rid the world of Light. Squav sets out to stop him, along with Sabracado and Avary.



Image Name Description Element
Sqauv Squav Squav is the leader of the Squavacados. He wields a sword known as Exulbore and holds his Light powers in his amulet. Light
Sabracado Castacado is the head sorceress of Squavacado Forest. She has the Warlock's Wand, containing very strong Magic. Magic
Avary Avary is a little Squavacado girl. She bears a baton, with the power to shoot Fire. Fire
Shayde Shayde is a Squavacado who has been cursed with the powers of Darkness. He has a hammer made of pure Darkness. He is playable after you complete The Darklands. Darkness


Name Description Boss
Worrying Woodlands A forest located on the Dark side of Squavacado Forest.. Lumber Jack
Mournful Mountain A mountain range with many meteor showers. Fire Flyer
Serenity City A large city with some strange, new buildings. Skylar-Scraper
Spiteful Sky A land made up of clouds, without many special features. Skyliner
Ornery Ocean A sea with many islands, swamps and an underwater city. Nept-X
The Darklands A land constructed entirely out of Darkness, with a large, menacing palace in the centre of it.

The Darkness

Pitch Blackness

Rainbow Orbit A pleasant planet made up entirely of Light and Color. Light Disc


Image Name Description
Lumber Jack A humanoid bearing a large axe, residing in Worrying Woodlands. He attacks by swinging his axe, throwing miniature axes and lobbing trees. To defeat him, break his axe, then jump on his head.
Fire Flyer A being created from the volcanic core of Mourning Mountain. It attacks by spitting fire, summoning fiery rocks to fall from above, and other fire themed attacks. Defeat this molten monster by knocking those meteors right back at it, but be careful, as crystals will give it more health.
Skylar Scraper A small Building Kid, who can grow to huge heights. She attacks by throwing cars, houses and whatever else she can get her hands on. Once hit, she will grow. Defeat her by hitting her weak point in each phase.
Skyliner A humanoid with the wings of a plane on his back, found in Spiteful Sky. He will fly around at top speed, shooting blasts of wind. Defeat him by making him crash into the ground four times.
Nept-X A godly being residing in Ornery Ocean. He will flood the stage, summon aquatic creatures, and jab our heroes with his trident to attack. Defeat him by attacking him until his health runs out.
The Darkness The main antonagist of the game, who gets cornered in The Darklands, but little do our heroes know, that is where he is at his strongest. He attacks with shadow blades and many other attacks based off of previous bosses, as well as his own array of moves. Destroy him the same way you defeated every other boss in order.
Pitch Blackness The Darkness' true form, doubling his power. He attacks with many Dark themed attacks, all very strong. His health bar is very big, but hitting him until his health runs out is the only way to defeat him.
Light Disk The real final boss, who has taken Color from the world. It attacks with various attacks like rainbow blasts, Light beams, and more Color attacks. It has seven forms, one for each previous boss and each are a different color. Figure out which form is which and defeat that form the same way you defeated that boss.
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