A Loathing Story is a story of yet unknown length that describes the events of the origin of the Loathing, a mythical creature in the Fantendoverse.


How long has it been since I turned into this...

I can't even remember who I used to be... not that I really care

Incapable of feeling any emotions... When did I last smile? When was the last time I shed a tear?

What comes close to an emotion I am capable to feel is maybe sorrow, despair, depression... loathing

Yeah... maybe. Everyone loathes me, and I loathe everyone

Where was I going again?

I don't care


Day 1

I opened my eyes and found myself awake in my room, another day had arrived. I jumped out of my bed and got myself dressed. For a monday morning I was surprisingly active, most of the times I just would lay in bed for another half hour, but something got me really quick out of bed today. Could it be possible that the end of time could be near.

I walked downstairs where I greeted my parents. My mom was watching the news while eating her breakfast. She already was dressed in her work outfit. My mom was kind of a famous lawyer. I was surprised that she was still at home, although I figured she would have to go to work soon. In her hand she held a 'smootie' as I called it. A mix of Greek yoghurt, soja milk and various fruits. My mom hates chewing food in the morning so she usually drinks a healthy shake.

I looked around and couldn't see my dad anywhere. Considering that it was already 7 AM he should be on the road for an hour already. My dad was very important in his field of work. He has to travel to various places around the country to make deals with clients. He never really tells me what his field of work actually is, but at the same time we don't speak much, and when we speak it is most often about me.

I grabbed two slices of bread and threw them on a board, followed by a slice of cheese from the fridge. I cut the bread in half and my breakfast was ready. I never really ate much in the morning but had to eat something, after all breakfast was important. I grabbed a glass of milk and started my breakfast.

"Honey I'm going. Have fun at school." my mom suddenly said.

"Gwodbwye mowm." I said with my mouth full. I didn't get a reply back and only heard the sound of a closing door. I finished my breakfast and prepared for school. With my packed backpack I headed out of the door, grabbed my bicycle and headed to school. Usually I took my bicycle as my school wasn't really that far away. It was only 15 to 20 minutes on the bike.

Once I arrived at school I parked my bicycle and entered the building. I will save you the boring classes, as it isn't really interesting to eleborate on that. Just boring lessons in English, chemistry, science, math, you name it. I paid attention in the class as I would learn most stuff in class, so homework didn't really matter, despite that I did make it. Lunch time had arrived. Like always I sat with two friends of mine at a table in the cafeteria. They were the only people I could consider friends, they were nice and unlike the others I didn't despise them. They are also the only ones who know I'm from a rich family.

I grabbed my lunchbox. Despite the fact that my mom has to leave early for work she did prepare me lunch. I could make it myself but I simply enjoy it when she makes it. After the lunch break I headed to my locker, next to my locker was a group of waht you could say are bullies. I hated them. They think they are everything and can do anything they want. Today again they called me names and gave soft punches. All on the level that it would hurt me, but that I couldn't really alert a teacher of it. I continued the rest of the day like I always did.

I left school and headed back home. Like usual my parents weren't home, so I had to make dinner for myself. Both of my parents would eat on the road if they are home late. Luckily there is a large supply of cup ramen in house, but I prefer to cook some pasta and make a basic pasta sauce. I took my dinner to my room where I ate it while watching TV. After finishing it I put the dishes in the dishwasher and ran back upstairs. I made the little homework I had and played some video games afterwards. While making my homework both my parents came home, not concurently of course. I greeted them from above but continued focusing on my homework.

After I finished playing video games I headed downstairs for a drink and a quick chat with my exhausted parents before heading into bed myself. It was the endless circle I was trapped in every day. Minor differences here and there, but that is basically how my life is. Boring isn't it? But I enjoy my way of living, who knows what the future will bring.

Day 2

I opened my eyes and found myself in the same scenario as any other day. I won't even bother explaining everything for the second time, you pretty much should have it nailed down with my first explanation. I grabbed my bicycle again and went to school after repreating the same routine at home. On my way to school I had to take a detour, a change for once, how weird. The road was blocked off duo to a special market held across town. It would take a few minutes more to get to school, so hopefully I wouldn't be late.

I decided to take a detour through the park which may or may not have been the better decision. I ran into the bullies from my school and of course they stopped me. The park was as good as empty so they had the perfect oppertunity to do something to me now if they wanted to.

"If it isn't our puny little friend." the leader of the three said. The other two just chuckled and grinned, they looked like two baby leeches attached to mother leech. They would follow his every command blindly without even caring one bit about what might be better. The alpha male pushed me from the bicycle causing me to fall on the ground. The other two tossed my bike in the bushes, me fearing there might be water behind it.

Mentally I wasn't very strong so I didn't have the courage to act. I knew I had some physical strength but never could take on these three who surpass me greatly in power. I felt like a catterpillar among these leeches. I felt helpless and didn't know what to do. I should run, but how far would that get me? I decided to just take the hits so it would be over. I got a few kicks and punches from the three while being verbally abused as well. I took great pain from their words, them making me feel weak and unimportant. As if I was falling into a deep dark well.

The leader gave the stop sign. "Guys, we're going to be late if we don't hurry now." he said.

One chuckled. "Aw it was just getting fun, wonder how the teachers will react though."

"Why would anyone care for this piece of trash?" the third one said.

"C'mon bro's." he took the two followers and left me behind on the ground. The pain in my ribs was too much for me to handle. I felt like they were fractured. I crawled to the bushes and saw my bike lying a little bit further in the distance. But I was met by a weird stone, in the shape of a pyramid and olive-like in color. Intrigued by the stone I collected it and held it firm in my hand. I crawled further and found the strength to stand up. I quickly grabbed my bike and headed to school, puting the stone in my pocket while doing so.

Some of the teachers at school asked me what happened, but all I could reply with was a simple 'Nothing important' while other teachers just gave me a weird look and ignored me. It was lunch time and I sat with my best friend again. His face was like a baby seal, he looked very squishy and young for someone of his age. He also was the one I got along best with, having invited him over several times.

"What the hell happened to you man?" he asked.

I sighed. "I can't not tell you it, so.... I got beaten up by those three in the corner on my way to school." I said as I motioned to the three leeches in the corner.

"Really!? Those fuckers."

"Calm down, nothing to do about it now. It is not that anyone cares."

"I do care..." he said and faced down to the table. Remarks like this sometimes made me wonder if he liked me more than just a friend. I really liked him as well, but I'm not sure if I liked him in that way.

"...Where is our little bird, by the way?" I changed the topic.

"He?" I saw that he lightened up a bit again. "He's sick at home, it seems like he has a bad virus that won't go away. But I'm sure he's better in a few days." he smiled. I smiled back. The lunchbreak passed by quickly and I returned to my classes. After school finished I headed back home where my mom was almost done with dinner. Today we ate dinner together, which was something I always liked.

We talked a little bit, and of course the subject about my bruises also came up. I lied that I took a shortcut through the park because of the market but ran into a tree trunks and landed on the street. They said the standard 'be more careful next time' and 'does it still hurt' but I didn't really care. After dinner I headed upstairs and plumped down on the bed. It was then that I realized that the stone I picked up in the morning was still in my pocket.

I revealed the green pyramid and examine it closely. It was a beautiful stone, one that I would want to lose. I held it to my forehead for good luck, but before I knew it the stone disappeared in my forehead. I was terrified by what just happened. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I scratched my forehead but of course nothing happened. With a worried mind I tried to get some sleep, but didn't sleep well that night.

Day 3

"Sweetie, get up. You're gonna be late." I heard my mothers voice say.

I opened my eyes and found myself in my bed again, I overslept. How did I oversleep? I never oversleep. I shrugged it off and headed downstairs. I was lucky my mom was still around to wake me up, but she apparently left immediately afterwards. I saw my lunchbox standing on the table, again she made it. I quickly threw together a sandwich and headed to school. I grabbed my bicycle and went my regular way to school.

I remembered what happened yesterday, after I got beaten up I found that weird gem, the one that now apparently is in my forehead. I still couldn't believe that really happened and for now put it aside, as if it were just a strange dream. I arrived at school and went through the classes like normal. Today again I set together with only one of my friends while the other was still sick at home.

"Did you have any contact with him the other day?" he asked me.

"Nah, I was kinda busy with other things." I lied.

"Ah I see. Well I phoned him yesterday and he didn't really sound good... terrible actually. His voice was all cracked and I almost got the impression he was on his dying bed." he said.

"Maybe we should pay him a visit after school... it might cheer him up." I proposed. The seal said. We made the plan to meet up again after school to we could drive to his house together.

I should probably tell you his name now, of my best friend. I can't keep referring to him as a baby seal, although he is one. He is more important than my parents... and he's a bigger part in my life than them, Aiden really is the best person I have ever met. He has a tan skin duo to his ancestry and is somewhat taller than me despite being younger. He had dark brown eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair. Most often wearing a beanie and loved jewerly with things like crucifixs and pentagrams.

Classes were over and I met up with Aiden at the back of the school and we went together to the little bird. He was the oldest of the three and a little bit weird. Not much people like him, but we knew he is just misunderstood. Anyhow we knocked on the door and were let in by his mother. We headed upstairs and saw him lying in bed. His skin was different than how it should be... it was pale yes, but somehow I couldn't stop myself from seeing a faint purplish colour in it.

"How are you holding up?" Aiden asked him.

"Ugh... had better times. I think at this moment I would feel better dead."

"C'mon don't say that." I said.

He had a faint chuckle and coughed a little. "Don't worry, I'm kidding... Although I really feel like my death is close."

"Aw, you'll recover. I know it!" Aiden said with a high spirit.

"Thanks guys... for stopping by..." he said. We continued talking for a little bit until his mother came in and said it was best for him to get some sleep now. She guided us outside and we stepped on our bikes again. I told Aiden that I was going to go home as my parents were home for dinner again. He understood and headed home himself as well.

Once I returned home I could immediately shove in at the table. Another simple dish prepared for tonight, it was nice, but basic. Once again there was little conversation at the table. I quickly headed upstairs again after we finished and laid down on my bed.

"The days seem to be passing by much quicker..." I said as I stared up to the ceiling. I felt my forehead again. I had convinced myself that what happened yesterday was all just some weird illusion, but I knew in the back of my head that it wasn't, and that something bad may occur.

My thoughts drifted off to another topic... Aiden. My feelings for him were becoming stronger every day, and it seemed liked I became more aware of it. However I couldn't bring myself to tell him that. He might not be interested in me at all and I don't want to ruin my friendship with him. However I get so jealous when I see him with... I sighed. He seems way more into him than me, maybe he does like guys but not me. I had to shrug it off so I started to listen to some music, to get my mind off things.

The time passed and I forgot to make my homework, and decided for myself I would do it first thing in the morning. I would still get good grades even if I didn't make my homework though. It is not that hard, but important it is. I crawled under the sheets and got myself a good nights rest. At least that is what I hoped.

Day 4

I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth. I got dressed again and looked at my backpack which contained my homework. In the end I decided not to make it, besides I was already up later than normal again. I felt like shit, it seemed my emotions got the better of me. Aiden was still heavily on my mind, it really bothered me.

I went through my daily morning routine, ate some bread, brushed my teeth and all those kind of things. I hopped on my bike and headed towards school. I was welcomed by the leeches at the lockers. I sighed and just quickly put my books in the locker that I didn't need for this period. He called me names again. I stood up ignored him and walked away. Why did those guys have to exist? The world would be better off without them.

The classes passed by as normal. I didn't even get a warning for not making my homework as the teachers all thought that I understood the material anyways because of my high grades. It was lunch break again and I met up with Aiden in the cafeteria again. I opened the lunchbox that this time I made for myself, it seemed mom didn't have enough time this morning.

"Are you okay?" Aiden suddenly asked.

"I'm okay..." I responded looking down to the table, not being able to look him in the eyes.

"You don't seem okay. Are you getting sick as well? Your face looks pale..." he said concerned.

I chuckled. "Ha, you're concerned of me."

"Why wouldn't I be. You're my friend." he said. I looked at him and put on my fake smile while closing my eyes. He couldn't see that I was crying on the inside. The lunch went by awkwardly, I didn't know what to say during the whole period so it turned out to be quite awkward. When the bell rang I picked up my stuff and headed to my next class.

School ended and I left the building without saying goodbye to Aiden, I didn't know why, but I couldn't bear myself to bother him with my emotions, and my feelings for him. I didn't immediately return to home, my parents weren't home either way and I wasn't hungry as well. I ride around town for a whole and decided to go to his home, of the sick little bird. I entered his street and stopped near his home when I suddenly saw the bike of Aiden standing outside. I turned around and went home.

"You're late." my father said, both my parents towered over me like two bears over their little cub. "What took you so long?" 


"Have you eat already?" my mother asked.


"Anyways, we have something important to tell you." my father continued. "Your mom and I will be gone for the next few days so you have to take care of yourself. Do you think you can do that?"

"Don't I always?"

My mother shook her head. "Maybe we should just tell him the truth."

"What truth?"

"No, don't. You'll get to hear it later." my father opposed.

"I'm going up to my room." I said and left the living room. I ran upstairs and thre my backpack to the side. I didn't want to make my homework and weren't planning on doing it anothe time. I don't need to make homework I know everything already, and the teachers also don't seem to care. So instead I started up my gaming console and pulled an all-nighter. I heard my parents leave, but they didn't bother to say goodbye to me.

I already knew why they left a few days. Things were no going well for them, they were probably going to get a divorce. Not that I would mind, then it would just be two big empty homes for me to live in. There also was a reason my sister left the house to live with my grandmother, at least she was wise to make that decision. But I never would be able to do that, I'm too scared to do that. Then again my sister is better than me in every way. She got all the good looks from my parents while I got all the bad ones. She has a smooth skin, beautiful eyes, a lovely voice and her hair looks good in every way. I on the other hand have ugly curly hair, pimples and my body is just wrong.

Day 5

I realized that it was morning. I finished the game already and was aimlessly playing now. It shut off the console and headed downstairs. I wasn't hungry so I skipped breakfast. My mom wasn't there anymore to make me lunch, so I decided to skip that as well. I grabbed my bike and went to school. I decided not to go to my locker to avoid those leeches.

During the lessons I didn't bother to pay attention and was just staring out of the window, waiting for school to be over. It was such a drag to be here, the only reason why I was here was to see Aiden, even though he probably didn't want to see me either way. Lunch break arrived and we sat together on the same table again. The leeches passed by.

"Yo, where were you this morning? Because of you we were late for class." the mother leech said.

"I was late as well and headed directly for my class. You can't blame me for your stupid behavior." I said blunt and saw Aiden's face worried for what the leeches would do.

"Stupid behavior huh?" he looked around and then closed on to me. "If you speak to me like that again, you're getting another beat up just like 3 days ago. Got it." he tried to intimidate.

"Sure got it, can you go now?" I asked. The leeches turned their heads and walked away. "I'm going to buy something in the cafeteria."

Aiden grabbed my arm when I stood up, his fingers felt like cotton on my skin. "What is wrong? You've been acting all weird lately."

"Nothing is wrong." I said. "Were you having fun yesterday after school?" I asked without thinking.

"Huh? You're talking about..." Aiden sighed. "I couldn't find you anywhere after school. But I promised that I would visit again..."

"I see. Well have fun today as well." I grabbed my stuff and left the cafeteria. Why I did this? I had no idea. I don't know why I was being such an idiot and why I was pushing him away. Maybe it was because I knew that it would never come to be. Will he ever notice my feelings for him? No, I think not, I think it's not to be.

I decided to skip the rest of the day and return home. I didn't want to be bothered by people anymore, it was such a drag. Once I got home I just aimlessly been playing video games. I noticed that the school was out now and I took my bike to drive to the little bird's house. Once again Aiden was there... I sighed and returned home. Why did I went there in the first place? 

I was back home... nothing interesting to tell. I discarded my homework and played video games all night as well. It felt like I didn't even feel the need to sleep or eat anymore. I knew something bad happened to me after I absorbed the gem into me, but I felt like I was accepting it and everything around me just became a bore. I didn't sleep this night as well...

Day 6

I didn't sleep this night, but got out of bed really late, but fortunately it was weekend now. I didn't really do anything and just sat on my bed. I skipped breakfast and started playing games all morning until it was about lunchtime. I suddenly stopped and started thinking about Aiden again. What was left of my mind told me I should see him and confess that I love him, but the rest of my brains couldn't care less about what would happen.

I left my room and headed to the bathroom, not to freshen myself up, not to wash myself, not to brush my teeth. All those things were inrelevant to me now. I really couldn't care less about how my appearance was. I looked into the mirror and saw a green shade appearing on my skin. My pupils seemed to disappear into the iris of my eye, making it a whole thing. I wasn't shocked by it, it did bother me somewhat, but not enough to make a fuss out of it. I already knew what the gem did to me, it was changing me. My appearance, my personality. The way my brain functioned totally changed. The strangest thing was that my heart still was left the way it was.

I remembered my sick 'friend'. What happened to him now? As I recalled his skin had a purple shade to it, and that was some days ago. What if something had happened to him too. He was my friend but lately things seemed more complicated, I needed to talk with him about several things. Things that bothered me.

I walked downstairs. My parents were still gone for a couple of days, how great. I knew they didn't actually care of me, that I was just a problem in their life. I was the thing that forced them to stay together while they would be better off on their own, without me. I grabbed my coat and left the house. I didn't bother to grab my bike and took the bus, which coincidentally stopped in his street. There were lots of people inside of the bus, I loathed them. Humans were such annoying, I loathed them so much. I saw the way they all looked at me as I made my way to the back of the bus. They clearly loathed me too, that was the fate of someone like me. I sat down in the back of the bus until I reached my stop and left the bus, eyes glaring at my back as I did.

I walked to his house, I got a bad vibe. As if someone of something didn't want me to approach the house. I ignored it and did so. I walked around back, I knew his room was on the first floor and that he had a window that looked out to the side of the house. I looked inside and myself from a week would probably be shocked to see what I saw. I saw Aiden getting kissed by him. Normally I would get furious, grief or whatever. But my current state wouldn't allow me to do so. I loathed him so much, I thought we were friends but then he kisses my crush right before my eyes.

I stormed back home, quickly took the bus back and entered my house. I threw a chair across the room and flipped the table. The little bit of emotion left in my heart took over and expressed its feelings. I rushed upstairs and continued playing games. I saw things get darker around me and soon the morning would come.

Day 7

Again I continued playing games until I realized that I finished playing all my games. I didn't need sleep, I didn't get the feeling I needed to sleep. I loathed sleep. I wasn't hungry, I didn't feel the need to eat anymore. There were only a few emotions left in my heart right now; sadness, anger, digust, fear and maybe even some joy. I could feel sorrow, depression, despair, all those kind of negative emotions. But joy was almost gone.

My body had probably completely changed from the inside now. This body didn't require food or sleep anymore, I knew it. I grabbed my cellphone and messaged Aiden.


I know that this is a little weird to say

But I must tell you something...

What is it?
Is it important?

Yeah kinda...

Haven't you noticed before...

That I have certain feelings for you?

Something in me hoped that yes
But I thought you didn't like me
I like you very much, I love you even I can say


I thought you didn't like me

So I never had the courage to ask

I'm really a terrible person
But I kinda have someone else now...
I couldn't wait anymore, and he was there for me at that moment. And... it just kinda happened.

Ow... I guess I know who you mean

I'm really sorry
I do love you
But I can't break his heart. I promised to stay with him

It's okay

Please be happy with him. I want you to be happy.

But I will always love you

Thanks ^^

My life has been officially ruined. The little joy I had in me had now completely disappeared. I felt grief, depression. I wanted to kill myself. Why didn't I kill myself? I have nothing to live for now. I wanted to die, I couldn't take this anymore. I went downstairs and grabbed the biggest knife out of the drawer.

I held the knife to my throat. It didn't bother me at all, I loathed life now, I loathed myself, I loathed everyone. It would be better to make an end to myself now. I sliced with the knife across my neck....



Nothing happened.

I felt my neck. There wasn't even a bruise. How could this be possible?

"You aren't allowed to kill yourself" a voice echoed through my head.

I knew an ogre had possessed me, I was already spirited away. The demon inside of me had already taken over, I could hear my consciousness deep inside, but it was too weak to take control now. My body wasn't mine anymore. I headed outside on the streets and walked to the park, the place where I first got that dreadful stone. I suddeny saw him standing there, close to the bushes where I found the gem.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

The purple skinned boy turned around. "I returned to the place where it all began, and I see you did so as well my other half. I can feel your loathing." he said.

"You're not the same person anymore..."

"Neither are you. But we still are there deep inside. Only the fear and loathing have taken over."

"I can't understand why you took Aiden away from me, I love him." I suddenly said.

He looked shocked. "I'm afraid that he is with me now, I love him as well. My greatest fear would be to lose him, so you better keep your hands off him."

I turned around and headed back. I knew something was wrong with him...

Day 8

Monday had arrived. Although I loathed school, I still decided to go there. The house was gradually getting more dustier. The chair and table were still on the floor. I saw a lamp fell over and broke, but I didn't care. I left the house and took the bus to school. Once I arrived at school I saw the leeches standing next to my locker. I really didn't care for them anymore. They didn't interest me at all.

I grabbed my book for the next periods quietly and on my own speed as I always did. Although maybe a bit more relaxed than usual.

"You're taking your time broccoli." the mother leech said. I ignored him.

He got quiet and looked down on me with anger. "Hey! Don't come with that attitude."

I turned my head and stared into his eyes. I sighed, stood up and left the lockers to head for my class. My classes... I didn't know what happened, I loathed school, the lessons, the teachers, the students. I remembered a teacher told me to pay attention but I couldn't care less.

Lunchtime arrived and I sat somewhere in the corner of the cafeteria, silent and just observing what happened. I noticed many people looking at me with weird faces. I knew they loathed me. Only one person had the courage to approach me... it was Aiden.

"Hey sorry for what happened yesterday. I'm still a little confused as well, and I don't know if I made the right choice in this. Maybe I should've waited longer. But I don't know if I can be in a relationship with one of you right now... I guess I need to sort things out for myself first." he told me.

I nodded.

"Is there something wrong? Did I do something wrong?!" he asked worried.

"No. It's fine. I can only tell you that my heart says I still love you... however this brain isn't mine anymore." I told him. He didn't respond... and awkward silence was reached.

"Come and see me at the park tomorrow before school please..." he asked. "I'm going to invite him as well... I want to talk about this."

"That's okay..." I responded. The bell rang and we both left. I was surprised he wasn't bothered by my appearance. He probably was though, but he was the only person I could not loathe... or feel loathed by. It was a strange feeling.

I decided to skip the rest of the lessons again and left the building. As expected I was awaited by my best friends, the leeches. They were blocking the way, and I basically had nowhere to go when one of them also stood behind me, blocking the entrance of the school.

"You're gonna pay for your attitude this morning, faggot." the mother leech said. I didn't respond, which pissed him off even more. He snapped his fingers and curled his hands into a fist. He then charged at me, I did nothing, not even blink at his movement. He wanted to punch me right in the gut.... when suddenly...

"MY HAAAND!!!" he shouted out.

"That guy is a monster!" I heard behind me. I turned around and suddenly the boy was gone... blood dripping in the ground. I looked at my body and saw a huge mouth across the front crunching on the boy. The other boy watched in fear as one of his friends got crunched while the other missed a hand. It wasn't long before he was swallowed as well.

"Please don't hurt me..." the mother leech said.

"You didn't take my feelings into consideration... you never did for anyone. I loathe you." I said.

He laughed as he got more angry. "You loathe me? Me!? Everyone on school loathes you, you're nothing-"

He was gone.

"Hmm he's right tho..." I said out loud. "Too bad he's dead now. The three bodies had disappeared into the black abyss inside of me. I walked home and called it a day. I got a text... my parents were coming home tomorrow morning.

Day 0

There he was, the little bird, strolling on a Sunday morning through the park. There were no worries, only butterflies in the stomach. His love for his best friend was strong, and he knew he should make his move soon as he know the other one felt something for his crush as well. It is confusing to tell it this way.

We are at day 0... the day before Cyrus' tale was told. Cyrus is the boy who we have been following all this time, the one who now is loathing his own life. You already know Aiden, the crush of both of the friends, complicated situation... isn't it? The one who were following now? Well that will be Freddy, Frederick to be precize.

Freddy and Cyrus has been in a rivalry without them even knowing it themselves. But they came to realize their true feelings for Aiden once a little gem pushed them to do so. Freddy found a lily triangular gem somewhere in the part. He thought it was beautiful and maybe the perfect gift to give to someone one day. He picked it up and held it to his forehead... yeah I guess this has been told before. The gem went right in and fused with his body.

The process of Freddy went a little different thant Cyrus'. Instead of gradually becoming more indifferent and emotionless about everything, Freddy caught a serious cold, and it seemed like he was going to die. Tuesday he stopped coming to school, but nonetheless Aiden kept visiting him every day. He couldn't be happier.

It was then that he could make his move. The gem in his head told him to. He described the fear of ending up alone, of not being with the one who he loves, the fear of someone taking his beloved one away from him. He was direct and to the point. It wasn't long before the two engaged into a relationship. Aiden waited long enough for his first choice... so had to go for someone who actually wanted him.

This story went to wrong... it became so difficult... a lot of feat and loathing in this story. What exactly were these gems? What were their plans to make this all happen? I suspect these gems are not originated on this planet. Somewhere in the Fantendoverse must be the home of these two gems. The Gem of Loathing and the Gem of Fear as I am beginning to call them. Freddy wanted to take matters in his own hands now, and so wanted Cyrus. Let's continue with our last chapter.

Day 9

A new day had arrived. I was out of games to play so I just stared at the ceiling all night, that was until I heard a door close. My parents were home. They didn't bother to greet me, suspecting me to still be asleep... it was early in the morning after all. Normally I wasn't up by this time. I headed downstairs and I saw my parents looking at me in fear.

"What happened to you Cyrus?" my mother asked.

"That is not Cyrus, this is a monster... this is not our son." my father said. Cruel words indeed, but it was who I am after all. A monster that everyone loathed, one that loathed everyone.

Before I knew it I heard screams, two of them. One male and one female. I looked down and I saw that I was devouring my parents. I really didn't care at all. They didn't want me anyway, and now I resolved their problem for them. They wouldn't be bothered by me anymore. I would've removed myself if I could. But I can't, so then they had to go.

I exited my house, heading for the park, the place where it all began. I was the last one to arrive, Freddy and Aiden were already present.

"Took you long enough Loathing." Freddy said.

"Shut up Fear." I responded.

"You guys already began hating each other?" Aiden sighed. "This is not what I had in mind. I never wanted this to happen, I shouldn't have been this quick to go into a relationship with you Freddy. I should've thought better about this."

"So you want to be with him?" Fear asked.

"He is my first choice and I really do love him. But I also love you. It is so hard."

"So I was just a second choice? You're only bound to me because of a promise...?" he asked. "You're breaking my heart. I thought you wouldn't leave me, what will I do without you?"

"I-uh." he only could say.

"I never had the courage to tell you I loved you, I thought you didn't like me. I would've asked earlier if I could, I've been in love with you for such a long time. Without you... I don't know it anymore. I think I would never find a happy ending." I said.

It was weird that Aydin strengtened our hearts so much that we could feel emotions again.

"I don't like being afraid, I know other people's fear, and I know my own. That is losing you Aiden."

"I loathe everyone, and everyone loathes me. But I could never loathe you, and I never felt loathed by you Aiden."

"It's so hard to choose." he said.

"I just want you to be happy. And if that is with Freddy then I won't stop you. Go ahead, my life is already as miserable as it can be." I said.

"Please Aiden. He will get over it, I need you else there is no reason for me to live anymore." Freddy said.




"I choose Cyrus. I've loved him for a long time, before you and me became friends. I feel more confidence in being with him. Sorry..." Aiden made his decision, which triggered something in Freddy... Freddy was gone now and the Fear had taken over.

Fear spread his arms and revealed two long sleeves that seemed to contain a dimension of fears. "He doesn't deserve you!" he shouted out. He rushed at Aiden and took him in his arms.

"No!" I shouted. I saw that my demon had taken over as well, I was the Loathing. Aiden was terrified, he was in love with two monsters, or rather two monsters were in love with him.

I rushed at Fear and pushed him back. "You'll never discover my fear. But you exposed youself by telling yours, so I'm letting that fear become a reality." I said and opened the mouth on by chest. I sucked Aiden inside of it, not hurting him but only sucking him inside, so he would be trapped inside my dimension.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!" The Fear shouted.

"What should've been done. Neither of us deserve him, and none of us will get him." I said. "These new powers made me a god, and I'm going to act like one. I'll see you around." I said and floated away into space.

"I WILL DISCOVER YOUR FEAR, AND I WILL GET AIDEN BACK. I'LL FIND YOU!!!" was the last thing I heard of Fear.

Now I was doomed to roam through the dimension, I had no plans, no goal. I'll let fate decide where it leads me.


That was the story of how I became trapped inside of my crush

I engaged a very dangerous conflict and ended up as the victim, but also caused all this

No one was at fault, while everyone was at fault at the same time

I know I'll get out of this somehow and turn both back to their human forms

I seem to exist out of time here... and I get food everyday

Too bad that there are five corpses here... and that they are only increasing in number

A pool of blood and flesh is now my home

But one day I will restore my mistakes and get my friends back


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