A Koopalings Quest

A Koopalings Quest is a Platformer with 125 levels, with 90 normal levels, and 15 bonus levels(unlocked by finding secret exits), and 20 secret levels (unlocked by hitting secret switches in courses).


The game starts of with the Koopalings boarding their airship, while a remixed Super Mario Bros. 3 airship theme plays.

Bowser and his minions fly off to grass land, but then it shows Mario, Peach, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Toadette, And Red Toad and a whole army of toads firing cannons at the airship. The airship crashes into 1-1, with Larry stuck in the derbris while the others fly of to to their world. Larry then gets up. He looks around, and realized that he's in Grass Land, and decides to get to the castle of World 1 and get into his airship.

The same story goes for all the Koopalings.



"Huh? Where am I?"

Larry, when he wakes up in 1-1

Larry is the one of the seven main protaginists in A Koopalings Quest. He attacks by shooting a single ring, and also jumps the highest in the game.

His special ability is that he can go into his shell by pressing down and moving left or right. He can then acess small spaces and find secrets such as -1UP Mushrooms(which take away a life of mario without killing him, but give the koopalings a life) secret switches, and even minigames which give -1ups

His passive is ring splash, where if the E key is pressed, he will shoot out 5 rings in a splash formation for 5 seconds.

In this game, Larry is the youngest and also very quick, but doesn’t match Iggy, Lemmy, or Micro in speed.



Morton, when he talks about Iggy being the weakest Koopaling.

Morton first appears in Desert Land shaking a palm tree for coconuts to eat. Larry arrives, and asks Morton what is he doing. Morton tells Larry that he's hungry because dinner was disgusting last night. He then shakes the coconut out of the tree and tells Larry the coconut milk is tasty. He then realizes that he was drinking instead of eating. He then asks Larry if he should look for a fast food stand somewhere.

Morton is a heavyweight character, similar to Roy, and a attacks by shooting 3 rings. he jumps the lowest in the game, and can ground pound. Using his ground pound, he can break through wood blocks and can find secrets. He can also use his hammer to break rocky enemies in Ice Land, Desert Land, And Grass Land.

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