"If you think you know Koopa, think again."

A koopa's revenge is a Fanon game made by Akash The YTP Guy, Leonard The Dark Bowser Annihilator, RJ Jakobs, TMuir, Oliwer The Danger Mouse and Super Mario Guy 2007, and many more. The game is rated E for everyone and It was originally Akash The YTP Guy's idea to make it. This game is about koopa and his friends trying to defeat the dark forces.


Once upon a time, there was a guy named Wart. he brought some 1 Up mushrooms and he revived the Dark mario enemies. After reviving them, he decided to make an army of bad guys. but before they can make thier army, more villains came and helped wart make his army bigger, and they started raiding Bowser's castle by kicking people out, just like what happened in Super Mario RPG. Bowser Got kicked out of his own castle, and so did his army. He was knocking on the door and mario said "what do you want." and Bowser wanted Mario to help him get his castle back. Mario requested that koopa is the one who should get Bowser's castle back, and now they formed a gang called The Anti Wart Clan. (TAWC) there were 10 Worlds. World 1: The Mushroom Kingdom, World 2: Fire World, World 3: The Ice World, World 4: World of Dreams, World 5: The Giga World, World 6: The Cat World, World 7: The Cloudy World, World 8: The Cyborg World, World 9: Element Kingdom, and World 10: Bowser's Kingdom. There's also a bonus world called The Star World, Just like in Super mario World, and in The New Super Mario Bros Series.

Playable Characters

main hero

Koopa Spinel.png

the main character of mario

mario's bro

Boss Fights

1st boss fight

2nd boss

Dark Ice Bowser.png
Dark Dreamy Bowser.png

Dark Giga Bowser

Dark Meowser (New Version).png

The PNG version of evil Koopa Spinel

Dark Cyborg Bowser.png
Virtual Virus.png
Dark Boomboxer.png
Dark Bowser Jr.png

before the final boss

the main villain and the final boss

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