A Dragon's Pure Heart is an original RPG video games series created by RenarioExtreme INC. The series focuses on a 14-year-old fire dragon by the name of Soran, who was raised by his adoptive father, the benelovent god dragon called Emperor Kinyuu. He must stop the evil, tyrannical poisonous dragon scienctist Professor Toxicspike and his forces of evil before they could succeed in dominating Dragon Planet.


A Dragon's Pure Heart

The first game of the series, released for PSP. It started when Professor Toxicspike and his goons kidnapped Soran's girlfriend and his animal friends, in which Soran must save them before Professor Toxicspike succeeds in eliminating him.

A Dragon's Pure Heart 2

The sequel, it follows three months after the events of the original game. There, Professor Toxicspike attempts to take over Dragon Planet again, but while on his way trying to stop him, Soran finds a young Air Dragon called Fukawa, who joins him to stop Professor Toxicspike's forces of evil.

Soran's Quest

Between the events of A Dragon's Pure Heart and 2, Soran finds a beautiful Cat Dragon lady called Feliko, who rejects him, and eventually gets kidnapped by Professor Toxicspike for experiments. Soran was then told by Emperor Kinyuu to work with a Lightning Dragon called Rainari, but they have trouble getting along.



  • Soran the Fire Dragon - The main protagonist of the series. He is a male fire dragon who cannot fly, despite having perfectly developed wings. He can control powers of flames. His main weaknesses are his hot temper and water, but water is much weaker. His goal is to protect the Dragon Planet from danger.
  • Emperor Kinyuu - The ruler of the Dragon Planet, and the adoptive father of Soran, as well as his mentor.
  • Rainari the Lightning Dragon - Soran's friendly rival, who usually argue with Soran about ideals, and is usaually annoyed by Soran's behaviour. His personality is the complete opposite of Soran's. He can control lightning, similar to Soran's fire power.
  • Fukawa the Air Dragon - Soran's best friend, an orpaned Air Dragon who Soran helps when he found his fainted body and helped him. He usually helps Soran to fly, since Soran cannot fly himself. He controls wind, but can also spit air bubbles. 
  • Feliko the Cat Dragon - A mysterious dragon beauty, who rejects Soran at first, but warms to him after he rescues her from Professor Toxicspike, but usually disappointed with Soran's impulsive behaviour. She has the powers of a nekomata.


  • Professor Toxicspike - The main antagonist of the series. An evil mad scientist-like poisonous dragon whose goal is to take over Dragon Planet, but his plans has always been foiled by Soran.
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