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Axiom is an original fighting game developed by Pyro Enterprises as a love letter of sorts to the fighting game genre. It combines elements of the Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. series while adding several unique elements of its own.


Axiom's gameplay is based off of a cross between the Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. series. While the general gameplay style is taken from the former, many elements are taken from the latter, including largely simplified gameplay, the occasional item, and more dynamic stages.

There are four basic attack commands:

  • A: Normal Attack (A light attack good for starting combos or a quick strike.)
  • B: Heavy Attack (A stronger attack good for ending combos or just for high damage.)
  • X: Launcher Attack (A medium-strength attack that launches the opponent into the air.)
  • Y: Descent Attack (A medium-strength attack that knocks the opponent onto the ground.)

Combos are performed by hitting up to three of these buttons in succession. Holding down a button ends a combo, but typically triggers an alternate attack. Additionally, four special moves can be accessed while holding down the ZL button and hitting one of the four buttons, though this costs some of the AX Meter.

The AX Meter is a bar of red energy that fills as the battle progresses. It can be spent on several things in battle: the four aforementioned Special Moves, a Super Move triggered by the ZR button, a counter triggered by the L button, and a special maneuver known as an Axiom Shift.

When an Axiom Shift is triggered, some type of hardlight/energy construct is generated on the battlefield. Typically, an Axiom Shift will greatly assist the user, whether it be via traversal, combo assistance, or other means. However, using one will completely drain the AX Meter. Axiom Shifts will auto-trigger if a player is behind by three or more points, and some AI opponents in story mode will trigger it automatically. An Axiom Shift can also be used to cancel out a previously used Axiom Shift.


  • L-stick: Move
  • A: Normal Attack
  • B: Heavy Attack
  • X: Launcher Attack
  • Y: Descent Attack
  • ZL: Special Trigger
  • ZR: Super Move
  • L: Counter
  • R: Grab


The story will be added during the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase.


The majority of characters in Axiom are largely based on existing archetypes or characters from other fighting games. the inspiration behind the character will be listed in their moveset section.


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Inspiration: Marth (Super Smash Bros.), Patrokolos (Soul Calibur)
Soren's rapier is the focal point of his combat style. Much like Marth, the very tip of the blade deals enhanced damage, making him a very zoning-focused character, keeping his opponents at the exact distance that he wants in order to get off his stronger attacks or projectile specials. Unlike Marth, however, Soren possesses a small round shield to act as both a bludgeoning heavy weapon and as a defense booster. He also possesses aerial skills much unlike his original inspiration.

The former ruler of the tiny nation of Anzlenia. Soren was at one time considered the heir to the throne, being the descendant of the last king of the country. However, according to Anzlenian tradition, he would have to be wed to a woman also of royal blood before his coronation could be considered valid. Soren had no qualms about this, and a suitor was eventually found.
The bride was kind, caring, and a suitable royal candidate, perfect for both Soren and his father. They eventually decided to marry, and soon the day of both the wedding and Soren's coronation had arrived. Before the wedding ceremony, Soren's princess-to-be walked with him to the balcony outside his room. Expecting this to be the moment when she gave him the ring, Soren didn't have time to react when she pulled out a knife instead, murdering him on the spot. The woman went on to slaughter the rest of the royal family and most of the guests before killing herself.
Soren's body was eventually recovered a few days later by the renowned Orenian scientist Dr. Sara Zanari, who utilized a prototype of the then-unstable AXIOM technology to bring him back to life. When he heard from the doctor what had happened, Soren took up his father's rapier, determined to become as strong as he possibly could to honor his fallen family.

Axiom Glider
Soren creates large angelic wings out of the Axiom hardlight technology. Despite breaking all laws of science and physics, these wings grant him the ability to fly indefinitely and boost his movement speed.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 172 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel-Brown
Birthplace: Centraheim, Anzlenia
Weaponry: Rapier and Round Shield

Lady DeRosa

Inspiration: Ivy (Soul Calibur), Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros.)
Lady DeRosa is a zoning focused character similarly to Sophia, but she takes a more aggressive approach, as her primary weapon of choice is her whip-like staff, which can take over large portions of the screen at once. She is not overly strong, but good at preventing opponents from landing a hit and attacking from farther off.

Born Ophelia Augustina DeRosa, part of Floranum's ruling hierarchy. Ophelia was pampered since birth, having all the luxuries that a member of the hierarchy was given, and more due to her at-the-time bratty attitude. Over time, however, she grew from an obnoxious brat to a slightly sultry yet overall kind member of the ruling class.
However, her social status proved to be her downfall in the Floranum Uprising, where the lower-class citizens overthrew the ruling hierarchy, killing most and capturing the others. After serving a brief 4-year stint in jail for the crime of overwhelming the populace, Ophelia and the other surviving members of the hierarchy were set free, though forced to live as lower-class citizens.
While the vast majority of the survivors went on to lead simple lives, Ophelia, her name changed to stay in hiding, kept her lavish lifestyle, becoming a wealthy merchant and rebuilding her own fortune instead of living off of the work of others. Now, her focus is on the AXIOM technology, and how profitable it could be for her if she got ahold of it...

Axiom Thorns
This Axiom Shift summons massive thorny vines at either side of the stage. DeRosa is immune to their effects, but the opponent will take damage on contact with the vines. This does no knockback, but does cause flinching.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 174 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Red
Birthplace: Rhodendra, Floranum
Weaponry: Customized Whip-Staff


Inspiration: Vega (Street Fighter), Link (Super Smash Bros.)
Chaz's playstyle is solely rushdown-focused, being a fast character with quick, short-ranged attacks with low power but amazing combo ability. Chaz seperates from other rushdown fighters, however, thanks to his signature hook-like weapons, which grant him stage traversal options most characters could only dream of.

Chaz was world-renowed as one of the most fearsome pirates in the world, but to tell the truth, he was a rather fun-loving guy. He was more likely to crack jokes than skulls at any given moment, and he did his best to inspire his troops and boost their morale. Despite this, his feats of combat and theft were legendary, and his signature hookblade weapons struck fear into the hearts of sailors everywhere.
Eventually, Chaz stopped pirating for a while and attempted to settle down. While he led a nice life as a farmer for a few months, his urge for combat and plunder was too strong, and he went back to his life of crime. Unfortunately, he had previously sold his ship, and had to resort to being a bandit on land. Chaz was nowhere near as skilled on dry land as he was on the high seas, and his success rate was much lower.
Chaz was struck with a dilemma; his skills without practice on a ship's deck were incredibly low, so he couldn't steal enough cash to purchase a ship and begin training. He was about to hang up his hooks for good when he received a contract from an unknown benefactor, willing to supply Chaz with anything he needed if he could manage to steal something- a cruiser carrying Dr. Zanari and her AXIOM prototype.

Axiom Bars
This Axiom Shift summons a pair of pipe-like bars above the characters' heads. By attacking in the air while between the bars, Chaz can hook onto them with his hookblade weapons and climb about. In this state, Chaz is effectively permanently in flight and has a new array of foot attacks. Tapping down causes Chaz to get off.

TBAHeight: 5'3"
Weight: 182 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Atica, Sicory
Weaponry: Dual Hookblades


Inspiration: Chun-Li (Street Fighter), Fox (Super Smash Bros.)
Toqi is easily one of the most agile characters in Axiom, flipping around the battlefield as if it were a trampoline. Toqi's signature style is charging in for a barrage of quick attacks, then leaping out of the fray to space the opponent and prepare for the next assault. However, her low range makes her more easily zoned than most characters.

Raised in the wartorn nation of Chiqutl, Toqi had a rough childhood. She was drafted into the military at age 7 alongside her older brother Techi, and spent the next twelve years learning how to fight. The siblings quickly became known as a fearsome duo on the battle field, Techi wielding a custom rocket launcher and Toqi using handmade bladed armbands. Eventually, however, the duo was seperated when Techi lost the use of his legs in combat, leaving him to be honorably discharged.
After the war, Toqi became a bladedancer, renowned across Chiqutl as a skilled yet graceful performer. Most of her profits went towards the care of the handicapped Techi, but she was putting some of it away towards a secret project of hers- enhanced versions of her classic armblades. Using these weapons, she created and perfected a new breed of martial arts, combining bladedancing with the brutal tactics she had used in the military.
With her newly developed techniques, Toqi began training others, earning even more money outside of her bladedancing performances. However, all the money she was making still wasn't enough to get her brother healed- until the day she was contacted by the famous Dr. Zanari. The doctor had a deal for her- help keep something special protected, and she would supply Techi with synthetic legs. With her goal within reach, Toqi became Zanari's right-hand woman, even after her disappearance.

Axiom Pillars
Toqi's Axiom Shift generates large pillars at the edges of the stage. She can wall jump off of these pillars like she can normal walls, but by holding the movement stick towards the wall, she can actually stick to the wall until knocked off. This also has the side effect of preventing Ring Outs as long as the pillars are active.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair Color: Red-Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Onicatixul, Chiqutl
Weaponry: Arm Blades


Inspiration: Ryu/Ken (Street Fighter), Captain Falcon (Super Smash Bros.)
Susano is Axiom's classic shoto character, and plays almost exactly like the shoto characters in other fighting games, complete with spinning kicks, uppercuts, and fireball-like projectiles. However, Susano differs when it comes to his projectile game- his demigod-like powers let him fire streams of continuous electricity, letting him trap opponents with the chip damage.

Susano was once one of the greatest warriors in the Shiansu region, having mastered all 777 secret techniques in the martial code of Shiani, the combat code all of the area's warriors closely followed. Not only had he honed his mind and body to the human limit, he had harnessed elemental techniques rarely ever seen in a Shiani practicioner, granting him the ability to generate electricity and utilize it as a weapon.
Susano's fighting skill made him renowned throughout the land. Every challenger he faced eventually fell before him. Eventually, however, he realized the price of being near-unbeatable: nobody wanted to challenge him anymore. The lack of challengers depressing him, Susano went into a life of solitude, hoping that one day, he would be able to use his gifts to help the world in someway.
Years passed, and Susano remained a simple farmer, helping out the family he lived with with menial chores and tasks to pay the rent. Eventually, however, he received a message from a Chiqutlan introducing herself as Toqi, who stated that she required the services of the well-known warrior. Susano refused at first, but his new friends convinced him that it was the moment he had been waiting for- a chance to help the world with his martial arts skills. Susano signed on for the search for the missing Dr. Zanari- despite the fact that years of neglect had lowered his skill level slightly.

Axiom Deathmatch
"A true warrior plays on a fair fighting ground, with no distractions to get in the way." That Shiani saying is one of Susano's rules of conduct, and his Axiom Shift brings it to life, summoning a flat, Final Destination-esque platform in the background and knocking his opponent onto it. All stage elements deactivate while on the platform, making it a pure test of skill.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 212 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthplace: Otoko, Shiansu
Weaponry: Shiani Techniques

Baron von Gatlauser

Inspiration: Cervantes (Soul Calibur), Bowser (Super Smash Bros.)
Gatlauser is a true heavyweight character. His weight prevents him from flying around the stage when hit like some of the lighter characters, and he is very resistant to flinching. While he moves slowly, he has no lack of range in his attacks, using his bare hands for melee attacks and his customized minigun to deal rapid chip damage at far ranges. The baron's one weakness is his speed; while his attacks are relatively quick, he has a hard time moving from point A to point B.

Baron Gilbert von Gatlauser was one of the world's greatest pilots. During the Great World War of 1979, he was renowned for his skill at piloting a Harenmarc F-77 warcruiser airplane, and was widely known as "The Scourge of Harenmarc". His skill in dogfighting was second-to-none, and soon the day came when the war had ended. However, skirmishes still ran across Harenmarc, who had become a powder keg of violence during the war. The baron, as a shining beacon of pride for the Harenmarcans, was promoted to captain of the country's police force.
During this time period, Baron von Gatlauser developed his skill in fighting on solid ground. Through some sheer coincidence, he had managed to obtain the Gatling gun of a crashed WX-5 assault plane, and it quickly became known as his signature weapon. While the riots and violence were never completely eliminated, it was cleaned up within a few years due to Gatlauser's time as task force leader.
With no real reason to be working as a policeman, Gatlauser left the force, taking his comically oversized Gatling gun with him. A few years passed, and the baron was enjoying his seat in the lap of luxury, when he suddenly got a strange transmission from an organization called the "Kane Initiative". It said that it required the baron's help in retrieving something, and he quickly completed the objective and was rewarded greatly by the organization. His goal- capture of the renowned scientist Dr. Zanari.

Axiom Cannon
The baron summons a hardlight missile launcher in the background of the fight. This cannon locks onto enemy fighters who stand still or move slowly, firing powerful explosive missiles. Combine this with Gatlauser's stalling abilities to trap opponents and deal massive damage!

Height: 7'6"
Weight: 277 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthplace: Danenburgh, Harenmarc
Weaponry: Brass Knuckles and Gatling Gun


Inspiration: Dante (Marvel Vs. Capcom), Fox/Falco/Duck Hunt (Super Smash Bros.), Parasoul (Skullgirls)
In the up-close fighting that takes place in Axiom, Amber almost seems like an anomaly. Her focus is not closing in on her opponents and dealing massive damage, but staying as far away from them as possible while barraging them with rapid-fire projectiles. Her basic pistol attacks are augmented by an array of grenades and landmines, which allow her to zone opponents more accurately.

Born the younger of Dr. Anna Zanari, Amber and her brother Flint were raised as lovers of technology. Under the guidance of their incredibly intelligent mother, they were taught at a highly accelerated rate, reading books by the time most children were learning the alphabet and playing with small machines when others were playing with blocks. In their late teens, the two had managed to graduate college with flying colors, and entered a field alongside their mother; weapons development.
Settled in their new jobs, Amber and Flint began work on a forgotten project of their mother's; the use of solar power to create an energy-based weapon, which would greatly lower the cost of warfare and resource use. Over the next few years, the two eventually perfected prototypes of an energy-based weapon. While Flint utilized a large solar battery to create a solar shotgun, Amber took a simpler approach, creating not one, but two solar pistols. Eventually, the two decided it was time to put their inventions on the market...
Then tragedy struck. Their mother had been kidnapped, with all signs pointing towards the secret to her AXIOM hardlight technology being the reasoning behind it. While Flint set off to find out any possible perpetrators, Amber swiftly retaliated, taking her pistols and a few dozen bags of grenades and fighting her way across the world, looking for any possible clue to her mother's whereabouts.

Axiom Sniper
Amber holds out her guns, one in front of the other, as a hardlight construct forms around them, taking the form of a sniper rifle. She then jumps into the background, landing on a hardlight pillar and taking aim. The player can then move around a reticle to try to aim and fire a single shot at the opponent- if it hits, then it deals massive damage.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 187 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Anarkis, Orenia
Weaponry: Dual Solar Pistols


Inspiration: Zelda/Palutena (Super Smash Bros.)
Kaguya's moveset is based on power and range. She has a variety of ranged attacks, including her explosive Lunar Sphere, which she can direct around the battlefield and detonate at will. However, she also has a variety of powerful short-ranged attacks courtesy of her hammer. These attacks deal heavy knockback and damage, but are a bit slow, so timing is required to use them properly.

Kaguya hails from the Shiansu region, but aside from that, little to nothing is known about her. Her age is undetermined, as is her country of origin, and her childhood years are unaccountable by anyone in the region. Kaguya simply acts as a priestess, though what exactly she worships is beyond the reckoning of anyone.
Kaguya came onto the scene when she began traveling to large cities, claiming to have seen disaster come to the world of Gaea in a vision. As she acted much like a hobo in the streets, most everyone ignored her- until a month later, when renowned scientist Dr. Zanari was kidnapped. Taking this as a sign of dark forces brewing, Kaguya began praying to whatever god or being she worshiped, hoping to halt the start of darkness.

Axiom Moon
Kaguya pushes the limits of the AXIOM hardlight technology by summoning a hardlight moon above the battlefield. This moon provides its own gravity field, which causes the opponent to ascend faster and descend slower. Kaguya is unaffected by the field, and can use this as a method of keeping the enemy in the air.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Unknown
Weaponry: Mallet/Lunar Energy


Inspiration: Sheik/Ice Climbers (Super Smash Bros.), Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Kemuri is the stereotypical fighting game ninja character, but with a twist. While his forte is quick movement, short range, and high traversal potential, Kemuri really comes into his own when he uses his Smoke Copy ability. This essentially turns any battle into a 2-on-1 fight, with the copy duplicating any movement the primary Kemuri does, but with a slight delay. This makes mindgames an essential strategy when playing as the ninja.

Kemuri began life in Shiansu as a shinobi warrior, carrying out covert orders issued by the warlord he followed. Despite the negative connotations around the job, Kemuri was said to be a nice man, especially towards his family. The day came, however, when Kemuri fell in battle against a powerful soldier, leading to his demise. However, this was not the end of the warrior.
Kemuri's soul, not satisfied with his method of death, returned to his already slightly-rotten body. The corpse shinobi wandered the land in search of his killer, eventually finding him and killing him in his sleep in true shinobi fashion. Yet his soul would not rest, even though his body had no goals left in life and even began continuing to rot, though at a far decelerated pace due to his possession. He eventually just hid in a cave and waited his oblivion.
It seemed Kemuri was not even allowed solitude. About 725 years later, his body was found and captured by a group called the Kane Initiative, who studied the bond between soul and corpse and attempted to combine it with stolen prototypes of a device called AXIOM. When this failed, they sent Kemuri himself to steal the device's creator, giving him a new body stylized after the common perception of the shinobi in this time period, called ninja. Kemuri was insulted by both the misconception and him being forced to work for the corrupt institution, but regardless, he accomplished the task.

Axiom Fog
Kemuri summons a strange hardlight urn in the background, which he then smashes, releasing a fog over the battlefield. While this does not seem to have an effect at first, the fog completely obscures Kemuri's smoke clone, making his mindgames even more effective.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 82 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: White
Birthplace: Unknown region of Shiansu
Weaponry: Katana

Lo Asombroso

Inspiration: Hakan/Zangeif (Street Fighter), Bane (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
Lo Asombroso is one of the only characters in the entire game's roster that lacks any form of projectile. As a massive, lumbering, hulk with high strength and low movement speed, this hinders his strategy a fair amount, but up close, he is a force to be reckoned with. He can also use his Signature Taco special to boost his speed temporarily, but this results in a speed decrease after the boost wears off.

Miguel Asombro began life as a chef's apprentice in the country of Chiqutl, and was well known for his perfection of his master's craft. He eventually set off on his own at the age of 18, and became famous for applying techniques from other countries to the classic Chiqutl cuisine his customers knew and loved, his most famous being the legendary "Signature Taco". While he made some enemies in the food critic business, everyone came to love his food.
Then, the day came that every restaurateur dreads- an approaching lack of funds and likely foreclosure on his business. Miguel turned to what anyone else would (no, not drugs)- fighting for money. Taking on a luchador persona named "Lo Asombroso", he quickly rose up the ranks due to his strange innate strength. Must've been all those tacos.
After making large amounts of money from the fighing circuit, Miguel renovated his restaurant and continued his quest to become the country's greatest chef. However, he was soon approached by a strange woman who had heard about his prowess in the wrestling business, and wanted his assistance in finding her kidnapped employer. Miguel agreed, and he soon set off in search of the missing Dr. Zanari.

Axiom Ropes
No wrestling match is complete without ropes. Lo Asombroso's Axiom Shift summons hardlight ropes on the sides of the stage. These ropes have many uses, ranging from a trampoline to enable air combat to a way to knock enemies back towards you to continue combos.

Height: 6'11"
Weight: 382 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthplace: Los Miraculos, Chiqutl
Weaponry: Wrestling Techniques


Inspiration: Donovan (Darkstalkers), Siegfried (Soul Calibur)
Drakon possesses the longest sword in the game, having a slow, methodical playstyle that involves luring enemies in range then hammering them with attacks. However, he can additionally plant his blade in the ground and begin attacking with his bare knuckles, shortening his range but heightening his speed. when nearby his blade, he can use any of the face buttons to pick it up again and perform a unique attack.

Drakon is not just one man. There has been a Drakon for the past 150 years, with many tales being told about him or her. Reports vary on the race, gender, height, and hair color of the mysterious warrior, and the one thing that seems to remain the same in every report is the massive broadsword that they wield. The current Drakon seems to be a middle-aged Orenian man with black hair and green eyes.
Drakon is a rare sight, but when he or she shows up, it's always due to crime or corruption. Drakon acts as a vigilante, slaying those who threaten the stability of society through violence or selfishness. After the job is done, they vanish without a trace. It is unknown whether there are multiple Drakons in a cult of some sort or just one with a changing identity, but Drakon definitely seems like an archtypical superhero to most.
Sightings of the current Drakon began after the kidnapping of scientist Dr. Zanari. His involvement in the act is unknown, and likely not antagonistic, but with a vigilante of this calibur, one can never be sure.

Axiom Zweihanders
Drakon uses the AXIOM hardlight technology to create two duplicates of his massive sword, then throws them to either end of the stage. This enables the bounty hunter easier access to his sword at any point in time, creating better mixups and more use of the attacks used when teh sword is retrieved.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 226 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Unknown region of Orenia
Weaponry: Zweihander


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