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ARMS 2 (Bearjedi)
ARMS 2Bearjedi.png
Official logo
Developer(s) Nintendo, Ninjendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting
Series ARMS
Predecessor ARMS
Release Date(s) February 18, 2020
Mode(s) 1-4 players

ARMS 2 is a fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, and is a direct sequel to ARMS. The game contains a mostly new character roster, along with new stages, gamemodes, and features. It was released on February 18, 2020.

The game was first revealed at the How the Grinch Stole the Holiday Showcase, showcasing two new fighters, as well as new attributes and gamemodes.



The gameplay has been slightly changed from the first one.

  • Grabs are slower, making it easier to react.
  • Guarding has been slightly revamped. The more damage your shield takes, the more cracks that will appear in it. The more cracks there are, the more damage you'll take while guarding. If your shield breaks, you will be unable to guard. Your shield can slowly regenerate whenever you're not guarding.
  • You can now duck under punches and grabs, but you must time it right as you will come back up afterward.
  • You can now move the camera by tilting the controller. If the camera passes by an enemy, your fighter will now target that enemy.
  • Along with the old items (things like HP Juice), ARMS 2 has new items.
    • There is now a bomb for every attribute in the game. Watch out!
      • Each bomb does splash damage but inflicts the attribute's effect if you get hit.
        • Explosion Bomb has further range and damage than the other bombs due to the fact that each bomb already does splash damage.
    • Buff Juice gives you a stat increase, increasing your speed and damage!


Most gamemodes from ARMS 1 have been replaced by new ones in ARMS 2. Some old gamemodes return, however.


This gamemode is exactly the same as ARMS 1. The goal is to knock out your opponent(s). Punch, grab, or rush your way to victory! Items will randomly appear during the match, such as bombs or juice, which can create both advantages or disadvantages.



This gamemode is very similar to 1 vs. 100 from ARMS 1, but now you have the option of working together with a team. The goal isn't to defeat 100 Cells this time; it's to survive for as many waves as possible. Each wave can bring on cells using random ARMS (which they can charge too). The more waves you survive, the harder the game gets. Soon enough, Cells will take multiple hits to defeat, and you'll have to stand your ground against tough bosses.

However, after each wave you'll be rewarded different items to help you out, such as HP Juice. When you finally lose, you'll earn points based on how many waves you survived and how much enemies you took out.

Boss Brawl

Fight against different varieties of bosses in this gamemode! You can try to take on the boss by yourself or with a team! The goal is to defeat the boss in a certain amount of time. Bosses such as Hedlok and Grime have special traits and abilities they can use to take you out!

Control Clash


In Control Clash, there is a control point in the middle of the map. Stay in it for as long as possible, and don't let the enemy control it! The control point has lots of space, so you can still dodge and move around. Health is infinite in this gamemode.

The control point will become contested if two different teams are both in the control point. Knock the other one out of the control point and it will no longer be contested.

Stay in the control point until your timer hits zero. Your timer will only count down if you're in control of the control point.

Hedlok Scramble

ARMS Hedlok Principal.jpg

This gamemode is quite similar to Battle, but now you fight over an orb containing Hedlok's mask! Obtaining Hedlok's mask allows your character to become Hedlok, giving you an advantage. After a while, the Hedlok mask disappears and you'll need to grab it again. The mask can also be knocked off if you're hit hard enough.

Beat your opponent(s) to win!

Grand Prix

Story Mode

ARMS 2 features a Story Mode where the fighter the player plays as discovers that ARMS Labs has retreated into the shadows, planning to come back and eventually take over the world. TBA

Party Match

Party Matches are almost exactly the same as in ARMS 1. 1-2 players can enter a Party Match together. You are put into matches with a random map and gamemode, earning points in the process (unless you disconnect during the match). All gamemodes are playable in Party Matches, but you cannot play by yourself.

You won't be put in a match if you're selecting a fighter or changing your ARMS. The ARMS Shop can also be opened up in a Party Match.




Players can now level up individual fighters. XP can be earned by participating in different gamemodes. At certain levels, you can receive rewards or unlock ARMS in the ARMS Shop. Your fighter's level will be displayed during multiplayer. XP can also be earned from singleplayer battles.

Leveling up can award you badges, special costumes, or unlocks in the ARMS Shop.

The ARMS Shop

The ARMS Getter has been replaced by the ARMS Shop, a much more simple system where you can buy ARMS for certain characters, as well as special costumes and badges.

You can buy ARMS for any character, but some ARMS are not available for purchase until you hit a certain level with that character.

ARMS Shop items




Name Image Description Stage Signature ARMS Logo
Radiation TBA This superhero likes to fly up into the air and use ranged ARMS, staying away from his opponent. Superhero HQ
  • Gauntlet
  • Handcannon
  • Kablammer
Venus VENUSARMS2.png This mutated, bulky venus flytrap likes to steal life from other fighters! Flytrap Forest
  • Flytrap
  • Potter
  • Fullbloom
Captain Skullbuckler TBA The old spirit of a pirate captain has possessed his former body, ready to fight again once more. Pirate Ship
  • Anchor
  • Cannonball
  • Hammerhead
Clawdia TBA Clawdia is all about cats! She even has a tail that also doubles as an extra ARM! How cute! Pet Show
  • Scratcher
  • Pouncer
  • Slapamander
Kid Cobra TBA Kid Cobra has bought some upgraded gear and ARMS! He's a bit heavier now, but that doesn't mean he can't ride snakeboards! Snake Park
  • Smashamander
  • Scorpio
  • Hydra
Min Min TBA Min Min has started to train in many different martial arts. With a new hairstyle and clothes, she's ready to win the Grand Prix once again! Ramen Bowl
  • Ramram
  • Dragon's Breath
  • Retorcher
Lola Pop TBA Lola Pop has now become a famous circus owner. Her next performance is going to be at the next ARMS Grand Prix, where she hopes to win more money so she can open many more circus locations around the globe. Via Dolce
  • Blorbloon
  • Prankster
  • Clapback
Radiatron TBA Springtron was somehow upgraded, giving up Spring-Man's abilities, and becoming Radiatron. ARMS Square
  • Toaster
  • Ice Dragon
  • Whammer
Mechanica TBA Mechanica started a robotics company, working on a new mechanical suit. Now she's ready to fight in the Grand Prix once again! Iron Robotics
  • Revolvers
  • TBA
  • TBA


There are currently ten attributes in ARMS 2. The attribute of an ARM will kick in after it is charged. When a fighter is hit by an ARM with an attribute, they will undergo a specific status effect, and in all cases except Blind, they will be surrounded by an effect of a color corresponding to that attribute.

Name Image Description Name Image Description
Fire Fire Attribute.png Knocks back enemies Water Water Attribute.png Prevents enemy charges
Wind Wind Attribute.png Blows enemies away Stun Stun Attribute.png The enemy temporarily cannot move
Blind Blind Attribute.png Blocks the enemy's screen Explosion Explosion Attribute.png Deals splash damage
Ice Ice Attribute.png The enemy is slowed and cannot jump Poison Poison Attribute.png Rapidly does low damage
Electric Electric Attribute.png Disables enemy ARMS Disease Disease Attribute.png Slows enemies and makes them do less damage


See ARMS 2 (Bearjedi)/ARMS.