Developers: Nintendo
Studio Lillie
Publishers: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DSGo
Japan Flag July 14, 2023
US Flag July 14, 2023
25px-Flag of Europe July 14, 2023
Genre: Third-Person Extendable Fighting
Modes: Single-Player
ARMS 2 is an upcoming third-person extendable fighting video game developed by Nintendo and Studio Lillie for the Nintendo DSGo, releasing globally in the summer of 2023. It is the second title in the ARMS series, and the first to be released for the DSGo. It was revealed on January 21 2023 in a Nintendo Direct and released subsequently that year.

Although the game supports connection with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, it also has a completely new control scheme designed primarily for button input so that it can work better on the DSGo, as well as to appease criticisms that were levied against the games hard to understand motion controls. Additionally, battles have been made faster paced, with each fighter having less health and ARMS travelling faster than before, while many new features such as Load-Out Shifting continue to revolutionize the gameplay.

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