ARMS: Grand Tournament is an upcoming Fighting Game for the Nintendo Switch, it is a sequel to the first game in the ARMS (series), ARMS. The game was created to expand on the original game with more gameplay elements, characters and stages to provide more varied and interesting gameplay.

Rules of Characters & Stages

  1. You are permitted to add an original character/stage however please refrain from adding too many, try to wait at least for five other people before adding another character/stage.
  2. Do not add real characters from ARMS or other franchises to the New Characters/Stage list.
  3. If you add a character/stage and its section is not completed in 5 days it will be removed.
  4. Characters/Stages deemed to be deliberate jokes or spam will be removed by vote.


Gameplay overall remains the same as it was in ARMS, players control their ARMS character and battle in one-on-one matches where they're able to move about in strafing motions as well as forwards and backwards towards their opponent while throwing out punches of various forms from oversized punching gloves which can come in many shapes depending on the character being used.

The player's main goal is to knock out the opponent by depleting them of all their health, in addition by pulling off successful combo attacks the player can wrack up power towards a Special Attack which can deal heavy damage against the opponent. Players are able to attack in a variety of ways by using the Joysticks to manipulate the direction and curvature of their punches causing delays, in addition players are able to block and dodge incoming opponent attacks as well as deal counter-attacks shortly after to deal a greater amount of damage.

There are four modes in ARMS: Grand Tournament; Story Mode, Single-Player Tournament, Offline Multiplayer & Online Multiplayer. The first mode has the player go up against a series of opponents leading up to a final battle with one of the game's "Boss" Characters with some variation of Headlock attached to them, in between these battles the player will learn a bit about each character they're about to battle as well as some of the in-universe events going on in the world of ARMS. In the other three modes the player is able to battle against the AI and other players in quick one on one matches. Offline matches use split-screen for two players and will record which player has the most wins. On Online Multiplayer the player will have a dedicated tracking record which will inform them of their total number of wins, draws and losses as well as what their favoured character is based on usage as well as how often they win or lose against other characters.


There are a number of characters that appear in ARMS: Grand Tournament, all 16 Characters from the original ARMS re-appear as well as numerous new characters that are introduced in this game.

Returning Characters

Character Biography ARM Types

Spring Man
AIB #217

A returning champion of the ARMS Grand Prix, Spring Man was the previous Champion defeating Max Brass atop the Sky Arena. Although still a bit of a spring chicken when it comes to fighting, Spring Man is all about constantly improving himself and trains just as much as he eats his favourite food, Pizza.



Ribbon Girl
AIB #499

A superstar in the ARMS Boxing world, Ribbon Girl is celebrated by her millions of fans for her dazzling displays of acrobatic movement when in a fight, as she seems to treat any fight she has in the ARMS arenas like a dance. She is also a remarkably good musician, particularly in singing.


AIB #072
One of the highest level graduates from Rasen Ninjutsu University, Ninjara is an expert when it comes to stealth and can disappear in an instant as well as leave behind dummies to trick opponents giving him a chance ot ambush them. Ninjara has applied his skills to the ARMS Tournaments where he continues to hone his combat skills. Chakram
Master Mummy
AIB #003
No one is quite sure if Master Mummy is alive or dead, this heavyweight has been in the ARMS Tournaments ever since the early days and seems to be a constant quest to search for his long lost family and history, using the ARMS Tournament to aid him in traversing the globe. Megaton
Min Min
AIB #365
The royal heir to the Ramen throne, there's no mistaking this proud fighter, Min Min defends her house's honour day and night by constantly putting her body to the test against hundreds of ARMS fighters, willing to give it her all until she can't fight no more. Dragon
AIB #992
A technician by nature, Mechanica is an experienced ARMS fighter and a genius inventor, when she first entered the ARMS Tournaments Mechanica relied on a mech suit she constructed which though large and lumbering served its purpose well, over the years however, Mechanica has honed her engineering skills and constructed new mech suits to be more mobile and flexible. Revolver
AIB #050
A legendary actress in the eyes of many, Twintelle uses her hair to battle with ferocious vigor, while her acting can sync up perfectly to her opponents causing them to trip up in their attacks due to her erratic movement styles. Twintelle also has a rather competitive history with Ribbon Girl as both are celebrities in their own professions but fight constantly in ARMS Tournaments. Chilla
Byte & Barq
AIB #137
After years of patrolling Buster Beach, Byte and his trusty companion, Barq have risen up through the ranks and refined their skills to become more proficient in their duties, helping to train a new generation of Beach Patrollers. When in an ARMS Tournament, Byte and Barq are a fierce duo as Barq has many tricks up his sleeve and Byte packs a mean punch. Seekie
Kid Cobra
AIB #481
Once a Skateboarder, Kid Cobra has refined his two favourite past times into one, becoming one of the most mobile and unpredictable fighters in the ARMS Tournament, using the skills he learnt from Skateboarding, Kid Cobra is able to navigate the stage like a slithering sperent, dodging attacks and countering with extreme speed. Slamamander
AIB #314
A remarkably successful experiment, Helix has been heralded as a new and unusual sort of fighter who after proving his mettle in the ARMS Grand Prix has gone on to help refine the science of the AMRS Research by having the scienists research and monitor Helix's body as he fights and trains. Blorb
Ice Dragon
Max Brass
AIB #025
The Commissioner of the ARMS League Association, Max Brass is a ferocious but remarkably friendly character, though he can be a bit of a goof at times outside of the ring he's got an unbridled amount of power that he packs and has passed on the knowledge he's gained to generations after him. Nade
Lola Pop
AIB #332
A professional clown, after appearing remarkably high up in the ARMS Grand Prix, Lola Pop became recognized by the world for both her impressive acrobatic stunts and fighting prowess. She continues to fight in ARMS Grand Tournaments in the hopes of winning the money to open her own circus. Funchuk
AIB #065
After proving his mettle in battle in the ARMS Grand Prix, Misango disappeared for some years before making his grand return to the ARMS fighting scene, he's continued to train rigorously improving his fighting style to such an extent and even has a few new Misanga tricks up his sleeve. Scorpio
AIB #517
After the incident in the ARMS Grand Prix, Springotron was rebuilt as an instructor who works alongside Spring Man, although they seem to still have a heated rivalry against one another, Springotron has developed his AI further becoming more independent from the refromed ARMS Labs. Toaster
Dr. Coyle
AIB #404
Once the director of the ARMS Labs, Dr. Coyle was caught and investigated after the ARMS Grand Prix and was sent to jail for her involvement in the Hedlok incident, after her release, the mad doctor is back with a vengeance determined to make those that wronged her pay for locking her up. Lokjaw

New Characters

The first 10 New Characters in ARMS: Grand Tournament will be available from the start, please include your username underneath the Character's name as well as an AIB Number (ARMS Institute Boxer), also ensure that the AIB Number does not conflict with another character's number. Please refrain from having AIB Numbers that exceed 999.

Character Biography ARM Types

Hyper Komodo
AIB #619
Created by CrunchTime420

Originally a pro luchadore, Hyper Komodo has taken his grappling skills to the ARMS Grand Prix. His fighting style is a mixture of his old wrestling style and his new techniques utilizing his ARMS. When his arms are charged his airdodge will be replaced with a Frog Splash that moves diagonally down with less mobilty but will do damage to anyone caught below. On top of that thanks to his grappling abilities he has a couple extra grab variations depending on direction.




Recoil Crusader
AIB #109
Created by Gold-sans mobile

A wannabe superhero, Max Umbra donned the identity "Recoil Crusader" to fight crime and decided to enter the ARMS tourney to test himself. He is fast and strikes quickly, and can use his Arms to swing around Grappling Hook style. He's not very strong, however. Stun Gloves
Smoke Shot
The Boomers
Bubblegum ARMSBubblegum
AIB #119
Created by WesternSkies
Emblem Bubblegum
Bubblegum is a rebellious teenager who wound up with the ARMS ability recently, to her parents' dismay. She's trained in secret, and is now taking part in the ARMS tourney simply to spite her parents. Her black licorice ARMS have quick movement and pack a serious punch, but she doesn't have great defenses. As Bubblegum loses health, her black licorice ARMS turn red, and she becomes more powerful.
Popping Candy
Candy Cane
AIB #653
Created by Nanopower
Newcomer to the ARMS boxing world, Flutterpunch is recently developing a large following for her regal and sophisticated personality and her unique fighting style, making use of mechanical butterfly wings. She has great air mobility and is fast in the air, although more sluggish on the ground - earning her the nickname "The Monarch Butterfly". She is infamous for her haughty, supercilious attitude and has a one-sided rivalry with Ribbon Girl, due to their air mobility and opposing fanbases. War Fan
AIB #524
Created by Pyrostar
Kable is a rockstar who made his name for both his hardcore stage prescience and his unique electrical stage effects. Their source? His high-wired electrical cable ARMS, which course with hundreds of volts of electricity. He's entered the League looking to increase his fame, and seems to have made himself a rival of veteran fighter Ribbon Girl. Kable can use his Electro Jump ability to charge massive jumps that create electric shockwaves, and can use his spiked cleats to land on enemies, dealing additional damage. Battery
AIB #904
Created by Shadow Inferno
A street musician who is proficient in Brass and Woodwind instruments, although not particularly experienced in the art of ARMS fighting, Anedonia has mixed his two talents together and become somewhat of an underground fighter as he will integrate his ARMS which are made of a mixture of metal and wood to perform impressive stunts while also playing instruments. Popper
Rat Wrangler

Mr. Black & Mr. Blue
AIB #063 & #064
Created by Gold-sans mobile

Two Australian fighters who've recently discovered the ARMS ability, they decided to fight in the ARMS Tourney. These two are unique as they swap between each other upon a successful grab. Mr. Black is strong but slow while Mr. Blue is fast but weak. Fastey/Quicky
Tornado Glove
Grabby Gloves

Lankee Kongstein
AIB #764
Created by Exotoro

He is a red haired man that lives in a distant jungle, having a particular liking for blue colored bananas. He's kind of strange but his chained monkey ARMS pack quite the wallop! He can inflate himself into a balloon as his special ability, able to avoid ground attacks and to float from above. Simian Slammer
Trombone Tussler
Swordfish Blade
AIB #812
Created by Pokerninja2
A young girl who woke up with not only the same kind of ARMS that are found among the ARMS league today, but also with a third, scorpion's tail-like ARM growing from her behind. She uses this third weapon uniquely in her fighting patterns, as it can be used to extend and damage opponents nearby. It does have lower range than her other two ARMS. This tail will always deal shock damage, and cannot be changed like regular ARMS. Other than this, she can stick her tail into the ground and fling herself forward to cover a good amount of distance quickly. Claw
AIB #925
Created by EnderLegends
An unknown fact for a long time, the Santa Claus from the ARMS universe has ARMS of his own! Santa Claus woke up one foggy Christmas Eve with long arms made of Christmas lights and tinsel! Now, Santa Claus joined the ARMS League to spread Christmas cheer in a fun way, as well as to lose weight from all the cookies and milk he's been eating. Santa, when he charges his ARMS, will spawn a Snowman which will stand stationary and can be used as a shield or substitute, and will be destroyed with one punch. His airdodge is longer as well, with a lot mroe horizontal distance- he will exclaim "Ho Ho Ho!" and slide that direction in a snow flurry while using the air-dodge. Workshop Hammmer
AIB #041
Created by Shadow Inferno
One of the old educators of the ARMS philosophy, with his bushy long beard and oversized glasses, Professor, Julius Rulerase has been an integral researcher and teacher for the ARMS fighting scene, though he may be old now and unable to fight with his actual arms, Rulerase has found it more advantageous to fight with his beard instead. Buff

Jack Lantern
AIB #666
Created by Gold-sans mobile

Jack was farming Pumkins the day he gained the ARMS ability. Thinking this was a sign from the "Pumkin King", he devoted his life to making him proud via entering ARMS Tourneys. If Jack is low on health, his Pumkin helmet will catch fire, giving him better defence. Smash-o-Lantern
Pumkin Gloves
Ghoul Gloves
Madam Brigette
AIB #616
Created by Arend
Also known as "The Wicker Witch", Brigette is a magician and an expert broom flyer, being a broom racing champion for at least 10 years. Her ARMS are woven like a wicker basket, having spent a lot of time around wicker brooms. Being a witch, Brigette can heal herself while shielding, but also has swiftness, as her air dodges are quick and go far. Besom
Sergeant Spike
AIB #914
Created by Plazzap
A heroic soldier that lost both arms as he bravely led his comrades to victory. Post-war however, Spike has somehow regained his arms, albeit now replaced with coils of barbed wire ARMS due to his experience on the battlefield. With no war to fight Spike has joined the ARMS Grand Prix to test ARMS in case peace is disturbed once again.
While somewhat slow, Spike proves capable of taking a punch while restricting options with his arms, which have prickly hitboxes that deal a slight amount of damage when contact is made during a punch or block. Note that Spike's block hitboxes only last for a brief moment, so he isn't totally immune to grabs.
AIB #928
Created by Nyargleblargle

A world-famous dog cartoon character who mysteriously became real. Technically doesn't have the ARMS gene - the extendable arms are just part of his character design!

Turns out Beppo has quite the fighting prowess as well. Holding the jump button allows the little guy to bend around, though not quite to the same degree as Helix. In addition, air dodging lets Beppo drop an anvil towards the ground, packing quite a punch!

The Pencil Lord
AIB #999
The Pencil Lord used to rule Pencil Land, but was washed out after putting too many pencils in the castle's dungeon. Mad, he grew 4 ARMs and captured all that rebelled against him. After completing this, he decided to join the ARMS Grand Prix to show his fellow pencils that he is superior and won't be defeated. Pencil Crush
AIB #100
Created by Wubthereal Island Lover
Dandidoo was a Singing Monster, but now, it’s Dandidoo’s new job: a ARMS champ. Like it’s just a dream come true, Dandidoo can beat the ARMS competitors in a flash. Dandidoo is a dream champ and won’t be defeated. The Melody


There are a number of Stages that appear in ARMS: Grand Tournament, all the stages from the original game return with some updated visuals and more to them as well as some receiving slight tweaks to their functionality.

Returning Stages

Stage Description
Spring Stadium An Outdoor, high-tech arena which many young and upcoming ARMS boxers use to test their mettle, the stadium is perfeclty fit for novices as its completely flat and has a large barrier around it which players can bounce against to move around a bit more quickly.
Ribbon Ring A large concert hall where Ribbon Girl usually performs her songs, parts of the stage raise up making it a bit tricky to navitgate and can allow fighters to have a territorial advantage if they're observant. The area always has a crowd gather when there's a fight but if Ribbon Girl's one of the fighters then the crowd will get pretty wild and spotlights from above will shine down on both fighters.
Ninja College A battle of high ground, the Ninja College Entrance has been home for several ARMS fights in recent years, over time it's been decked out with various bits of equipment to test the agility and perception of ARMS fighters to avoid obstacles while fighting.
Mausoleum A large circular arena that's located within a graveyard, years of care and cleanliness have kept this place emaculate and somewhat beautiful, several plants have grown over the previous rotting trees from years past and the place has become part home of Master Mummy and part tourist attraction for thrill seekers.
Ramen Bowl Built right next to the Mintendo Noodle House, this giant bowl is suspended by chains above the oceanside, from time to time, Min Min's family will sink the bowl into the ocean to collect water, which can prove extremely dangerous for ARMS fighters so warning lights will flash to give the ARMS fighters a heads up and can turn the arena from a circular one into a donut shape.
Scrapyard A bit of a ratmaze, after years of experimentation, Mechanica has left quite the number of scrap around this arena, though its original shape is still there, large pillars of welded metal and wooden planks have formed new pathways and passages where ARMS fighters can sneak up and attack from above or below.
Cinema Deux This Theatre and Studio entrance, recently expanded on in the past couple of years to make it easier for large scale scenes to be acted out, the outdoor studio as well as the road leading up to the theatre are accessible to fighters and many cars and safety mats are located about allowing players to jump about to reach impressive heights.
Buster Beach With an elevated section in the middle, this guarded beach arena can prove for some hectic battles as the high and low tide can change its shape on a time, during low tide the middle-section, a large wooden octagonal ring sinks down meaning anyone stuck in it becomes trapped, however during high tide this section rises above the rubbery solid arenas which become flooded forcing the fighters to contest for on the small arena.
Snake Park A circular arena with lots of bumpers and curves about it, navigating this stage can be tricky for the inexperienced especially since parts of it can raise and lower randomly changing the shape within the ring. Mobility is everything in this arena so use the terrain to your advantage and outmaneuver your opponent to get in quick hits and dodge theirs.
DNA Lab Rebuilt after the investigation, the DNA Lab contains six giant tubes that cross over the top of the arena, passing fuel of various forms through them at high speed. Fighters can climb atop these tubes and move about them to get the drop on their opponents. The lower section has two elevated parts on each side allowing players to climb onto the tubes in the first place.

New Stages

Stage Description
Kablammerstein Ballroom

Created by CrunchTime420

An old bingo hall-turned-wrestling arena that Hyper Komodo owns. the Arena is a bit more vertical than most with 3 levels of balconies the fighters can jump onto. Aswell as that, several tables are scattered around the arena that fighters can be slammed into for extra damage.
Baddie Alley

Created by Gold-sans mobile

The place where Recoil Crusader first found his ablities (in self defence), he now has taken this alley as his base and a arena for ARMS players. It's very linear, but a couple of jumps should land you onto the two rooftops where you can fight on. Plus, you can pick up and throw the Trash Cans via grabbing them.
Alchemy Valentine
Created by WesternSkies
Bubblegum's home stage is a concert for popular punk band Alchemy Valentine. This arena is very dark, with only colourful spotlights illuminating the arena. It's gonna be very tricky to land a hit on your opponent here, unless you wait until they're under the spotlight. Alternatively, get under the light and wait for them to punch at you, giving away their location.

Yin-Yang Buffet

Created by Gold-sans mobile

This popular buffet owned by Mr. Black & Mr. Blue matches they're gimmick pretty well: both sides of the stage are different from each other. The right side is waxed and will cause players to slide around on it like ice, while the left side is stickey and causes slowed down movement speeds. You can also use tables on both sides as platforms.
Santa's Workshop
Created by EnderLegends
SantARMS' home stage is a round stage with 4 unbreakable workshop tables neatly placed in the middle, set inside a wooden workshop with toys scattered everywhere. Players can stand behind and jump on top of the 4 tables, in which they can also use as a shield to block incoming attacks.
Witch Festival
Created by Arend
Madam Brigette's home stage takes place on a festival ground brimming with magicians young and old. The Witch Festival is where the annual broom racing competition is held, but it's a giant kettle full of stew that centers the stage. Hitting this kettle will spill some stew over the floor, which has a poisonous effect on those getting splashed.


Created by Nyargleblargle

A recreation of Beppo's cartoon world, this stage is appropriately flat: fighters can barely move from side to side! Everything's black and white here, too. Kinda drab.
Pencil Land
The homeland of the Pencil Lord in a nutshell, there are erasers that are scattered around the stage that can be used to shield attacks. Just watch out for hitting the pencil crowd, or you might get hurt a LOT!
Dandidoo’s Training Room
Created by Wubthereal Island Lover
Home of the new champ, Dandidoo! Melodies are the best shields ever in this stage. Based off of Dandidoo’s looks, this stage rocks out, normally Dandidoo’s new home at the ARMS universe.



ARM Types

There are a variety of Weapons referred to as ARMS that can be used in ARMS: Grand Tournament that are specific to each various fighters, Weapons come in a a Type and an Attribute. The Type will designate how the ARM operates whilst the Attribute will dictate an effect that can be caused by said Attribute. Weapons also have weight which impacts their firing speed and damage when hit, in addition it can impact the degree to which blocking can effect said ARMS.

Curve ARMS

These arms move in a wide arc that is easy to adjust, they're the most flexible arms for trajectory control.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
BoomerangWind Attribute Boomerang Medium
CoolerangIce Attribute Boomerang Medium
ChakramStun Attribute Chakram Medium
RamramFire Attribute Chakram Medium
PhoenixFire Attribute Bird Medium
ThunderbirdElectric Attribute Bird Medium
VortexisElectric Attribute Chakram Light

Glove ARMS

The most basic type of Weapons, they can easily have their trajectory adjusted although do normally travel in a straight line, they're direct and a middleground for most stats.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
ToasterFire Attribute Regular Medium
SparkyElectric Attribute Regular Medium
RoasterFire Attribute Regular Medium
BuffAttrib-None Boxing Medium
BubbAttrib-None Boxing Medium
Baff Boxing Medium Reflect attacks for weaker damage.
ChillaIce Attribute Slim Medium
NadeExplosion Attribute Grenade Medium
BatteryElectric Attribute
Draw-UpExplosion Attribute Grenade Light

Hammer ARMS

Hard hitting ARMS that slam downwards after they run out of speed, they're rather limited in their mobility but are pretty heavy hitters.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
WhammerStun Attribute Hammer Heavy
KablammerExplosion Attribute Hammer Heavy
FlammerFire Attribute Hammer Heavy
Simian Slammer Wind Attribute
Workshop Hammer Ice Attribute
EducalletStun Attribute Mallet Light
Pencil CrushStun Attribute Hammer Medium

Heavy ARMS

Very similar to Glove ARMS these weapons are bigger and deal more damage however this comes at the cost of being slower and often leaving the user vulnerable to counters.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
MegatonAttrib-None Megaton Heavy
MegawattElectric Attribute Megaton Heavy
MegafrostIce Attribute Megaton
BlorbBlind Attribute Bouncy Heavy
GlusherPoison Attribute Bouncy Heavy
PowerbomberExplosion Attribute

Multi-Shot ARMS

ARMS that fire off multiple projectiles at once giving them a larger hit scope although are a bit unpredictable as a result, in addition they also have low damage due to the smaller force being applied.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
TriboltStun Attribute Horizontal Light
TriblastExplosion Attribute Horizontal Light
Rat WranglerPoison Attribute Horizontal
TriplinkBlind Attribute Horizontal Light A bit slower than the other horizontal multi-shots, but have great homing.
PopperWind Attribute Star Shot Light
CrackerFire Attribute Star Shot Light
RetorcherFire Attribute Revolving Light
RevolverElectric Attribute Revolving Light
HydraFire Attribute Vertical Light
BifflerBlind Attribute Vertical Light


For ARMS that are truly hard to get a read on Whip ARMS can move unusually making them difficult to counter but also somewhat difficult to use for inexperienced players.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
SlapamanderFire Attribute Salamander Medium
SlamamanderWind Attribute Salamander Medium
SerpamanderPoison Attribute Salamander Medium
Swordfish Blades Ice Attribute
BesomWind Attribute Broom Medium

Missile ARMS

ARMS that fire off homing projectiles, they're useful for when the player needs to focus on dodging however are a big slower and deal less damage than other ARMS.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
HomieExplosion Attribute Missile
SeekieElectric Attribute Missile
Trombone TusslerExplosion Attribute


These ARMS blast out beams of energy which are tricky to avoid although can be jumped and ducked past, they require some charging to fire off long shots.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
DragonFire Attribute Dragon Medium
Ice DragonIce Attribute Dragon Medium
HighlightBlind Attribute Energy Light
The MelodyIce Attribute Dragon Light

Shield ARMS

ARMS that are very useful defensively, Shield ARMS can protect their user from multiple attacks although have little in the way of being used offensively.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
GuardianElectric Attribute Phalanx ???
PinwheelWind Attribute Phalanx EX Heavy
ClapbackAttrib-None Reflect ???

Nunchuck ARMS

Nunchuck ARMS make themselves more dangerous due to their increased range thanks to the spinning weapon however are limited in mobility as a result making them more difficult to turn.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
FunchukStun Attribute Nunchuk Medium
BrrchukIce Attribute Nunchuk Medium

Umbrella ARMS

These ARMS move extremely quickly and are hard to control whilst moving however have a small hitbox as a result, when slowed down they become easier to control and increase their hitbox drastically but also lose some of the damage they inflict.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
ParasolWind Attribute Parasol Medium
ParabolaElectric Attribute Parasol Medium
CobwebPoison Attribute Web Medium

Unique ARMS

These weapons act differently to any of the previous types.

ARM Subtype Weight Description
ScorpioPoison Attribute Launcher Medium
ScorpistingStun Attribute Launcher
SkullyPoison Attribute Stinger Light
PeccrowStun Attribute Stinger Light
LokjawExplosion Attribute Ranged Heavy
AcoustihornWind Attribute Sound Medium
ClawFire Attribute
RudolphIce Attribute
PresentWind Attribute

Story Mode

TBA (Will Require at least 20 New Characters before proceeding)'

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