ARM2 is a fighting game for the Nintendo Switch and the second game in the ARMS series. After the original ARMS' runtime was cut short, Nintendo decided to begin working on a sequel after Lola Pop was released. The game is set to triple the amount of content from the last game, as well as input more reasons to play the game.

ARM2 is meant to expand on the ARMS formula, feeling fresh but still keeping it familiar to veterans. A main feature of this new game is that the characters are now going to be more "seperated" and feel more different to play, as well as incorporating more story into the game.


ARM2 is set in a world where some people randomly recieve ARMS, long, extendable appendages which are controlled through the eyeballs. The ARMS League is a boxing division where people with this special trait (or without!) fight for the Championship Belt, which will crown them the champion of the ARMS league!

ARM2 is set 3 years after the original game, with many of the heroes' bios changing slightly since then. The ARMS Institute is now run by more "experienced" people, and the ARMS Institute is performing less "sketchy" creations- also, the ARMS League's own Mechanica has been hired to work as their lead Robotics Engineer. The story of what's been happening has been expanded upon, and something has been revealed to have escaped from the ARMS Institute's headquarters, though it is unknown what.


Gameplay works very similarly to the first game, where players have a stretchy appendages (usually their arms) that they can extend and punch at the opponent, where they attempt to deplete the opponent's health with left and right ARM punches, as well as grabs and shields. Likewise, you can launch left and right ARMS seperately and assign different ARMS to each side- this time around, you can assign different ARMS to the left and right- though you can still assign the same to each side as well.

Shields return as well, allowing you to block incoming shots with only 5 chip damage per hit, though the shield will break if overused, and can be countered with a grab. Speaking of grabs, you can preform one by punching both ARMS at the same moment, which will expand a green ribbon between them which will grab opponents they touch but also get punched through easily by ARMS.

Players now have much more control over their ARMS, and now can aim them in many more creative ways. Likewise, combo potential has been improved, making ARM2 a much more "fast-paced" game, similar to how Melee was to the Smash Bros. series.



All 15 fighters from the original ARMS return, as well as countless more joining the fray. Many joined by default, but some came later in the 2 years of character updates the game introduced. many thanks to poker for helping with the table design!

Character Description Abilities Stats & Info Signature ARMS Home Stage
SpringManArmsSpring Man BiffSmile
Spring Man (real name Michael, last name not given) woke up one day with ARMS, a trait he was first surprised with before he discovered they were "pretty rad". A heroic, enthusiastic gymnast, Spring Man is extremely athletic, even though he has a huge love for junk food. When you're around Spring Man, its impossible not to have fun! Spring Man is a middle ground for all the characters, so if you're into an easy to learn, hard to master character, this dude's your guy!
Spring Man will unleash a small wave when he lets go of charge and any point during it, cancelling punches that touch him during this short but powerful manuever. Spring Man, when he goes below 25% health, will get his ARMS permacharged- a charge that won't stop until he goes above 25%.
  • Age: 23
  • Affiliation: Spring Gym
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 168lb
  • Hobbies: Weight Training, Pizza!
  • Home: California
Toaster Spring Gym
Ribbon Girl - ARMS
Ribbon Girl
Ribbon Girl (real name McKayla Kelly) is an idolized pop singer who is always on the go, however at the time of ARM2 she's moved on to college, where she's persuing an official musical career. Always loving to meet her fans, Ribbon Girl frankly loves the attention and basks in the love she's given. Her songs are said to lighten up even the worst moods. Ribbon Girl is talented not only in singing, but in gymnastics, making her aerial-based combat very suitable for people who like to play both defensively and offensively.
Ribbon Girl has 4 midair jumps she can use. She can also airdodge twice, and also fall quicker than most other fighters.
  • Age: 20
  • Affiliation: Ribbonics Records
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: No comment.
  • Hobbies: Singing, Meeting Fans.
  • Home: Attending a non-specified college.
Sparky Ribbon Ring
Ninjara is a young man who studied Ninjitsu at a Ninja College, where he's now graduated and training others on the grounds. Ninjara is quite a quiet man, nearly never speaking unless nessicary. He loves to read and travel the world, and he now is doing ARMS as a part-time job alongside his teachings at Ninja College, which he once did for his senior project. Ninjara is an offense-oriented trickster, with his many quick movements and teleports being essential for people who love to fight quickly.
He teleports during his mid-air dash, allowing him to evade damage and counter attacks even easier than most. He also teleports to the side when his shield gets punched, negating any chip damage- though this can be a downside during opponent rush attacks. He now will drop a smoke bomb at 25% hp that will block the other player's vision of that area for about 1 second, allowing him to make a quick move to evade getting punched out.
  • Age: 24
  • Affiliation: Rasen Ninjutsu University
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Hobbies: Reading, Hiding
  • Home: Japan (Rasen Ninjutsu University)
Chakram Ninja College
Master Mummy
Master Mummy was reanimated by Dr. Coyle in the Mausoleum, where he was thrown into a rage, entering the ARMS League to help find his mummified family. Now that he's found them, Mummy's temper has decreased substantially, and while he remains mostly the same in battle, he is now much nicer and less gorilla-like out of it. Master Mummy's bulky, tanky body is a perfect fit for players who love to play it slow but enduring.
He heals while shielding, 10hp at a time, making a slow but hearty recovery. He also will not flinch from most uncharged attacks. When fully charging his ARMS under 50% hp, he releases a poison aura around him like Springtron's disable, which will instantly poison opponents in the radius. However, he will have more startup time for the charge and it's very cancellable
  • Age: Unknown
  • Affiliation: The Mausoleum
  • Height: 7'6"
  • Weight: 368 lbs
  • Hobbies: Spending time with his long-lost family
  • Home: ARMS Labs/The Mausoleum
Megaton Mausoleum
Orbweaver Widow WesternOrbweaver Widow
art by west! thanks to him!
Orbweaver (real name Jacob O.), as a young boy, was obsessed with insects, but even more so, arachnids- so when he grew his ARMS, he knew exactly what he’d theme them after. With his zoo-owning parents, he can visit many animals and have learned their skills. With this, his modified arms allow him to slink around the battlefield. Since he’s fairly small, he can use this to his advantage. He doesn’t have much defense though, so be cautious!
He has a “spider sense”, which can sense attacks coming- grabs will be displayed more prominently, punches will be tracked with icons on the screen, etc. His dash is also slightly faster.
  • Age: 15
  • Affiliation: Zookeeper
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Hobbies: Researching, Nerding Out, Zookeeping
  • Home: Florida Keys
Creepy Crawler Safari Zoo
Sticky Web

ARM Types

The gloves you can put at the end of your ARMS have many possibilities you can unlock, making collecting them a prime feature of the game. You can unlock more ARMS through the ARMS Getter, where you can play Skillshot and hit boxes with ARMS in them in a set amount of time to unlock them for specific characters.

ARM types are divided into many categories-

  • Glove: A straight-forward Boxing Glove that curves normally and is perfect for starting players.
  • Heavy: Large, ball-shaped ARMS that are slow but pack a punch.
  • Curve: Include Boomerangs and Chakrams, will launch then curve back to you like a Boomerang.
  • Whip: Whip ARMS that strike the opponent, long range.
  • Missile: Heavy ARMS that home in when charged.
  • Beam: Shoots a laser after traveling a short distance.
  • Multi-Shot: ARMS that fire multiple shots after launch.
  • Mallet: Hammer ARMS that crash down after being fired.
  • Shield: Slow ARMS that block incoming ARMS that touch it and can be launched faster when punching again.
  • Umbrella: Faster but less effective shields that slow falls.
  • Scuttle: Scuttling ARMS that scuttle across the ground before attacking.
  • Unique: ARMS that cannot be sorted with unshared abilities.

Each ARM can have attributes as well, which activate when charged-

  • Fire: Knocks over opponents.
  • Electric: Stuns opponents and deactivates their ARMS for a short time.
  • Wind: Blows away hit opponents.
  • Stun: A lesser version of electric with a shorter stun.
  • Explosion: Explode shortly after the initial punch, allowing for a surprise.
  • Blind: Covers opponent's screen in goop
  • Ice: Freezes opponent.
  • Poison: Poisons opponent.
ARM Description Attribute
Toaster A red, basic Glove with the fire attribute. Fire Attribute
Boomerang A yellow Boomerang curve ARM with the wind attribute. Wind Attribute
Tri-Bolt A multi-shot ARM that shoots 3 horizontal bullets, that has the stun attribute. Stun Attribute
Sparky A yellow, basic Glove with the lightning attribute. Electric Attribute
Popper A swirling Multi-Shot ARM with the wind attribute. Wind Attribute
Slapamander A reptile-themed red whip ARM with the fire attribute. Fire Attribute
Chakram Circular, black and green curving ARMS that are speedier though smaller than most. Stun Attribute
Bubb A normal Glove that grows when charged. None
Triblast A Multi-Shot ARM with 3 horizontal shots that has the Explode attribute. Explosion Attribute
Megaton A purple heavy ARM which grows then charged. None
Retorcher A Multi-Shot revolving ARM that has the Fire attribute. Fire Attribute
Pheonix A bird-shaped Curve ARM which is one of the smallest Curve ARMS, has the Fire attribute. Fire Attribute
Creepy Crawler A scuttling ARM, the Creepy Crawler is based off of a Spider and will scuttle across the ground until it finds the opponent, then will jab. If the enemy is close enough, it'll just be a straight-up punch. Stun Attribute
Tri-Buzz A bee-themed Multi-Shot ARM which fires 3 bee-looking bullets which will poison the enemy. Poison Attribute
Sticky Web A shield ARM with a unique attribute, which causes ARMS that touch it to get "stuck" to the ARM, being trapped on till the Web returns. None


There are many stages for ARMS combatants to fight on in this game. Every stage has a corresponding character to go along with, making many references to that character on these stages. Likewise, when a character is released, their signature stage is also released, along with their 3 signature ARMS.

Most stages are basic shapes, however since ARMS 1, stages have been changed and more depth has been added to the arenas, such as more elevations and interactive parts.


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