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APIM Group, Inc.'s logo.
Type of Company Video Games Company
Founder(s) Arend (tbc)
Founded at/in 2008/2009, The Netherlands
Defunct at/in N/A
Area(s) Served Europe
Owner(s) Arend (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) 1 (it is a sole proprietorship)
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Parent Company (Usually) Fantendo
Subsidiaries N/A

APIM Group, Inc. is a game company created by Arend (tbc). The company is known for their characters, Pesh from the Pusher's Pile series and Jack Johnson from the Jack series.


It was first an everything company on Userpedia, with as owners, Arend himself, his brother (known by his real name), and two "made-up" Wiki pets known as Iggly and Melitis. Because of this, the company was named after them (The name uses initials).

Later, as Arend went to Fantendo Wiki, his brother made together WarioWare: Showing Off, being accompanied by Arend and his company. With this step, Arend returned to Fantendo Wiki, and made some games.

Later, Arend became friends with the president of EEA, Inc., McQueenMario (tbc).

Arend has made two games (and one pending), before he left in 2007. These are not developed by APIM Group, Inc., as that company didn't exist yet. Still, these games are considered as products of APIM Group, Inc, because it's made by Arend.

Game Systems

  • APIM Hanabi (Name may change) (Upcoming handheld system, where players are able to twist their screen for backward compatibility.)




  • Mario & Sonic Riders - A Sonic Riders game with an added Mario cast. This game seems to be more Mario Kart-ish, in comparison to other Sonic Riders games.
  • ??? - This game is to celebrate Mario being 30 years known. This game is known to be a remake and/or port of one or more Mario games

It is hinted that there might be some more games to be announced, and those some could either feature Blaze the Cat, or being another Pusher's Pile game. The president has not so many ideas for those, though.

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Series Swap Day Games



  • Oliver Robinson: The Secret of Vlemrislicre[2]