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  • The Auditor Reassembles*

The Auditor: Huh, I thought I was dead? How am I back?

???: Because I allowed you to live...

  • Else where in nevada*

Soldier: Sir, I'm afraid we have some bad news...

Leader: How bad exactly?

Soldier: "The end of our existance" bad.

Leader: Pfft, Nothing can be that bad.

Soldier: What if I told you that even bad guy from the main Madness combat series and Certain tributes came back to life?

Leader: Hmm, That is bad

  • Walks to a container, the leader opens it inside is a USB, the leader then boots up the USB*

Soldier: What's this?

Leader: Possible candiates for Project: Advanced Killing Crew

Soldier: You aren't considering rebooting the project are you?

Leader: It'll be our only hope, however, some of the candiates are dead, and some have changed permanently, which is why i'll be activating Projects Revival and Alternate as well.

Soldier: Very well, I shall send invites to the remaining, asking them to bring at least one object of their deceased friends.

Battle cries (For Battle mode)

Character When entering battle When using end attack
Hank "You dare to challenge me?" "Knock it Off!"
Sanford "" "See you guys, I'm going fishing"
Deimos "You're going under heavy fire!"
Jesus "I purge the wicked" "This Impetous Madness Must END!"
Blud "Fear the powers of a god!" "Here's a small taste of the future!"
MAG Hank "3 Mag agents couldn't stop me, so how can you?" "Improbablity Power!"
Kage "Show me what you got!" "TIME SLASH!"
Geso "I'm gonna regret doing this..." "How about this!"