AJ Nilsson Female
??? lbs
453 years old Human
FULL NAME Anna Josephine Nilsson
POWERS Superhuman strength, pyrokinesis, flight and thought manipulation
BIRTHDAY Unknown date in 1565
OCCUPATION(S) Tyrannical leader in medieval times

Husband (murdered by AJ in cold blood

BIRTH LOCATION Flag of Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
CURRENT LOCATION Flag of the United States Boston, Massachusetts


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AJ Nilsson is a woman from the RTAverse. A cruel and vicious leader during the 16th century, AJ was frozen alongside her mortal enemy Athena Lee and completely forgotten by the history books until they were revived in the 21st century.

Physical appearance

AJ is a tall 453-year-old woman, although she still has the 26-year-old physique she had when frozen and sealed away from history. AJ has dark skin and long pink hair, usually underneath a Viking helmet, and red eyes. AJ has reprised most of her outfit from her medieval days, which comprises of a fur scarf, a black leather tunic with a light blue undershirt, black leather gloves, baggy black leather pants and black high heeled leather boots. AJ also carries a very large, heavy sword wherever she goes.


AJ was born with superhuman strength. AJ is very capable with this power and can lift up to 100 tons without breaking a sweat. She shares this power with her enemy Athena, but she is far stronger with this ability. Also like Athena, AJ can fly. Unlike Athena however, AJ does not have any wings that grow upon her getting ready to fly, and AJ tends to glide for much less time. AJ also has pyrokinetic powers, which she commonly uses in battle in order to force her enemies to keep their distance from her which gives AJ more time to attack them. Her pyrokinesis is very strong, reaching 350 degrees Celsius and is capable of boiling most things it comes into elongated contact with. Last of all, AJ is capable of manipulating other people's thoughts at any time. She does this through strong telepathy, which can break through most defenses, although she isn't capable of manipulating Athena, whose own psychic powers cancel out AJ's telepathy.


AJ is cold and ruthless, and never shows any regard for human life. AJ tends to kill anyone who decides to oppose her power and sometimes simply kills people unprovoked, such as her own husband. AJ is purely set on trying to take over the world and has built up a gruesome reputation from the minute details rooted up about her since she was frozen. AJ has been in an incredibly angry mood ever since she and Athena were unfrozen in the 21st century, almost killing the woman who freed them both the moment she got out of the ice. Her main reason for being angry is mainly the fact that her followers simply allowed her to be frozen without fighting for her at all. AJ is regularly rather deceptive too, using her thought control powers in order to trick people into thinking she is a good person so she can gain great amounts of trust from them, only for her to kill them later on and take their belongings in order to try and make herself stronger than she already is.


  • Like Athena, AJ originated from Soulcalibur 4, where her fighting style was based off Nightmare.
    • AJ's weapon was the Steel Paddle, which was more of a slab than it was a sword, but it was changed to a sword for the sake of her story.
  • AJ is ambidextrous, but always used her right hand in medieval times. In the modern ages, she has started using her left hand much more.
  • AJ was originally going to be a Viking leader, which is why she has the Viking helmet, but this would have been a glaring anachronism, even by the RTAverse's standards. The Viking age had ended 500 years before AJ was even born.
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