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A'Kai Ha'hanta Female
29 years old Human
FULL NAME A'Kai Ha'hanta
POWERS Above-normal acrobatic skills
Exceptional dancer
OCCUPATION(S) Professional dancer

Ice cream, spa baths, and aromatherapy


Being the center of attention, vegetables, and thunder


A'Kai Ha'hanta is one of the many playable characters in Boundless. A professional dancer from the remote island nation of Topaza, A'Kai's unique skill of controlling water with her dance made her a prime candidate to be placed in the Boundless Tournament to represent her country for the first time in years- striking against her shy, reclusive demeanor.


A'Kai is a very reserved and asocial person, having a great dislike of large groups of people and preferring to keep to herself, where she feels more relaxed. Unfortunately, her occupation as a dancer tends to conflict with this, leading to awkward feelings in performances that aren't just with a few people. A'Kai is much more manageable in situations with fewer people, where she acts calmly and politely, doing her best to get along with others.

A'Kai's career as a dancer is a source of conflict to her- while she deeply adores dancing, her status as a government-enlisted performer forces her into undesirable situations, leading to a reduced love for the action. This same government enlistment is largely the reason she has been drafted as a combatant in the Boundless Tournament, alongside attempts to exploit her water-based powers. While she does not enjoy the situation she finds herself in due to this, she gets along very well with fellow competitors.


Hailing from an island nation, A'Kai has a tan, well-defined body from her consistent outdoor activity. Her hair is a dark blue color, and she tends to keep it long and decorate it with small red flowers. A'Kai is near-sighted, leading to her use of large round glasses, and her left side is decorated in traditional Topazan tribal tattoos, signifying her occupation.

A'Kai primarily wears traditional Topazan dancer's clothing, consisting of a simple top, a long flowing skirt, tights down one leg, and long gloves. Primarily taking on a blue coloration, the outfit is decorated with rose gold, most notably with rose gold cuffs on her ankles.


Years of dancing for a career have given A'Kai a toned, lithe body structure as well as exceptional flexibility. She has effectively manufactured a martial arts style from her dance, giving her a unique, flowy fighting stance.

A'Kai's most unique ability is her mysterious power to manipulate water, which seems tied to her emotions. As such, she harnesses it best when she is dancing, leading it to be used to augment her dancing attacks or be utilized as projectiles. The water seems to be derived from moisture in the air, giving her enhanced power in humid environments- however, this means that her power can be limited in other biomes.



A'Kai was introduced in the Season 2 update, and was the third fighter revealed.