8 Grand Ma is an bootleg game for the Mega Drive.  It was released in 1993. It is an pirate hack of Bart's Nightmare. It is actually named Sonic 8 (by means of the cart and its name in the bootleg 8-in-1 Sonic multicart in Awedosauce stream), but people more commonly refer to it by it's title screen name.


Cento's owner found his lost cart of the 8 Grand Ma game from when he was a kid, so, he found out about the Genesis Flashback, and then decided to create an improved game with the lost cart, which soon got released in late 2018 (November) for the Genesis Flashback. It was called 8 Grand Ma Mania, with a bunch of help from SIuterBIooter.

Differences from Bart's Nightmare

Since 8 Grand Ma's a pirate/ROM hack, there has to be differences.

Sonic's head

Like Grand Dad's, Grand Ma's sprite is Bart with the head of Sonic.

Gladly, this gives artists time to choose an look they like, like recolored Shouoia from the title screen or Bart Simpson with Sonic's head.

No numbering

Strangely, there is no number counting in the bottom right of the screen. Gladly, there's an hack of the bootleg which revives all removed features, even the number counting in the bottom right.


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