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80s Fashion Vomit
The box art.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NES
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Dress-Up, Puzzle
Series 80s Fashion Vomit
Successor 80s Fashion Vomit 2
Release Date(s) 1986
Mode(s) Easy, Medium, Hard
Age Rating(s) E
Cost $20.00

80s Fashion Vomit is a 1986 NES video game released only in America. The game was designed primarily for girls, and it incorporates features that would later be seen in 1991's Barbie.


80s Fashion Vomit in an ad for the Power Pad and Zapper.

The player takes control of Princess Lana, who must dress up for various events (such as going to the beach, the arcade, the amusement park, the dance). She gets her outfits by going to the mall. In the mall, she jumps over things until she reaches the outfit she wants, whether it be a hat, a dress, or a pair of shoes, at which point a mini-game starts. Players must complete a puzzle of the outfit, and then they can buy it. The process repeats until a full outfit is composed. Princess Lana heads to the dressing room and puts on an outfit. She can mix and match clothing articles. Then she looks in the mirror and decides if she likes it or not. If not, she continues trying on clothing. If she does like it, she goes to the event with her friends. Another action-adventure portion starts, where she and her friends must traverse the area while avoiding enemies. Then the entire game repeats 5 times with other events.

The ending shows Lana and her friends going back home and the credits rolling.

Reception and legacy

80s Fashion Vomit was praised by video game critics, saying it was "a new way for girls to play video games" and "a shining role for princesses without having them be kidnapped and in need of rescue".

Princess Lana appeared in the cartoon series Captain N: The Game Master, as the princess of Video Land.

A Game Boy port was released in late 1989. It plays similar to the later Barbie: Game Girl (from 1992) and was bundled with the 1991 Game Girl console. The series also parodied popular Game Boy games and released them as Game Girl titles, such as My Little Pony Wars, Terminator 3: Pillow Fight, Low Hem-Line Man, and Skate or Stay In, all starring Princess Lana.

A sequel was released in 1990, called 80s Fashion Vomit 2. (Read more on that game's page.)