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7 GRAND DAD Switch is a Megaman X based 2.5D upcoming game for the Switch in April 20, 2069. It is created by Vinesauce Productions, Silvagunner, and Taito, which is the original maker of the rescue of dino and hoppy.


Fortran, that goes by the name GRAND DAD is relaxing in his cave, but some intruders from other dimensions, such as Tito Dickman, Rick Astley and Weegee, has came to destroy Fortran. The piece of shits jump Fortran but alas, Bob Ross comes from heaven to beat the devil outta them! The duo goes to the Swamp. They find Shrek the fatass ogre, showering in some vomit or something. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?" Says Shrek. "Your just a happy little accident. Don't worry, well beat the devil outta you" says Bob Ross. After that shit, Shrek runs away like a pussy and jumps into a random sewer that wasn't even there before. The duo then goes to Donut Plains, which has seemly been glitched up by someone. The duo then sees the Glitch Gremlin, which is on the floor, laying in blood while shitting his pants. Fortran assumes that Glitch Gremlin glitched up the place, so Fortran clubs Glitch Gremlin while he begs for mercy. The duo then finds out that it wasn't Glitch Gremlin that did the glitching, in fact, it was a sentient copy of CYBERPUNK 2077 doing the glitching. "Haha! So you arrive here to fix this place huh?" Says CYBERPUNK 2077. "We're gonna rip you open and destroy your precious baby CYBERPUNK 2077 disk!" Says Fortran. After beating up CYBERPUNK 2077, the duo opens up the copy, destroys the disk, then throws the remains in the garbage. The duo then finds a colorless man coming out of a box. Fortran prepares for attack but Bob Ross quickly stops him. "Wait Fortran, this looks like a certain game reviewer." Says Bob. "Fuck yeah im a certain game reviewer! Its me! The Angry Video Game Nerd! Mind if you paint me so i dont look like something from the wrist game?" Says AVGN. Bob Ross then paints the AVGN to have color again. The trio then goes to

Unfinished section


In 7 GRAND DAD Switch, you play as one of the characters you have unlocked or you can just do coop. The goal is to reach the end of the level as you would do in normal platformers. The level layouts are similar to 7 GRAND DAD, being open world like, and the gameplay is similar to the Megaman X series, which having characters that use swinging weapons to be like Zero and characters that use shooting weapons to be like X. Oh yeah you gotta kill the dumbasses that decided to fuck around and knock you out (you dont have to actually kill all of them)


D pad/control stick move

B jump

A same as B

Y attack

X dash

R/L or ZL/ZR/SL/SR spin around


Playable characters


The Main character. He uses a club to beat up some little fucks that think they can beat him. His club is a slow, but powerful weapon and Fortran has average stats.

Bob Ross

The secondary character. He uses a paintbrush to beat the devil outta the poopy heads. His paintbrush is a very fast, but weak weapon and Bob Ross has average stats.


A character unlocked throughout the game. He uses his zapper to shoot the enemies like ducks from duck hunt. He has over average stats for speed, but under average stats for power.

Unfinished section

Unplayable Characters

??? The main antagonist. It's a secret but I'll tell ya that he does drugs (don't do drugs)


The princess of Bedrock. She has magical powers and could easily get out of her cell, but she is a fucking idiot and doesn't use them anytime.

Tito dick, dickman baby!

1 of the 3 dudes that jump you. He raised Phil and he loves the ladies!

1 of the 3 dudes that jumped you. Click the link to get a trailer of this fangame!


1 of the 3 dudes that jumped you. An oldie but a goldie.


Spongebob but in prehistoric times. prehistoric Patrick and Mr krabs appear too.


A nice robot master that assists you when your going through some bad times. Very nice >:]

Best Nozomi

Another peer of Fortran. Best Nozomi uses her powers such as ice and also can save you from falling once.


A annoying piece of crap that makes other NPC'S look like spawns from hell with his glitch powers. Hes actually a harmless little flea and the effects are just cosmetic.

Glass Joe

A wimpy loser that stands around places. You can attack him to fuck him up even more (as if he wasnt fucked up enough.) Sometimes, he will have headgear so you cant hurt him.

Unfinished section



Red the bird

The angry bird that tries to peck out your body parts. Sometimes comes in a slingshot.

All toasters, toast toast!

The best version of Mario that comes out of doors and attack.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Makes your speed, power and jump degrade but your gayness level go up, making lenny faces able to kill you.

Only character in Melee

One of the most aggressive enemies. He shines you and your projectiles and combos you. Better nerf greninja.

Maybe it's the way your dressed

Patrick dressed in a skeleton outfit. He uses a gaster blaster to blast out your soul and summons bones.


A minecrafter that shoots you with bows and uses a diamond sword. Fortnite bad minecraft good

Ooh folk!

Tries to ground pound you and occasionally throws his COD copy at you.

How are you gentlemen!!

A bad grammar monster thingy beat u up with lazerz haha lazerz strong hurt u bitch relly bed CATS strong

A very distracting photo

A stickman that dances to distract you but usually an epic fail happens to him such as getting blowed up or just gettin a fuckin brutal kill 

Fred, master leg breaker

Somewhat similar to Henry Stickmin, but instead a train will always kill him which can instakill you too.


6 browsers that can slow your speed down or make you faster if you already have a slow curse on you, unless if the browser is Internet Explorer meaning it will make you slow no matter what cause internet explorer is one slow ass piece of shit even know everyone used it at least once.

A normal goomba

An ignorant goomba that walks around like other ones. Very disappointing and cheap.


A glitched enemy that comes in a variety of shapes. Attacking one causes your weapon to become glitched.

Unfinished section

Also if you were wondering, these are not bosses and the reason multiple of them appear are from a machine called the cloner.


Yeah, these

Fortran walks into a club...

A spiky upgrade for Fortrans club. It does triple damage and can stick into walls or enemies. The catch is, the spikes break off every time you hit something strong and turns into a normal club once it's broken.

Rainbow brush

A even more colorful upgrade for Bob Ross's paintbrush. It does double damage, slows down enemies and paints walls. You can shoot projectiles with it which damage depends on the what color the projectile is. The paintbrush loses the rainbow color after 20 strokes/projectiles and turns into his normal brush.

I got grapes whatcha watching son?

Some grapes that when eaten, makes you shake like a seizure. You are basically invincible when you're in seizure form and it lasts 15 seconds.

Power Glove

A old upgrade for AVGN's arm. It lets AVGN attack freely in any direction, but beware! It is hard to control and loses power after 20 attacks.
??? A secret power up needed to defeat the final boss. Like the villain, I won't show the powerup since it has a big role.



The first boss you encounter. Shrek has very high HP (taking around 50 club attacks to die), but is very slow and easy to hit due to his giant hitbox. Shrek does the roar to attack and just move out of the way Shrek roars to avoid it. He isn't really the sharpest tool in the shed...

Cyberpunk 2077

The second boss you encounter. CYBERPUNK 2077 has low hp (taking around 15 club attacks to die), but is a speedy bastard and has a small hitbox. CYBERPUNK 2077 shoots small beams at you to try and make you glitchy but it is somewhat easy to avoid. The beam can also make your weapon glitchy. If you try to attack with a glitchy weapon, it heals CYBERPUNK 2077.