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7Si Gamer Form
Developer(s) SeventhHeaven™
Manufacturer(s) SeventhHeaven Electronics™
Product Family 7S
Console Type Handheld
Subtype(s) 7Si Omega

7Si Alpha

Generation Handheld Generation 4
Storage 16GB
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi

Street Connector (London and Tokyo Exclusive)

17th May 2017
Discontinued 17th May 2022
Media 7Si MiniDisc

7Si Cartridge

SD Card


CPU Intel XEON 12 Core CPU
GPU MSI GTX 980 Ti Twin Frozr
Sleep Charger

Parental Controls

Custom Homescreen


Virtual Reality Connector

Backward Compatibility 7HNetwork (Download)
Forward Compatibility 7Si X
Successor 7Si X

The 7Si (pronounced 7C, otherwise known as 7iO in Korea, Indonesia and China or it's original prototype name: Lynx) is a handheld gaming console made and developed by SeventhHeaven. The handheld recieved generally positive sales in the gaming industry and was the cheapest handheld on the market at the time of it's release, selling at £69.99 ($110.05) each. The 7Si war released on the 14th of May 2019, and was twinned with MarioKart, which initially was the only game on the console at the time. It was also the first non-Nintendo console to support Nintendo games and features.


SeventhHeaven began developing a brand new handheld in 2013. The initial idea was that the handheld would be small enough to take with you, like a phone, but large enough to be a good handheld with the capabilities of HD graphics and speedy frame rate. Inspired by the Nintendo Game Boy, and later, the Nintendo 3DS, Seventh Heaven says that they now want to compete with the people who inspired them.

Design Concept

The 7Si handheld has a touscreen, with two compartments which can be pulled out to reveal the console's secondary controls; the typical buttons and arrow pad. The turn off button is on the screen, although if held for more then 20 seconds, then the central button/home button can be used to turn the system off. To turn it on press the home button.


7SiLynx: Contains two components which pull out; the D-pad on the right and the buttons on the left.

7SiTiger: Contains one component which pulls out: the D-Pad and the buttons both from the bottom.

7SiCougar: 7SiLynx but with a larger screen.

7SiJaguar: 7SiTiger but with a larger screen.

7SiLioness: 7SiLynx with stereoscopic 3D.


Released Games

Upcoming Games

  • MarioKart 2
  • Nintendogs 7Si
  • Yuki Q
  • Online Game Addicts Sprechchor
  • Taiko No Tatsujin 9
  • Urban Trials
  • Linear Kingdom
  • Electro World
  • Zoo Tycoon 4
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 7
  • Gravity X
  • X Chronicles
  • Mirrors Edge DX
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP DX: 7Si Edition
  • New Cities: Skyline
  • Yasutaka Nakata: Ultimate
  • SeventhHeaven Kingdom
  • MySims Racing 2
  • Project Diva Tap!
  • Tomodachi Tap
  • Harvest Moon: Morning Spring
  • The Mikuverse