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The 5DS is a brand new console released in 2026. It has five dimentinonal graphics and even allows you to play full size discs (CD's) and is backwards compatible with the 4DS and 3DS. The current cost of the 5DS is $6,750 or £6,500.


The graphics of the 5DS is 256-bit, which is two times the bits of the 4DS (128-bit). The 5DS also has 5TB of storage and also has additional option of 6TB (you have to pay more to get the extra terrabyte, it's around $250 more for 6TB).

The 5DS is also not only developed by Nintendo, but Sony and Phillps.


It's $6,750 or £6,500, but for extra storage (1TB more) $7,000 or £6,990.

When the 6DS comes out, it will go down towards $3,000 or £2,990.

When the 6DS and 7DS comes out

The 5DS will still be avaliable when the 6DS comes out in 2031. It has a 10 year life span, not like the 5 year spans Nintendo used to do. In 2035, when the 7DS is released, the 5DS will be off store shelves for good.

Where can they be found

They can be found in any store or you can choose to buy it from Nintendo's website, eBay 2 or Amazon III.