The 4DS (formerly Nintendo 4DS) is the first and only handheld console made by Omni to revolutionize people with 4D. It was released on November 2011 (couple of months after the Nintendo 3DS).


The 4DS features a built-in 3D Touch Camera, letting you play 3D Touch Games without buying a 3D Touch Camera and it was also featuring a 4D Mode (which could potentially lead to fire hazard) which are effects that are blown out of a small hole. 

The Downfall and the Uprise of 2012

The original 4DS faied. It had lots of downfalls thatpeople complained about it's design failure. The design flaws were the cheaply made screen that would break easily (especially the third screen), the 4D feature which would cause a fire hazard, the buttons were too small, the main screen was too wide, and it wasn't portable. Omni saw these complaints that other people told about their consoles and made a new model in 2012 to fix these problems. The 4DS Lite. This model fixed every problem from the original model. The screens were durable, they have hinges, the button placement was better, it removed the 4D Feature, etc. The 4DS grew an extended lifespan because of how successful the Lite model is compared to the Original.


The 4DS Lifespan was extended, because of its success in 2012 with the Lite model release. The system lasted from November 11, 2011 to March 17, 2019 prior to the Nintendo Playmotion


They were games such as:

  • Super Mario NEW World
  • Stickman Adventures
  • Stickman Adventures II
  • Sonic Revolution
  • Pokemon Wars
  • Pacer Racers Superstars
  • Mario Party POP!
  • etc



  • The early versions of the 4DS implemented the Nintendo Logo
  • The Original Model only lasted 2 years
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