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Fantendo - Game Ideas & More

4DS is the new console released in 2021.It is famous for it is 4D-Powering.It released a year ago.But it alrady sold 7,000,000 Units Already!But it is also the most expensive one.If you want 4DS,it costs $2500 Dollars!But the plus side,it comes with new and fresh games!

Hardware Specifications

Powering 4D
Battery Life 25 Hours
Graphics 8K
Games Available 680
Made In 2020
Released 2021
CPU 256 Bits
Cost 2500 Dollars
Gen 8th Gen

Games on 4DS

  • Super Mario Maker III(Sequel to Super Mario Maker II)                                                               
  • Super Mario 3D Galaxy(Sequel to the Super Mario 3D World)
  • Zelda The Darkness Awakens(Sequel to the Super Smah Bros Ultimate in lore)
  • Kirby Legacy Of Galeem(Sequel to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate in lore)
  • Super Smash Bros Multiverse(Sequel To Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
  • Super Mario Galaxy IV (It isn't Super Mario Galaxy III because it is released for Switch(FANON))
  • Super Mario Odyssey II(Sequel to Super Mario Odyssey)
  • Kirby The Beginning(Prequel To First Kirby Game)
  • Zelda The Last Hero(Sequel To Zelda The Darkness Awakens)   
  • New Super Mario Bros III(Sequel to New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe)