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The Nintendo eShop picture of 3DS World.
Developer(s) Play! Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nin10.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure, platform
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png July 21, 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png July 21, 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png July 21, 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png July 21, 2011
Mode(s) 1–2 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png USK6.png OFLC-G.png CERO A.gif
Media Included Digital Download

3DS World, known as 3DS ランド 3DS Rando (3DS Land) in Japan, is a 2D platform game developed by Play! Software Planning and released for the Nintendo 3DS in July 21, 2012 and is exclusively to download in the Nintendo eShop.


The gameplay of this game is similar to other 2D platform games, however, 3DS World doesn't contain bosses. The top screen display the Mii character the player is using, the number of 3DS Coins collected, the number of extra lives and the remaining time. The touch screen allows the player to drop the item he or she is using. It also shows the level the player is. The game contains six worlds, each one with four levels.

There is also a multiplayer mode, that can be played using StreetPass.


Menu Controls

  • D-Pad/Circle Pad/Stylus: Select
  • A/B: Confirm
  • X/Y: Back

Game Controls

  • D-Pad/Circle Pad: Walk, run, crouch
  • A/B: Jump
  • X/Y/L/R: Punch
  • Pause/Select: Pause menu



  • 3DS Coins: 3DS Coins are found through the level. 100 of them will give the player an extra life.
  • Spheres: Spheres that contain items.
  • Be-Bops: Originally from Wii Music. Be-Bops appear in some levels and create Mini-Notes when touched.
  • Mini-Note: Appear in groups when a Mii touches a Be-Bop. If the player collects them before the time runs out, he or she earns a gold Platinum Coin.
  • Heart: Refills one of the hearts in the player's health.


  • Bomb Blocks: If attacked, these blocks will explode and break other blocks around them.
  • Sand Blocks: The must be dug to reveal secret places.
  • Brambles: Brambles appear in some levels as prominent obstacles. If a Mii touches one, he/she loses a heart of their health.


  • Bomb: The player is able to throw bombs and blow them to defeat enemies, break Sand Blocks and blow Bomb Blocks.
  • Bubble: The player can blow bubbles and use them as platforms.
  • Rock: The player is able to throw rocks that bounce on the ground and upward.
  • Star: Allows the player to throw small stars that go straight and capture enemies, defeating them.
  • Water: With this power-up, the player can create small waves and surf on them for a few moments. This can help him/her to defeat enemies and get across small lava pits.


  • Screes: Blue ball enemies with spots in their heads. They attack by bouncing toward the player.
  • Fire Screes: Red fiery Screes that hop in a determined area. When they spot a Mii, they turn into fireballs and boost toward him/her.
  • Blecks: Dark clouds that follow the player and spit ink balls from the sky.
  • Clammers: Giant clams that open and close. They damage a Mii if one of them gets stuck in one of them.
  • Shoos: Starfish-like creatures that reflect in some walls. They attack a Mii if gets close of one.
  • Puff-Pounders: Pufferfish creatures that throw spikes when they inflate.
  • Treekies: Tree creatures that slam the ground with their crowns.
  • Krabbers: Crab-like creatures that throw rocks at the Miis.
  • Cacks: Tall cacti that bury themselves in the sand. The player must wait for them to be buried, what allows the Miis to pass through them.
  • Moomies: Moomies are flying mummy-like enemies who slowly chase the player.
  • Ninjacks: Ninja enemies that throw shurikens at the player.
  • Totemblockers: Wooden blocks that try to crush the player.
  • Rayds: They are similar to Blecks, but they strike lightning at the player.
  • Aracnuts: Spider-like monsters who can appear from a bush or swing in spider webs.
  • Stons: Rocky creatures that throw rocks upward.
  • Spike Scree: Black Screes with spikes around them. They attack by simply rolling in a direction.
  • Mega Spike Scree: Giant purple Spike Screes that can destroy blocks and defeat enemies.
  • Zombiis: Zombified Miis. They can't be defeated.
  • Ghoulets: Ghosts enemies from Wii Party. They float from side to side.
  • Pics: Pictures of ghosts that seem to be part of the background, however, they grab the Mii and damages him when he gets near.
  • Gleeders: Small fireballs that sometimes increase their size. They walk form side to side.
  • Crannies: Dinosaur skulls that hop toward the player.


World 1
Level title Contents Setting
1-1 Bloomy Hills A rather simple level. This is the first appearance of Screes and the Star Sphere power-up. Grass and Flowers
1-2 Rocky Ridge A level in a canyon cave with rolling boulders. The Bomb Sphere power up and Fire Screes first appear here. Canyon Cave
1-3 Bouncy and Bound A level in the clouds. Contain many bouncy clouds and sinking blocks. The Be-Bop item, the Bubble Sphere power-up and Blecks first appear here. Sky
1-4 Cannonade Castle In this level, the player must use the Bomb Sphere power-up to blow walls. In this level, Bomb Blocks appear. Castle
World 2
Level title Contents Setting
2-1 Watery Wedges A beach level. This level contains platforms that sink if the player's Mii stands on it too long. This is the first level to have the Water Sphere power-up. Clammers first appear here. Beach
2-2 Under-Ocean An underwater level. It is the first to contains Shoos and Puff-Pounders. Underwater
2-3 Peeping Palm Trees This level is set in a grassy part of a beach with many palm trees. This is the first appearance of the Sand Sphere power-up. Treeckies first appear here. Grass beach
2-4 Sandcastle Shuffle This level is set in a giant sand castle. The Sand Sphere power-up and Krabbers appear here. This level contains many sand blocks. Sand Castle
World 3
Level title Contents Setting
3-1 Cacti Carnage In this level, Cacks appear as a prominent obstacle. Desert
3-2 Haunted Pyramids This level is set in a pyramid with Mii pharaoh pictures in the background. This is the first level to contain Moomies, Ninjacks and Totemblockers. Pyramid
3-3 Rocks' Rain This level is set in a rainy part of the desert. This level contains Rayds and Cacks. Rainy desert
3-4 The Bigger Pyramid This level contain many moving giant blocks, which require timing to be passed through. This level contains Fire Screes, Ninjacks and Moomies. Pyramid
World 4
Level title Contents Setting
4-1 Buggy Bushes This level contains many bushes and trees. This is the first appearance of Aracnuts. Jungle
4-2 Tippy Treetop This level contains many trunks. Stons and Aracnuts appear here. Treetop
4-3 Trunk Klamber Inside a tree, the player must climb the trunk until the top. This level marks the first appearance of the Rock Sphere power-up. It contains many Totemblockers. Trunk
4-4 Spiky Hazard Tiis level's floor is entirely made breakable blocks. A Mega Spike Scree will roll and destroy the floor. This is the first appearance of Spike Screes. Castle
World 5
Level title Contents Setting
5-1 Ghastly Glen This level happens in a muddy ravine with dead trees in the background and is inhabited by Zombiis. Ghost meadow
5-2 Moomie Mansion Inside a haunted mansion, this level contains many Ghoulets and Pics, who first appear in this level. Mansion
5-3 Back Door This level happens in some dark rooms of the mansion. These rooms are inhabited by Moomies. Mansion
5-4 Ropey Route In this level, the player must climb ropes while avoiding spikes in moving blocks. This level is inhabited by Screes, Fire Screes and Spike Screes. Castle
World 6
Level title Contents Setting
6-1 Fiery Falls In this level, the player must cross giant lava pools using platforms while avoiding obstacles. This level contains Stons and Gleeders. Volcano Overworld
6-2 Rickety-Coaster In this level, the player must use a dangerous and incredibly fast roller coaster to reach the end of the level. The main enemies in this level are Fire Screes and Gleeders. Volcano cave
6-3 Boneyard Blues This level contains giant bones through the entire level. This level marks the only appearance of Crannies. Lava cave
6-4 Colossal Castle In this level, the player must find the room where the Miis are imprisoned. The rooms are based on every world of the game. Castle



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