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The Boxart.
Boxart of 3DS Tennis.
Developer(s) Play! Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nin10.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Party, Puzzle
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png June 22, 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png June 24, 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png June 28, 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png June 28, 2011
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png USK6.png OFLC-G.png CERO A.gif
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card

3DS Tennis (テニス3DS Tenisu 3DS in Japan) is a tennis video game developed by Play! Software Planning and the second game in the 3DS series. It was released to the Nintendo 3DS system. It's a follow-up to 3DS Play. In this game, some Miis are participating of a tennis tournament. Like it's predecessor, the game contains 3DS Coins.

It's the first game in the series that use the StreetPass feature and can be played with online with Nintendo Network.


Players play as their Miis, who are participating of tennis games. To win, the player must score 60 points by hitting the ball to the other side of the court and hinder the player to hit it back, like real-life tennis games. The players earn fifteen points every time the opponent misses the ball.


Menu controls

  • D-Pad/Circle Pad: Select option
  • A/B: Confirm
  • X/Y: Cancel, back
  • L/R: Change dominant hand

Game controls

  • D-Pad/Circle Pad: Control Mii
  • A/B: Swing racket
  • A/B (hold): Build power
  • L and R (repeatedly): Build large power


Tournament Mode

The player can choose from 2 to 10 pairs in this game. Each player will play matches against an opponent to win trophies and unlock new cups. As far as the player is, the opponents get harder to beat. This mode have four cups: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup and Platinum Cup.

Single Game Mode

Besides the solo play, can be played with using StreetPass or online. In this mode, the player will play only one tennis match with an opponent, while collecting 3DS Coins. It can be played with singles or doubles.


By collecting 3DS Coins, the player can unlock minigames that require them to complete tasks instead of just scoring points. They are:

Title Gameplay Prize
Tennis Attack The player is in a half court, while the other side contains a giant wall made of rock blocks. The player must break every block in the wall to win. Already unlocked
Invaders! In a space court, some Mii-like aliens will appear and approach the player. He or she must destroy the aliens by hitting them with tennis balls. 10 3DS Coins
Tic-Tac-Tennis Half of the court is divided in nine squares and the player will be on the opposite side. When a tennis ball hits a square, it will get a tennis ball emblem on it. He or she must hit tennis balls in the squares, making a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line with the balls. 50 3DS Coins
Moment of Reflection In this game, a video-game is shown and two players control pads and try to hit the bound lines behind the opponent. This minigame lasts two minutes. Whoever scores more points, wins. 100 3DS Coins
Table Tennis In this game, two (or four) players play a table tennis match. 500 3DS Coins


  • Mii Stadium: A grassy and outdoors court. It may be a little tough the ball to bounce.
  • Cloudy Court: A court set in a cloud. The ball will bounce very high on this court.
  • Canyon Court: A court set in a rocky canyon. Sometimes, boulders will roll from the top. The ball bounces in a perfect height.
  • Ghost Court: A court set in a spooky area with grass and mud. Some ghosts appear in the background. The ball bounces low on this court.
  • Pyramid Court: A court set inside a pyramid. The ball bounces a little high on this court.
  • Jelly Court: A court made of a gelatinous substance. The ball bounces very high on this court.

Gear Improvement

Equipment Improvement Prize
Big Racket Is bigger than the regular racket. It can hit balls from a longer distance. 50 3DS Coins
Speedy Racket A small racket that can hit the ball faster than the regular racket. This will make harder to the opponent hit the ball, due to the higher speed. 50 3DS Coins
Red Uniform The Mii moves faster than when he's wearing the regular uniform. 100 3DS Coins
Platinum Uniform The Mii will automatically follow the ball, while the player must just hit it. Beat Platinum Cup, 500 3DS Coins



  • The title of the minigame, "Tennis Attack" is a reference to the SNES game, Tetris Attack and "Invaders!", a reference to the Arcade/NES game Space Invaders.

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