Boxart of 3DS Party.
Developer(s) Play! Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nin10.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png June 4, 2013
25px-Flag of USA.png June 10, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe.png June 10, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia.png June 11, 2013
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png USK6.png OFLC-G.png CERO A.gif
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card
Digital Download

3DS Party is the sixth installment of the 3DS series, released for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is compound of minigames, along with a board game where they can be played. Like 3DS Play, the player can collect 3DS Coins. The game can be played by one, two, three or four players, using the system's Download Play.

The game features three boards. In each of them, the player must reach the end to find a treasure, while playing minigames to advance and letting other players behind.


A giant crowd of Miis (including the player) is on a trip to the Wuhu Island on vacation. Upon reaching the island's town square, them all are invited for treasure hunting, and the winner gets every 3DS Coin found in the goal area. All the tourists, then, set off to get the treasure.



3DS Party features four game modes, these being Party Mode, Minigame Mode, Friend Mode and Miscellaneous Mode.

Party Mode

In Party Mode, the players must walk through a tourist point in Wuhu Island, while collecting 3DS Coins. To start a game, the players play a random minigame and then, throw dice to advance on the spaces, in order of their rank in the minigame. Sometimes, there are gates blocking the way, forcing the player to do a small task to open it, receiving some 3DS Coins in return. There are also some shops, where the players can use their 3DS Coins to buy some items. At the end of each board, there is a bigger task to do, in order to open the final gate to the treasure.

Name Contents Spaces
Wuhu Downtown A board set in the island's main plaza, surrounded by tall buildings, trees and statues. The course is simple and relatively short. There are also many shops. 50 spaces.
Illusion Valley A board that is set in a grassy and low plateau with a trail surrounded by palm trees. This place contains many alternative paths, but all of them end on the treasure. There are also four shops. 70 spaces.
Tour Mountain A board located in a tall mountain with rolling boulders, gaps and rocky obstacles. There is one long path through the mountain, as well as a cave from side to side. There are only two shops in this board. 100 spaces.
Space Function Rarity
1×1 Space If a player lands on this space, they play a One-vs-One Minigame against a random opponent. The loser gives one Gold 3DS Coin to the winner. Common
1×3 Space If a player lands on one of these, a 1-vs-3 minigame, with the Mii who landed on it being the lone player. Common
4×4 Space When a player lands on this space, the players must play a Free-for-All Minigame. The winner gets five Gold 3DS Coins. Common
Gold Space The player who lands on one of these spaces spin a roulette to get an amount of 3DS Coins. Rare
Present Space This space awards the player who landed on it with a random item. Rare
Shop Space These spaces are in front of shops. The player who lands on it can access this shop and buy items. Very common
Swap Space If a Mii lands on this space, their place is swapped with another player. Common
Task Space There are located in front of gates. The player must play a minor minigame in order to open the gate. Rare
White Space This is the most common space. The player who lands here is awarded with one Bronze 3DS Coin. Very common
Item Function Price
Ghost The player who uses this chooses a player, who is scared by the ghost and backs ten spaces 15 3DS Coins
Plane If the player uses this item, they can travel some spaces ahead on a plane, avoiding gaps and obstacles. 10 3DS Coins
Sticker This is a sticker with the head of the Mii who bought it. It can be stuck to a space, causing the players who land on it to pay for them. 20 3DS Coins
Turbo-Pack This is useful for when a player falls into an underground volcano. If used, it takes the player back to the surface. 25 3DS Coins

After a Mii reaches the end of a board, they win a quantity of 3DS Coins based on the number of 3DS Coins gotten along the game, their rank on minigames and use of items.

Minigame Mode

In Minigame Mode, the player's Mii and three other Miis can play every minigame directly. Each minigame must be unlocked in the Party Mode. Each time the player wins a minigame, their Mii's name and score are recorded for that game.

Name Gameplay Players
Free Play Plaza Here, the player can play each minigame individually, while trying to beat their high scores. 1 to 4 players.
Totem Tournament Here, the players have one totem each. They compete on Free-for-All Minigames and, each time they win, they get one totem block. 1 to 4 players.

Friend Mode

This mode is made for two players who can make small tests and play cooperatively, in order to show their compatibility. This mode uses SpotPass and the player can walk through a hall with pictures of the best or worst ranks of other players.

Name Gameplay Length
Friend Connection In this game, the players play a quiz with 20 questions about preferences. After that, they play three Pair Minigames. They get a score based on their answers and performance in the game. 10 minutes.
Partner Quiz In this game, the players are asked 20 question about each other. If the player correctly answers a question about their partner, they get one point. 5 minutes.

Miscellaneous Mode

This mode contains variated minigames, including single-player ones.

Solo Games
Name Gameplay
What's the Sound In this game, the player listens to a sound and must guide the Mii to get the object whose sound is the one they heard. There are ten rounds in this game.
Balance Boxes This game comes directly from Shifty Gifts (Wii Party). The player must tilt the 3DS system to balance a stack of gifts the Mii is holding, as many things appear to disturb them.
One-vs-One Games
Name Gameplay
Minigame Walk In this game, the players are in a path with alternate minigames. They play each of them and, who wins advance one space. The object is to reach the end.
Mini-Judge In this game, the players must see who gets a bigger number (which is chosen randomly) and use a hammer to hit the opposite (if their number is bigger). Then, a minigame is played, with the winner being a sneak.


3DS Party contains eighty minigames. All of them are listed below.

Free-For-All Minigames
Name Gameplay Controls
Land Mine The four Miis are falling from an airplane using parachutes. Them all must push the other players, in order to land on a target on the floor. Circle Pad: Move
A: Push boost
Vermibusters In this game, the Miis are looking for rats and spiders in a dark mansion. They must stun the creatures by pointing at them with a lantern. The player who exterminates the most animals in one minute wins. Circle Pad: Walk
A: Stunning flashlight
Last Needle The Miis are inside a haystack, and they must dig through the hays to find a needle hidden somewhere in it. Each time the player digs a group of hays, they come back after some time. Circle Pad: Rotate
A: Dig
Up in the Air The Miis are on a long clifftop. They must run until the edge and jump, using their umbrellas to fly. The player who flies the farther wins the game. A (Hold): Run
A (Release): Jump
Flint Condition The Miis are on a rock bridge, where many boulders roll on. They must jump or squat to avoid these boulders. Circle Pad (Up): Jump
Circle Pad (Down): Squat
Rain on Mii Parade The Miis are on the top of a hill and four dark clouds are floating right above them. The players must choose a safe place to get without getting hit by the rain. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
Up Stakes Each Mii has two wooden poles. They must climb them by pressing the right sequence of buttons. The Mii who reaches the top wins. A, B, X, Y, R, L, D-Pad: Climb
Down a Peg The Miis are inside a volcano, near a wall full of pegs. They must spin on pegs and climb the wall in a similar style to DK: King of Swing in order to reach the top. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
Wind Up and Away The four Miis are wind-up toys on a decorated desk. The players must wind up their toys enough to reach the edge, but not to fall off. The more the player winds-up their toy, the farther they will go. The player who gets the closest to the edge wins. Stylus: Wind-up
Fast Flood The four Miis are on a shallow river. They must walk through it until the goal. There are some holes that are invisible from above the water and that take the Miis who fall on them back to the starting line. Circle Pad: Move
Lock and Road Each player is on a different pathway. Every path has five gates with some keys in front of them. The Miis must find the right key to unlock each gate and reach the goal for first. Circle Pad: Move
Pack Pop The Miis are on a giant bubble wrap with 25 bubbles. When the game starts, they must pop the biggest number of bubbles they can by pounding them. The Mii who pops the most bubbles wins the game. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
B: Pound
Code Breaker The four Miis are in giant barrel-like rooms with ten barrels each. The touch screen displays nine emblems, each one with a two-button combination. With each barrel, the players must repeatedly press the combination that matches the emblem shown on it to punch and break this barrel. The Mii who breaks every barrel for first wins. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
B: Pound
Pass the Bomb The Miis are sitting on chairs, when they are given a bomb. They must pass the bomb to the next repeatedly, until it explodes. The winner is the player who is the last one to be holding the bomb when it explodes. A: Pass the bomb
The Bookout The screen is split on four parts, each one showing a table with a book on it. When the game starts, the players must rip the book's pages, leaving the ones with pictures on them. Stylus: Rip a page, turn page
Back Bumpers This minigame is very similar to the Wii Party minigame, Tropical Punch. The players must use boxing gloves to punch the back of their opponents. The last player to be standing wins the game. A: Punch
Whoa Clock The four players are standing on a big clock. When the game starts, they must avoid the clock's hand by jumping. Each five laps, the hand spins faster. The player who is the last one to be hit by the hand wins. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
Gem Jam The Miis are in a set of sidescrolling underground tunnels. They must dig through the earth to gather as many diamonds hidden in the dirt they can. The one who have collected most diamonds until they reach the goal wins. Circle Pad: Rotate
A (repeatedly): Dig
No Leaf Each player has a vine sprouting from their vase which are forming a tangle. They must pluck every leaf off their vines, paying attention not to pluck leaves from other players. The first one to pluck every leaf wins. Stylus: Pluck
Pogo Awry The players must use pogos to jump high enough and hit a bell on a pole above them. They must wait the pogo to touch the ground and tap the A button to jump higher. A: Jump
One-vs-One Minigames
Name Gameplay Controls
The Hog Shot In this game, the players are on boats and must rescue pigs from a lake. The player who rescues the most pigs win the game. There are also some obstacles, such as anchors and trunks. Tilt: Choose a direction
Microphone: Wind
Escape Gold The Miis are in a gold mine each. They must walk all the way to the exit, while balancing the pile of gold bars on their hands and avoiding minecarts and bats. Who reaches the exit with the most gold wins the minigame. Circle Pad: Move
Quick on the Draw The two Miis are dressed as sheriffs on a narrow passage and wield boxing gloves. They must wait until the signal is given and attack the other player. The first one who attacks causes both Miis to slide to the loser's side. The game is won if the oponent falls from the edge. A: Punch
B: Defense
Cold Fleet Each player is on a snow arena. The Miis must hit the opponent three times by shooting them with snowballs from snow cannons, while protecting themselves. After five snowballs, the players must reload their snow meter. A: Shoot a snowball
A (hold): Strong snowball
B: Reload
Swing-A-Majig The game is set in a sky course with a giant treetop above the players. They must grab and swing on twenty ropes at all in order to reach the goal. Circle Pad: Swing
A: Jump
Tilty Party Each player is on a circular platform with twenty balls each, as well as one golden star. They must tilt their platforms to remove every ball, leaving the star on it. If the player removes the star, they lose. Circle Pad: Move
Stair Case The competitors find themselves in a tall, haunted-like tower. They must climb the spiral stairs until the top. On these stairs, there are some obstacles: barrels, trapdoors and conveyor belts. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
Roller Dozer The Miis are on bulldozers, each one on a toy circuit. They must guide a ball by rolling it until the end of the course, avoiding some tacks on the way. The ball must not get out of bounds. Circle Pad: Choose direction
A: Drive forward
B: Brake/reverse
Sorthand The Miis are holding boards in a tall glass tower. They must tilt the boards to sort falling fruit to four containers. The player who sorts the most fruit correctly wins the game. Circle Pad: Move
Fluff Path The Miis are on the tip of a mountain holding giant dandelions. When the game starts, they jump and start floating. The players must guide them until the other side of the lake, avoiding attacks of birds that swoop toward them. Microphone: Float up
Mii of Darts In this minigame, there are moving balloons that contain numbers on them, and each of these numbers represents the points it gives to the player if popped. The players must aim and shoot three darts each, trying to pop the most balloons they can. The player who gets the largest number of points wins the game. Gyro: Aim
A (hold): Charge
A (release): Shoot
Draw and Order In this minigame, the players are shown three pictures, one at a time. After a picture is shown for five seconds, it disappears. The player, then, must re-draw this picture as they remember it. The player who re-draws the most pictures better than the opponent wins the game. Stylus: Draw
Twistin' Rout In a cloudy place with a line of walls, the Miis are riding small planes. When the game starts, they must tilt their planes to go through holes on the walls until the goal line. Gyro: Tilt the plane
Apple Fools The players are on a woods holding baskets, to catch falling apples for thirty seconds. The player who collects the most apples is the winner. If an apple hits the ground, it rots, causing the player who touches it to lose one point. It disappears after some moments. Circle Pad: Move
Crumble Beginnings Each Mii is on their half of a cave arena, with ten bomb switches each. They must pump one switch, causing, if it is the right one, the opponent's field to collapse, granting them the victory. If neither of the players pump the right switch, they must try it again. Circle Pad: Move
A: Pump
Fish Rush The Miis take form of mermen or mermaids in an underwater racetrack. When the game starts, they must complete three laps on a figure-8 circuit. There is a giant eel wandering by the area, which can hinder the players. Circle Pad: Rotate
A: Swim
Maze Headway The Miis are on a hedge maze, each one on a corner. They must find the right way to the center and get the flag in the place. Sometimes, some plants appear and block some paths, forcing the players to beat them in order to progress. Circle Pad: Move
A: Jump
B: Punch
Saw Glades In a forest, each Mii has a giant log, which they must saw with handsaws. The first player to saw their log wins the game. Circle Pad (left and right): Saw
Crash-A-Party The Miis are using bumper cars on a carnival arena. During thirty seconds, they must bump into each other. The player who bumps the opponent the most, wins the game. Circle Pad: Rotate
L: Accelerate
R: Reverse
The Pirate Trap The Miis are on a small excavation site on a beach. They must use shovels to dig the sand and find diamonds. However, there can also be dinosaur skeletons, that cause the player who digs it up to lose one diamond. Circle Pad: Move
A: Dig
Three-vs-One Minigames
Name Gameplay Controls
Rock Bottom Three Miis are standing on the top of a mountain, while the player is near them, on an ledge right under the top. The three players must try to hit the single player with spiked balls, while the single player must avoid them for one minute. Tilt: Move (1, 3)
A: Jump (1)
A: Throw a rock (3)
Pulling Shocks The Miis are in a factory. The single player is in an engine room, where they can control a shock ray line, placed on the stage where the other three players are. The three other players must avoid the shock line for one minute. Circle Pad: Move the line (1)
Circle Pad: Move (3)
A: Jump (3)
Frost-Haste The team is ice skating. The solo Mii is on a plane right above them. This Mii must use the plane's cold air to freeze water and some objects on the road, in order to beat a Mii if they touch them. If the solo player beats every Mii, they win. Circle Pad: Move (1)
Circle Pad: Skate (3)
A: Cold air (1)
A: Jump (3)
Shooting Galley The Mii team is on a beach, where they have three cannons. The single Mii is on a ship deck on the ocean. The three Miis must shoot the ship three times, causing it to wreck, while the solo Mii must hit every opponent with cannonballs. Circle Pad: Move (1)
Gyro: Aim (3)
A: Shoot (1, 3)
Mii in the Middle In a dark forest, three Miis team must throw a ball between themselves, while the solo Mii must catch it. If they accomplish this, they win. Circle Pad: Move (1)
Circle Pad: Choose target (3)
A: Jump (1)
A: Throw the ball (3)
Level Blast The Miis are in a circular factory room. The solo Mii is on a small area in the center. Bombs fall onto the team's field and they must blast the solo Mii three times with them. The solo Mii uses a racket to hit the bombs away. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Racket (1)
A: Grab/throw a bomb (3)
Cut to the Chase The team is on a canyon, where are six pillars connected by four tighropes each. The solo player must, on each round, to fray one of the ropes. The team, then, must choose ropes to walk on. The Miis on safe ropes advance, and the one on a frayed rope falls. If the solo player is able to eliminate every opponent until the last round, they win. Stylus: Fray a rope (1)
Circle Pad: Select rope (3)
A: Choose the rope (3)
Snow Where The solo competitor is on the summit of an iced mountain. The team's objective is to reach the summit through the slippery path around the mountain, while the single player tries to hit them with big snowballs. To win, everyone on the team must reach the finish line. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Throw a snowball (1)
A: Jump (3)
Pop Stars On a dojo stage, the solo Mii is in a bubble, while the other Miis are around it, holding throwing stars. The team must pop the solo player's bubble with a throwing star, while the solo player must escape from them. Circle Pad: Move (1)
Stylus: Throw a throwing star (3)
Fence Trap The solo Mii is on a dungeon corridor with five fences: each one with nine trapdoors. The three other players are on another corridor with fences, but each one with sixteen trapdoors. When the game starts, they must punch the trapdoors to find the one that opens, letting them to go to the next fence. Whoever goes through the five fences win the game. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Punch (1, 3)
Night Fight The Miis are in a room made of toys. The three Miis must hit the single player with pillows three times, while the single Mii must defend themself with their hands. Stylus: Spin hands (1)
Stylus: Throw a pillow (3)
Call Zone The game is set on a pasture with twenty cows on it. The solo Mii is driving a saucer, while the three other Miis are around the place. When the game starts, the solo player must abduct every cow, while the three players must use cowbells to call them and avoid their abduction. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Abduct (1)
A: Use a cowbell (3)
Thunder Cover The game is set on a yard with three big trees. Under the middle tree, there are four tightropes with two candies on each of them. The solo Mii is under the middle tree, while the other Miis are riding clouds right above the stage. They must hit the candies with lightning bolts, and the solo player must climb the the tree and protect them by moving the ropes. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Swap a rope position (1)
A: Drop a lightning bolt (3)
Deep Pockets On a giant stump with four holes on it, the solo Mii carries a hammer and the three other Miis are inside balls. The solo Mii must hit the opponents with their hammer and drive them into the holes. The Miis inside balls must hit the solo player three times to win. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Hammer (1)
A: Dash (3)
Drive You Sphere The Miis are inside plastic air bubbles on a river. The solo Mii is alone in a bubble, while the three other Miis are together. Their object is to reach the finish line by rolling the bubble. There are swordfish that pop the bubbles upon contact. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
Buggy Bust-Up The four Miis are riding buggies in a desert. The solo player starts the game with five balloons, while the three other Miis must grab boost items to bump the solo player and remove these balloons. The solo Mii can also collect some balloons to recover them. There are some cacti on the place, and they can slow down the players' buggies for some moments. Circle Pad: Steer (1, 3)
A: Accelerate (1, 3)
B: Brake/Reverse (1, 3)
X/Y: Boost (3)
Terrible Threes The solo Mii is on a dusty circle, while the three other Miis are on the grass around it. They can throw rolling tree trunks and barrels onto the circle, which the solo Mii must avoid and jump. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Jump (1)
A: Grab/Throw an object (3)
Gold and the Fort The game is set on a trail near a castle. The solo player is on the top of the castle, and the three players are on the trail. They must grab gold nuggets and take them to a marked area. Meanwhile, the solo player must stop them from doing it by throwing bombs at them. Circle Pad: Move (3)
Stylus: Aim/Throw bombs (1)
A: Grab/Drop a nugget (3)
Heavy Tip The game is set on a steel platform in front of a fence. The solo Mii is on the platform, while the three other Miis are atop the fence. They must drop heavy steel balls on the platform, causing it to tilt. The solo player must stay on the platform without falling from it for one minute. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Jump (1)
A: Drop a ball (3)
Thrill Hide On a garden, the three players must hide in places like bushes, flowerbeds and trees. After some time, the solo Mii must run and get them all. The team is able to run freely and hide whenever they want. Circle Pad: Move (1, 3)
A: Slide (1)
Pair Minigames
Name Gameplay Controls
Hot Foot In a volcano, the player A is on a high rock, while the player B is on a lower one across a lava pool. The first player must throw stones (these float until they touch the lower rock, and sink) onto the pool to help the other to collect every balloon above it. Control Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Throw a rock (A)
A: Jump (B)
Water Buddies Each player is on a hovercraft, connected by a rope. Both must race on rapids to reach the goal within one minute. Stones and pieces of land can hinder their progress. Circle Pad: Steer (A, B)
A: Accelerate (A, B)
Pump and Run Both Miis are in a handcar inside a mine. They must pump their cart keeping it on the max speed in order to break the rock blocking the entrance at the end of the railway. L, R (simultaneously): Pump (A, B)
Chimp-Napping The game takes place in a jungle, where twenty monkeys are roaming in. Both players are tied to each other with a vine. They must circle every monkey to win. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
After Fall The players are on a garden surrounded by trees, equiped with leaf blowers. They must blow all the leaves to a marked area in order to win. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Blow (A, B)
Ghostile Takeover The players are on the front lawn of a haunted manor. There are many ghosts (from Wii Party) on the place. The players must defeat every ghost within one minute to win. After they accomplish this, the players must fight a big orange ghost. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Jump (A, B)
B: Punch (A, B)
Rower Trip Both Miis are on a boat in a water course. Once the game starts, they have one minute to reach the goal line, usind they rows to control the boat. A: Row (A, B)
Co-Op Castle In a castle, each Mii is in a corridor. In order to progress, they must work together to press buttons, match scarabs, operate seesaws and more. At the end, both must spin a giant key to open a big-sized treasure chest. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Jump (A, B)
B: Perform actions (A, B)
Pineapple Perils Both Miis are holding a giant pineapple in a sky circuit filled with brambles. Their objective is to take the fruit to the other side, avoiding being hit by the many brambles on the way. If a Mii touches a bramble, they drop the pinapple, causing it to fall and lose the game. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
Face Off The Miis are in a temple. There are thirty-two buttons showing Mii faces on them. There are five rounds. In each round, a picture on a wall shows the face of a Mii. The players, then, must look for the button that has this Mii's face and press it within twenty seconds. If they find the right Mii for the five rounds, they win the game. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Press a button (A, B)
Slap Rat The Miis are in an abandoned house room. The player A is on a carpet on the center of the room with a mechanical glove, and the player B is around the carpet holding a flashlight. The player B must use the flashlight to reveal rats that are approaching the carpet, so the player A can punch them. The game is lost if a rat touches the carpet. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Punch (A)
Sheep Escape The Miis are on a grass field, both holding a single net. When the game starts, they must use this net to capture sheeps that run through the screen. The game is won if they capture at least twenty sheeps within one minute. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
B: Dash (A, B)
Team Machine Both Miis are in a sidescrolling mountain course, in a single machine. The player A can move the machine and jump, while the second player can shoot cannonballs. They must reach a flag, jumping on hills and platforms, and breaking blocks and gates. Circle Pad: Move (A)
Circle Pad: Aim (B)
A: Jump (A)
A: Shoot (B)
Finders Capers The Miis start on random spots of a pinetree forest maze. Their object is to find each other within two minutes. They can also call each other, making it easier to know if the other player is near. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Call (A, B)
All Fall Down The Miis are on a woods field with five trees. They must pull the saw once per time to cut the trunks. After them finish cutting a tree, it falls down and the Miis must avoid being hit. If they cut all five trees within one minute, they win. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Saw (A, B)
Skiing the Game The player A is driving a boat on a water course, while the player B is right on water skis attached to the boat. The player A must control the boat, so the player B is able to go through orange rings placed on the water. They must gather at least ten 3DS Coins out of fifteen to win. If the boat crashes into a ring, it gets slower. Tilt: Move (A, B)
Fish Foolish Both Miis are on a boat near a beach. They can move around in order to catch fish, which can be spotted by shadows on the water. They must collect at least twenty fish to win the game. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Use the rod (A, B)
Croppin' Mad The duo must take care of twelve seedlings inside a vegetable garden. One player uses a watering can, while another uses a fertilizer sack. If a plant needs water, it becomes brown, and if needs fertilizer, its leaves fall. If they bump into each other, they will be stunned for a few seconds. They win if every seedling is healthy within one minute. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)
A: Use watering can (A)
A: Use fertilizer (B)
Against My Wheel The Miis are driving a monster truck in a stadium. The player A moves the left side wheels, while the player B moves the right side wheels. Their object is to reach the goal avoiding getting off road. Circle Pad: Move wheels (A, B)
Stay A-Wave Both Miis are on a small boat in the middle of a wavy ocean. When the game starts, they must move around to balance the boat, that is unstable due to the waves, and avoid causing it to flip over. If this is done for one minute, they win the game. Circle Pad: Move (A, B)

References to other games

  • Judge: the gameplay of the Mini-Judge game is based on this game.
  • Super Mario Bros.: a picture of this game is seen on the background of the minigame, Night Fight.
  • Wii Party: the game, Balance Boxes and the minigame Co-Op Castle are references to Shifty Gifts and Teamwork Temple from this game, respectively.
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