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Scorched Road

Scorched Road.png

You may remember this name from our last showcase. Did it grab your attention? Hope it did, because we're kicking off the day with an in-depth description of the game and its mechanics. Hope you're ready...

Scorched Road is a fierce stylish action game, starring Rachel "Rae" Alighieri, a member of the Aether Force; A high-tech defense force that guards the futuristic cities of 2065. Without warning, the forces of Hell staged on invasion on Earth, and Beatrice Emaro, the heir to the throne, went missing in the struggle. Empowered by the energy of a dying demon, Rae takes matters into her own hands and stages a one-woman retaliation against the demons.

The gameplay of Scorched Road combines the blistering, fast-paced action and depth of Devil May Cry with the vicious aggression of Doom. The game is split into a multitude of stages, where Rae must fight her way through a variety of raging demons to reach the end of the stage. Various actions, like the demons killed, the time it took to complete a stage, and how much damage you took, gets factored into the score and ranking that gets assigned after the level's completion.

To shred through the legions of Hell, Rae has a selection of distinct and powerful weapons, taken straight from the demons themselves. Each of these weapons have their own expansive movelist and can be free switched between, allowing for long and stylish combos.

  • Inferno - A hellfire chainsaw axe. The first weapon Rae obtains, it is balanced, easy-to-learn, and built for offense.
  • Poseidon - An earth-based trident. It is slower and more defensive than Inferno, and has less combo options. Its real strength comes from traps and stage control.
  • Veles - A set of greaves and gauntlets, imbued with water. They are weak, short-ranged, and fast, and are designed for blistering high-speed combos.
  • Izanami - A dual-edged sword with the element of wind. Uniquely among the weapons, it is made for laucnhers and aerial combos, setting it apart from its ground-based peers.
  • Fenrir - A powerful cannon-shield hybrid. It is an extremely heavy weapon, with counters, crushing blows, and long-range blasts. It is balanced out by extremely slow attack speed.

In addition to these weapons, Rae also has access to a wide array of subweapons, scattered throughout the stage. Subweapons have much more limited movesets, with only one or two actions they can perform, draw from a gauge that limits their usage. Some subweapons can be brought into the beginning of the level, but they are not set and can be freely picked up and discarded throughout the stage. Some of these subweapons include:

  • Grappling Hook - The grappling hook is, well, a grappling hook. It can extend to grab ledges and drag enemies to Rae, allowing her to close the gap and leap across the area.
  • Volt Coil - The Volt Coil is a metallic coil made from the spines of an electric demon. Charged with electric energy, it can supercharge a weapon or spread electricity between enemies.
  • Flamethrower - The Flamethrower is, as its name suggests, a flamethrower. It focuses on rapid damage, shredding through enemies with close-range flame. As a tradeoff, it eats through SP like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Skewer - The Skewer is a short spear, used for quick thrusts and setups through impaling foes. This makes it a useful, versatile subweapon.
  • Megabomb - The Megabomb is, bar none, the strongest subweapon in the game. With a single button, Rae lets loose a massive explosion that annihilates just about everything in the room. Due to its immense power, it devours almost all of Rae’s SP, making it a last-resort option.

More information will be coming soon. Please look forward to it!

Occult Bullet


A less familiar name, this title was originally Spirit Smoke. While renamed, the premise is more or less the same. We're proud to reveal some new information on this upcoming title.

Setting Overview

Occult Bullet takes place in the city of Ashen, some time in the close future. Mysterious magical beings have appeared across the globe, dubbed Occult Beings. These Occult Beings can be separated into two major groups: Cryptics, which are non-sentient creatures that range from animalistic to fungal, and Arcanes, which are sentient, humanoid beings.

Ashen is a vibrant and unique city, having not just many human cultures from across the globe, but having a sizable population of Arcanes as well. While most citizens live in peace, there is some fear of the unknown regarding the Arcanes, who develop fear of their own.

You play as Vincent, or just Vince for short. A mysterious, inexplicably grayscale man in a trenchcoat, he takes up the role of a Hunter Noir; A detective and exterminator for the various Occult Beings that appear throughout Ashen. Provided he gets the payment he was promised, of course.

Gameplay Mechanics

Occult Bullet progresses via a calendar system. Vincent only has so much time in a day to get everything done, so players must plan their schedules accordingly. He can explore the city, interacting with civilians and taking up sidequests. He must also keep an eye out for hiding Cryptics; Be sure to steer clear of stronger ones unless you’re prepared for them.

Of course, it’s not just a leisurely stroll. This is business, and you’ll get a lot of clients coming in with cases to solve. Completing a case grants you money and a boost to your Reputation. However, failing to complete a case within the timeframe or doing so sloppily will decrease your Reputation, so only take a case if you think you can handle it.

Vince has a wide variety of weapons, forged from parts of Cryptics. Using the right weapon is the key to victory. In addition, he always carries a unique revolver that carries specialized bullets, also crafted from Cryptic parts. These bullets are even more valuable, as exploiting a Cryptic’s weakness can turn the tide, but these bullets are not infinite. Make sure every shot counts.

Weapon Overview

  • Fisticuffs - The old reliable. Not much damage, but you can do a lot with them and you can’t get them knocked out of your hands (Unless they rip your arm off, but that’s a bit harder to do). Can be buffed with armguards and gauntlets.
  • Daggers - Small, easily concealed weapons that can hit weak points easily. Can be thrown or wielded in pairs.
  • Pistols - Basic offensive weapons. Can hit up close or from a far, and pack a heavy punch.
  • Polearms - The beginner’s ranged weaponry. Long range, wide reach, and strong anti-air capabilities.
  • Burst Blades - A blunt, heavy sword that absorbs energy. In truth, it’s actually the sheath; The blade is made up of the absorbed energy, and can shred through the toughest of materials in no time.
  • Tonfa - Side-wielded batons with outstanding defensive capabilities. While they don’t do much raw damage on their own, they can block heavy blows, crack the toughest Cryptic armor, and unleash a devastating counter.

Rings - Unorthodox weapons that consist of rings with a spinning serrated edge. Pure offense; They shred through Cryptics like a hot knife through butter, but don’t even have a proper block.

Stay tuned for more info on this mysterious new world!

Grow from the Ashes

The trailer begins with a dark room. The lights flicker on and off, giving a glimpse of an isometric perspective, portrayed through cel-shaded models. A figure with dark skin and white hair can be seen, slumping out of what looks to be a large glass cylinder.

The figure is then seen running through a clean, metallic corridor, fighting off various small enemies with an array of weapons. They reach a large, dome-like structure, and upon entering, find a large monitor inside it Connected to it is a sort of dashboard, with a round gap in the center. Walking up to the dashboard, they place a blue, pulsating orb in the slot, and are enveloped in a bright blue light.

They are then shown in a variety of environments, from a blistering desert to a frozen jungle, fighting through larger, more distinct enemies. She is then shown with other people; A man in a fancy white suit, standing in a room full of rotating gears. A tall, blue-haired woman, levitating in a space full of floating platforms. A scarred individual in a suit of mechanical armor, brandishing a large cannon on their arm.

Finally, they are shown in a large, run-down laboratory. A hulking, multi-eyed, blobby monstrosity rises from a vat of glowing green liquid, and roars at the player character. In turn, they draw their guns and charge. Cut to the title:


Haven't heard that name in a while, eh? Cultivate was first revealed as far back as the 2020 Spring Showcase. Back then, it was presented as a metroidvania with roguelike elements and random generation, giving a wealth of replayability. As you can see, it's gone through some changes between now and then. Inspired by games like Hades and Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Cultivate has been reworked into an isometric perspective that leans more heavily on the roguelike aspect.

Cultivate gives a blank slate map at first, and scatters various Seeds throughout. By bringing the seeds to the modules throughout the map, you can rework the map into various different biomes, with increased difficulty and more powerful enemies. In addition, you can also choose where to start; Will you start from scratch entirely, or have a couple biomes in place already? The choice is yours, provided you're not in the mood for full randomization.

Please look forward to more news of Cultivate in the future!


Hero of the Stars

It is a wonderful day in Dream Land. Kirby's having a great big birthday party, and all his friends have come to celebrate. Daroach and the Squeaks are putting on a show, Adeleine's drawing in a shady little corner, Taranza's having a nap with Rick, Bandana Dee and Magolor are playing badminton (With poor Pitch as the ball), Gooey's... Gooey, and Kirby and Dedede are bigging out at the buffet. All in all, everyone is having a good time.

Suddenly, a shadow falls over the crowd. The party-goers look up, one by one, and react in horror as they notice a massive wave looming over them. Everyone bumps into each other, scrambling in an attempts to reach safety, before the wave collapses on them.

Kirby wakes up some time later, floating on a raft. Looking around, he realizes that he's surrounded by water as far as the eye can see. Looking lost and dejected for a moment, he notices something glowing in the distance. With a curious look in his eyes, he flies off to investigate.

Cut to gameplay. Kirby arrives on the stage with his signature pose and smile. He walks up to a Waddle Doo and inhales it, gaining the iconic Beam ability. Moving forward some more, he encounters a Blade Knight. However, instead of discarding his ability to inhale it or use Beam's attacks, he grabs it with a blue, watery tendril from his hand and absorbs it, summoning a little floating sword by his hand.

Cut to another shot, where he walks into the water. However, instead of swimming, he just continues walking as normal, throwing his Cutter blade like he was on the ground. More shots of him going through the flooded levels, displaying not just his well-known abilities, but his new sub-abilities as well. A protective vortex, floating bubble-bombs, a watery Wheelie, a small glowing lure.

Kirby's allies are shown off as well; Magolor in a sailor's hat, Daroach taking a bow, Meta Knight brandishing his sword, Bandana Dee posing next to a defeated monster. A new character, what looks to be a young mer-person, shyly presenting a small, glowing blue stone. A stream of water spouts from a cracked wall, spiraling around Kirby.

Finally, a boss fight: A massive, octopus-like Kracko, so big it can only fit in the background, with numerous writhing tentacles. It roars at Kirby, who readies his new watery tendrils and charges. Cue the title:


Formerly known as Kirby: Sea Stars while under the banner of Odd Spores Studios, Isurus has taken the reigns in developing this watery new twist on the beloved Kirby formula. Planet Pop Star has suddenly been flooded, and it's up to Kirby to put a stop to this. Gifted with the ability to fight as normal underwater, as well as aid from the mysterious ocean being Azu, Kirby's new powers will be put to the test.

Stay tuned for more on this reboot to an old project!

The Holy Man

It is a dark, cold night. Cold and dark, but not silent. Screams, roars, and crackling flames ring out through the night. Horrible monsters are assaulting a poor village; Skeletons, werewolves, vampires, the Grim Reaper himself, even a wyvern can be seen amongst the carnage.

A small boy, no older than eight, is seen stumbling through the wreckage, looking around fearfully. Unbeknownst to him, a tall vampire stalks him from the shadows, grinning a horrible grin. As the boy looks behind himself, the vampire makes his move, charging at him. The boy opens his mouth to scream...

Suddenly, the head of a morning star whip strikes the vampire, and a resounding CRACK! sounds out through the night. The vampire's head melts away like ash, and he slumps to the ground. The boy looks up tentatively, as the monsters fall silent, looking in the same direction. The whip's wielder can be seen: A muscular, bearded man, with a determined look in his eyes. He readies his whip once more, and looks towards the advancing monsters. A familiar tune begins playing. He rears his whip back, and strikes.

The man is shown marching through a mysterious, yet familiar gothic castle, in various different environments; A garden of carnivorous plants, a crumbling bridge, a clock tower. He is shown swinging a sword at a skeleton, throwing an axe to hit a hiding ghost, kicking a hole in a wall and pulling out an inexplicably-preserved roasted chicken.

More denizens of the night are shown: A massive demonic bat, a bandage-wrapped mummy, a raging serpent, an empty suit of armor. The whip-wielder is shown facing off against a pale, long-haired man wielding a sword, transforming into mist and bats. Finally, the king of the castle is shown: A luxuriously-dressed vampire with hatred in his eyes. "Come, Belmont," he snarls. "Face your destiny."

Cut to the title:


A reimagining of an old classic, told through the esteemed metroidvania style, Isurus is proud to announce that they are remaking the famous first Castlevania game! Simon, heir to the vampire-killing Belmont clan, must do his duty and stop the revival of the dark lord Dracula, hacking his way through a demon-infested castle. Please look forward to this revival of the Castlevania series!

Setting Sail


This name may ring a bell. Yet another 2020 reveal, Harbor Wave is a 3D fighting game that takes place in the near future. A mysterious occurrence has caused various forms of sea life to mutate into sentient, humanoid forms known as Seamorphs. The Seamorphs quickly adopted human culture and spread, becoming the new dominant species on Earth. Humans still exist, of course, but they only have up a third of the global population now. Flooding and mutated monsters has caused changes to the map, both geographically and politically, and the world is much different than it is now.

Harbor Wave is a 3D fighting game built around being accessible, but still having depth in its combat. The inputs are simple, without having complex multi-direction inputs like in traditional 2D fighters, and there aren't massive., complex combo-based movesets like in Tekken. Like most fighting games, the goal is to deplete your opponent's health gauge to zero. To achieve this, the fighters are given three different universal attacks: Strikers, Knockers, and Chargers.

Strikers are the standard attacks, and can be mashed for a combo. These attacks also have directional inputs and a charged variant as well. Knockers are heavy attacks, breaking guards and blowing opponents across the room. They usually have normal and charged inputs, but the exact options can vary. Chargers give fighters a burst of mobility, allowing them to close the gap and follow up in combos. Like Knockers, the Chargers have varying inputs, though they usually have grounded and aerial variants.

Aside from the attack buttons, each fighter can jump, dodge, and guard. Guarding is notable, because unlike most fighting games, Harbor Wave allows the player to move around while guarding, albeit slowed and deprived of any other input. Guarding is derived from a Guard Gauge, which slowly depletes every time the Guard button is held, and loses a sizeable chunk whenever hit with an attack. Once fully depleted, you cannot Guard again until the gauge finishes it's automatic refill. This prevents players from just sitting there and not doing anything.

Fighters also have a unique special move, with each character having a different function for their input. This gives them more distinction and identity. Lastly, by filling up the Tsunami Meter, fighters can pull off a Tidal Wave, an extremely powerful attack that functions as the game's "Ultimate Move." The Tsunami Meter rises when dealing or taking damage, and empties when the Tidal Wave is used.

And now, for some character reveals! Previously, I had some issues with the artwork, which led to Harbor Wave nearly being cancelled and is the reason behind it's lack of presence at the 2020 Spooky Showcase. However, many people have offered to help pitch in, giving Harbor Wave a unique mix of art styles. Have a look!

Captain Carcharocles Cousteau (Art by User:SharkLord1954)


Also known as "The Toothbeard," Cousteau is a famous pirate shark from the early days of the Seamorph Era. Adventurous and always up for a challenge, he travels the seas with his crew, helming a ship known as the Cretalamna. Boasting immense physical strength and a hook on his fin, he is one of the most powerful beings on the planet, and is given the freedom to explore the world as he pleases by the various nations. He also bears a connection to a mysterious force known as the Riptide, but never bothers to hone his ability. Not like he needs it, anyways.

Silent Sting (Art by User:CrakaboLazy4090)


The Silent Sting is a legendary jellyfish spy. Whenever a shady faction needs investigating, he's your guy. Crafty, a crack shot, and user of various fancy gadgetry, the Silent Sting has a perfect record. His tales of bringing down dark conspiracies are so popular, he's even given out the license to have movies made of them (Albeit begrudgingly).

Oswald (Art by User:MetaNite64)


The token human of the roster, Oswald is a cheerful young man fascinated with the culture and biology of the Seamorphs. Having grown up in the predominantly human nation of the Western Coastline, he had developed a fascination with the Seamorphs, always wondering how similar or different they and humans were. He constructed his own homemade diving suit to take atrip to the Seamorph nations, and joined the Seamorph Tournament.

Alwin (Art by User:IntertidalHorizon)


Alwin is the captain of the Neptune Corps, an international force dedicated to keeping the peace and stopping any malicious forces, be it monster or villainous group. A jolly pinecone fish, he acts as the "dad" for the team. While he may seem silly and even a little clumsy off the job, he's still one of the strongest fighters in the Corps, and has decades of skill under his belt.

Il Grande (Art by User:SharkLord1954)

Il Grande is a powerful crime boss, and leader of the Mediterranean States' mafia. Hiding his crime activities underneath a popular restaurants, Il Grande's reach extends even beyond the MS' borders. Despite his cold and ruthless behavior, he still has honor; He will not kill indiscriminately, and he is capable of showing respect for those who impress him.

That's about a third of the roster! You won't have to wait long for the rest of them; Harbor Wave will start development next month! Please look forward to Isurus' first true original game.

Great New World


Ah yes, Arianell: Silver Shroud. The one game to be featured in both of Isurus' showcases so far. This has been built up to be quite the project thus far, and we intend to make good on that claim. Today, we'll be showcasing the world of Silver Shroud, and those that live in it.



What you see here is the land of Altheria. A continent a little larger than Europe, in a world full of magic. Magic runs through it's very existence: The ground, the plants, the animals, the water, the air. Altheria is a truly magical world, in the most literal sense. Of course, it's not just a whimsical fairy tale; The inhabitants of this world have formed civilizations, developed technology, and go through their own struggles, just as we do. Let's take a closer look at this wonderful world.

The Wood Elves


The Wood Elves occupy the bulk of the center-west section of Altheria. Like all elves, they are slender, have pointed ears, and don't grow facial hair, as well as antler-like horns. The skin of Wood Elves are various shades of brown and green, and their hair can take many different colors. They are in tune with nature, building homes in the trees and having a natural connection to earth magic. They are the most powerful power in Altheria, thanks to their size, technology, and many alliances. However, there's a growing divide between the traditionalists and the modernists, not to mention the various minorities living within it.

Wood Elf culture draws from various Native American and British Isle inspirations.

The Dwarves


The Dwarves are the most technologically advanced race in Altheria, developing firearms, machinery, and various other gadgets and devices. They are shorter, heavier, and denser than the other races, with their tough skin taking on shades of brown, black, and most commonly, grey. Notably, all dwarves grow beards, males and females alike, though there's been a movement with the Dwarven youth where they shave their beards. Dwarves occupy the northwestern corner of Altheria, but their technology has been distributed all across the continent.

Dwarven culture is based mainly on the Germanic cultures, with some touches of African culture as well.

The Orcs


The sole landlocked country in Altheria, the Orcs are known for being the largest and toughest race in Altheria. They are recognizable for being large, green-skinned, and having distinctive tusks in their lower jaws. They are proud warriors and live a nomadic lifestyle, but they are not mindless brutes. They are renowned for their craftwork, most notably large and powerful weaponry. They are also famous for their superb track record in past conflicts, resisting all intruders and winning the majority of their wars. However, they are content to remain within their borders.

The culture of their Orcs is largely original, with various influences, most notably the Mongolians.

The Beastfolk


The Beastfolk are a diverse group, resembling humanoid forms of various different animals, from wolves to tigers. They were once the dominant race of Altheria, but the advent of more magically-inclined and technologically-advanced civilizations led them to be conquered and forced into tiny pockets. As of recent, they are beginning to spring back, both in their territories and as minority groups scattered all across Altheria.

The Beastfolk are based off of various tribal and Latin American cultures, with some cues taken from the wildlife they are based on as well.

The Leanan


The Leanan are a unique group, with skintones varying between red, grey, and blue, horn on their heads, thin tails, and bat-like wings (Though most cannot fly; It's believed they are a vestigial trait). They have powerful magic connections, and lived in isolation in a peninsula at the north of Altheria. However, they were unfortunately beaten down by stronger kingdoms. However, they have rebounded greatly in modern times, and have become a successful nation in their own right. They are also notable for being the main producers of media in Altheria, from video games to animation.

The Leanan are inspired by Irish and Korean cultures, as well as high-tech modern cities in general.

The Night Elves


The Night Elves, identified by dark skin that varies between black, blue, and purple and twisted horns, have had it rough. They were the first Elf kingdoms to form, forming a massive empire that ruled the lands with powerful clockwork technology. However, an unfortunate chain of events toppled their empire, leaving them a shadow of their former selves. They are now the smallest and weakest of the Elven kingdoms, with a sizeable minority population in various lands. However, hope still remains that they can bounce back and rise again.

The Night Elves are based on Brazilian and Indian cultures, with a clockwork flair.

The Human Kingdoms


Humans are much like us... Except they aren't the dominant species. They aren't as magically inclined, technologically advanced, or physically powerful, and they don't even have a large unified kingdom. Instead, they have various smaller kingdoms scattered throughout Altheria, most notably in a southeast section of the continent. However, humans are also the most widespread race in Altheria, and can have children with all the other races, integrating some of their traits into the gene pool. Perhaps, one day, they will become a powerful force...

The Crimson Fields


The Crimson Fields aren't a kingdom or a race. It is a section of land defined by it's lack of kingdom, at least as far as the Altherian Council is concerned. Named after tales of bloody battles that stained the ground red, the Crimson Fields are a horrible, hostile land that contains some of the most dangerous creatures known to the Altherian races. There are some sentient beings here, such as Giants and Greater Dragons, but they are too violent and hostile to form a society that can peacefully interact with nations outside the Crimson Fields.

The Sun Elves


The Sun Elves occupy the largest section of Altheria's lands. Their skin is all warm colors-Red, yellow, and orange-And they have long, banded horns. They were the strongest nation in Altheria not too long ago, but their hyperfocus on their grudge with the Moon Elves, lack of connections, and thinly-spread population has caused them to lose that power. The various Sun Elf towns and cities are divided by a large, harsh desert, causing them to develop different subcultures and ways of life. Even towns with only a couple miles apart will feel much different.

The Sun Elves are a mix of ancient China, ancient Persia, and the Wild West, with the exact balance varying depending on where you look.

The Moon Elves


The Moon Elves have an isolated society, split off by the sea between the Altherian mainland and their island. Bearing pale hair and skin, they have developed their own unique culture, weaponry, and magic from the rest of Altheria, using charms and talismans in place of runes and spells. They have a fierce rivalry with the Sun Elves, making it difficult for the more neutral kingdoms to approach them.

The Moon Elves are predominantly based on feudal Japan, with some influences from Finnish, Filipino, and Ainu cultures.

The Merrow


The Merrow are a mysterious and isolated peoples, with scales of various color, webbed hands and feet, and gills on their necks. They are amphibious, with the majority living underwater. They live on multiple islands, with a colony on the southeastern shores of the mainland. They are thought by many to be a more primitive and nomadic society; However, they are in truth a powerful kingdom of their own. The Merrow come in many different varieties and subspecies, though they aren't known very well by the Altherian mainland.

The Merrow draw from Southeast Asian and Oceanan cultures.

The Alkonost


The Alkonost are an isolated, bird-like race that lives high up in the mountains. The Sun Elves are the only race with strong, established connections, and small minority groups in other territories often live without any knowledge of how their fellow Alkonost live. The Alkonost Kingdom functions on a caste system, with each person being assigned a role based on which subspecies they are. It's said that it is ruled by an oppressive dictator, but not many truthful stories have been told about them.

The Alkonost are based on Eastern Europe and ancient Greece.



The most recent of the nations, Patchwork occupies the southwestern portion of Altheria. It was originally conceived as a safe haven for Half-Elves, which suffered from much prejudice. However, running an ethnostate for an ill-defined and highly varied umbrella of peoples proved to be very difficult, and it eventually just accepted people of all races and backgrounds. Now, it is a modern and prosperous nation, with a diverse population of all different races and appearances.

And that concludes our introduction to the world of Altheria. We hope you are looking forward to exploring this great new world, and helping it expand. Yes, that's right; Altheria is a free-to-edit setting, and everyone can contribute to it! Of course, there's gonna be some ground rules, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

And that concludes Isurus' 2021 Spring Showcase! Hope something caught your eye!