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This page will detail the announcements of SharkLord1954 and his company, Isurus Multimedia Industries, at the 2020 Spring Showcase.


Improved Reverberate Logo.png

To start off our presentation, we'll be focusing on the crossover fighting game, Reverberate. A spinoff to the Super Smash Bros. series that started with the idea of "What if I gave everyone an Echo Fighter?," Reverberate is just about ready to go! That's right, you won't have to worry about Poll No. Who-Cares-Anymore?, and we can finally get a move-on. That being said, I felt like giving it one last push while I can, and maybe give some last little bit of info. For one, I have a much-cleaner looking title, so that's good. However, I'd like to focus on the story mode a little. Also, trailers. Can't have a game without a trailer, or you'll end up going down the same path as Klonoa. Without further ado, here we go!


The trailer starts out with footage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with Mario, Sonic, Kirby, and Villager fighting it out on Final Destination as Lifelight plays in the background. As Mario breaks a nearby Smash Ball and readies his Mario Finale, the screen zooms out, showing Tom Nook watching the fray from his computer screen.

An Animal Crossing-styled text box appears. "Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to join the mayor and Isabelle with his palls. Maybe next time..."

A lightbulb appears over Tom's head and he sits up in his seat. "I'VE GOT IT! If I can't make it into Smash, I'll just have to make my OWN Smash! But who should I invite...?"

Cut to footage of the gameplay. Chrom and Gooey duke it out on Royal Road, showcasing attacks and jumping between the two planes. Eventually, Gooey gets Chrom into a broken state, grabs him with his tongue, and throws him through the walls of the stage.

More footage plays, showing characters such as Celica, Plusle & Minmun, Soma Cruz, Dark Meta Knight, and Proto Man, plus various stages. Akuma gains the power of his Resonation, Reverberate's equivalent to a Final Smash, and unleashes his infamous Shun Goku Satsu on Rock.

Tom Nook claps his hands in satisfaction. "I'd say our little tournament has been a success."

The screen cuts out, then shows a familiar silhouette. The screen lights up to show that the figure is Metal Mario, trudging ahead emotionlessly. The screen then leads to Giga Bowser roaring furiously, staring down Dragonite, Jonathan Morris, Kumatora, and Morpho Knight, dwarfing each of them. A skeletal figure wrapped in a cloak takes up the screen-Death of Castlevania fame, his scythe at the ready.

Soma puts his hand to his head. "All I wanted was a friendly tournament. Can't I do anything without monsters getting in the way?"

Cut to Tom Nook saying, "I'm afraid the tournament may have to be put on hold."

The title appears on the screen, with triumphant fanfare in the background. The screen fades out, leading to the stinger.

A white-haired man with skin seemingly covered in crystal is shown, rubbing his head and groaning. "Ng... Where... Am I?"

And the trailer is done! As you can see, there's a couple of reveals here, such as a couple new fighters-Specifically, Celica, Jonathan, Morpho Knight, and Gebel, the last of which is based on my iteration of Miriam in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. A bit of a surprise, isn't it? Another thing to note is that Royal Road will be a stage, as well as the Resonations and some hints to the bosses and the Story Mode, such as Metal Mario, Giga Bowser, and Death. How they are involved is open for speculation, until I begin development.

And that's about all I have for today! Stay tuned for tomorrow's news!

Kirby Reverie Wanderers

Kirby Reverie Wanderers Title.png

Kirby Reverie Wanderers is the newest installment in the long-running Kirby franchise, and most importantly, where the series finally makes the full jump to 3D!

Aside from the new 3D format, the gameplay is mostly the same: Kirby moves through the various levels, fighting off enemies with his signature Copy Abilities and Inhale powers, solving puzzles, and uncovering secrets. There will be no new gimmicks, as the idea is to introduce Kirby to 3D gradually, without any zany new powers in the way; Those come later. That being said, there are a couple changes to the formula, as detailed below.

For one, Kirby's attacking options have been expanded, with each Copy Ability having both a Light and Heavy attack, to help translate the Copy Abilities' moveset from 2D to 3D. Another thing to note is that some Copy Abilities, like Sword and Fighter, have had their movesets expanded into full-on combo strings, giving off the vibe of a hack-and-slash or 3D fighter, though this doesn't extend to all Abilities. Lastly, all Abilities have a special "Full Release" move, an incredibly powerful attack that deals massive damage or has some sort of special effect, but completely uses up the Copy Ability. This allows for one-use abilities like Crash and Cook finally have a full movesets!

Anither thing to note is the hub worlds: As the game has Kirby and co. travelling across the entire planet of Pop Star, Kirby takes a visit to villages in different regions of the planet for each world. There, he can visit the residents, partake in minigames, and access the levels.

I can't say much more today, so I'll end on this: Kirby Reverie Wanderers will star an all-star voice-acted cast of fan-favorites from across the series that's sure to have just about everyone pleased! Stay tuned for later news!

Metroid: Genome

Metroid Genome Title.png





A slideshow begins to play, showing scenes of past Metroid games. Shots of Samus in battle against various enemies flash by: Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain, the Metroid Prime, Gorea, the Emperor Ing, Dark Samus, the Metroid Queen, Ridley again, and the sacrifice of the Baby Metroid, so that it's mother may defeat Mother Brain once and for all.

The screen fades to black.

"...Ungh... Where...?"

Samus wakes up in a medical room. She puts her hand to her head, as if to assauge a headache. Her Power Suit has not been activated, leaving her in her Zero Suit.

"Samus." An man in a futuristic doctor's ourfit is standing by Samus' bed. "You took quite the beating there. After Zebes blew up, you were out for months. We weren't sure if you'd ever wake up."

"...Zebes...? Blew up...?" Samus puts her hand to her head again, racking her memories.

"You suffered some head trauma back there. Might take a bit of time to recover. I know it's not something you can rush, but we hope you can recover soon, because there's a new job for you."

Cut to gameplay of Samus blowing through an army of Space Pirates, alien predators, and other various enemies in a third-person view, wearing a silver version of her Power Suit. In combat, Samus is seen utilizing various iconic abilities, such as her Power Beam, Missiles, Grapple Beam, Screw Attack, and Morph Ball form.

"The Space Pirates seem to be staging one last attack now that Mother Brain's out for the count. We need someone to get rid of them once and for all. However, you won't be alone..."

A man in a black-colored armor and a cannon strapped his back flies down to the ground. He lifts up his face plate to reveal his identity: Anthony Higgs. "Remember me?"

Anthony's reveal is followed by shots of three aliens, one after another: One somewhat feminine, onne a hulking mass of machinery, and one odd and riding upon a slide of ice: The three hunters from Metroid Prime 3.

The trailer ends with Samus' armor becoming thicker, bulkier and orangy-red as opposed to the silver suit she had throughout the trailer: Her iconic Varia Suit.

The title appears: METROID: GENOME.

There you have it. The beginning of a new story in the Metroid series, Metroid: Genome! Taking elements from past games and combining them with a healthy dose of PlatinumGames action, Metroid: Genome takes place in between SUPER METROID and METROID: FUSION, and will lead into future storylines.

Notably, Metroid: Genome stars Rundas, Gandrayda, and Ghor, who debuted in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and died in the same game. The explanation for this is REDACTED. Another thing to note is that SAMUS ARAN suffers from a degree of amnesia, allowing other characters to explain past events in the series to not only Samus, but to new players as well.

While it wasn't shown in the trailer, SAMUS ARAN'S POWER SUIT was damaged after the destruction of ZEBES at the end of SUPER METROID, and she doesn't have access to all of her abilities. As a result, she is forced to use the genes of various alien organisms to augment her powers, hence the title.

Well, that's all for today! More information for METROID: GENOME will come -t a proc-du-a- p-ce. Plea-e k--p --tch------

A rounded metal face appears on the screen, with a thin glowing line down the middle: Sylux.

"Do not listen to the Galactic Federation." They warn the viewer. "They lie. Everything about them is a lie. They cannot be trusted. Think for yourselves for once. Break free."

Sylux signs off, and the screen is filled with static, then fades to black.

Harbor Wave: Battle for the Seven Seas

Harbor Wave.png

The trailer begins with a shot of the starry sky. A series of shooting stars streak across the sky. One, however, breaks off from the rest of the group, streaking towards the earth. The camera pans down into the dark water below, showing a great white shark swimming through the seas. The shooting star crashes down into the water mere feet away, startling it and causing it to bolt away. An ominous green substance begins to bubble out of the the star-sent rock.

The year is 2054 AD.

A mysterious phenonenon is occuring across the globe: Sea life of varying forms have been rapidly evolving into humanoid forms, gaining sentience, speech, and a variety of other human-like traits. The world is in panic trying to decifer what is going on, and decide what to do with the new beings, dubbed Seamorphs by the scientific community.

As the narrator says this, varying shots of humans in panic, the Seamorphs rising out of the seas, and humans fighting the Seamorphs are shown.

56 YEARS LATER: 2110 AD.

Humanity and the Seamorphs begin learn to coexist. However, various wars, natural disasters, and other conflicts have led to a newer, more dangerous world. Humans and Seamorphs alike are forced to adapt to this new environment...

The trailer shifts to a shot of a pirate ship. Two Seamorphs are facing off, a hulking pirate shark and a sleek dolphin knight. Surrounding them are throngs of Seamorphs and humans, hollering and cheering. The flags above them bears an illustration of a shark's jaws, with a pair of bones crossed behind it.

The dolphin raises her sword and begins her speech. "On my honor as a Knight of the Neptune Corps, I shall-"

The shark throws back his head and lets out a hearty laugh, revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth. More teeth jut out from his chin, forming a toothy beard, and his left fin has a massive hook attatched to it. "Calm down, lassie. It's just a casual spar. Save the speech for seriosu moments."

The dolphin hesistates, then reluctantly gives up on the speech and readies her blade, her shield rasied for protection.

The shark grins, and raises his hook as wll.

An octopus in a referee's outfit stands between the two, and raises a flag in his four left tentactles. "Ready!" His skin flashes blue. "Set!" His skin now changes to a bright red. "GO!" He becomes green all over as the two fighters charge towards each other, their weapons flashing.

The title flashes into view:


What you just saw was footage of our new 3D fighting game: Harbor Wave (Subtitle optional)! Harbor Wave takes place in a future where sea life around the globe has mutated into humanoid forms. A lot has happened since then, and some of the Seamorphs have taken up the art of fighting. With a varied cast of fighters, ranging from famous species like the great white shark to more obscure creatures like the vampire squid, there's a little someone for everyone here! In fact, there may even be a couple guest fighters...

Stay tuned for more news!

(I was going to draw a character here, but it turns out tat takes more time than I realized, so just image I drew someone here and tell me what you see. Still in the planning stages, so I'm open to suggestions.)



The trailer begins in a dark room. The lights flicker on and off, giving brief glimpses of the area; A futuristic yet run-down room, filled with blinking lights, screens, and tubes. The entire scene is portrayed in pixel art.

The lights fully light up, showing a large tube opening in the center of the screen. A figure crumplesout of the tube, and a feminine robotic voice rings out, saying, "Subject ALZ-5962 has awakened." The screen fades to black.

More shots of the figure running through futuristic halls, polished but desolate, with only enemies scattered throughout the area. The figure-Subject ALZ-5962-themselves seems to have long, white hair, fairly dark skin, and a dull red suit. She(?) is shown using a handful of weapons throught the clips, such as knives, firearms, and bombs. All the clips show of fluid, Dead Cells-esque pixel art, set to withdrawn techno music.

A shot of the game's map. Everything is filled out, leaving nothing left to be discovered... And yet, the completion percentage only shows 20%. The map closes, and the Subject is shown standing in the same dreary, futuristic location, this time with a large metalic dome in the background. Entering, she finds a sort of table, with a round slot in the middle. She reaches over and places what looks to be a glowing green orb covered in vines in the slot. Suddenly, the screen shakes, and the lights turn off. When they light back up, the same robotic voice from before announces, "The Cultivation process is complete."

Subject ALZ exits the dome to find that the empty metal walls have been replaced with a vibrant rainforest, full of life. The music swells into a wide variety of genres as the figure traverses a wide variety of enviroments: Swamp, desert, coral reef, a fleshy environment, a beehive. Once again, she enters a large dome-shaped structure and places an orb on the table, this time resembling a sparkling diamond. Exiting, she finds the jungle she was just in is now covered in crystals. She moves through the environments from before, now covered in varying subtances: Crystal, fungi, ice, fire, or outright submerged underwater.

The Subject enters a room full of rotating gears, with a figure in a fancy white suit and a pocketwatch at his side. He extends his cane and beckons. As the two figures advance towards each other, the title appears:


What you just saw is Cultivate, a unique sci-fi metroidvania experience. While you start out in a stable, pre-set environment, to progress you must use various Seeds scattered throughout the map. Each Seed creates a different environment, and what's more, they are all randomly generated, meaning you must play through the game multiple times to experience all the areas in the game.

In fact, the gear and many of the Seed-generated rooms are randomly generated as well, giving Cultivate some roguelike aspects. With randomly generated gear and rooms, a unique cast of characters, and different endings, each of which reveal something new about the mysterious environment in which you are trapped, Cultivate is sure to keep bringing you back for more.

Have fun unravelling all the secrets within; That's sure to take a good, long while!

Victorious Smash Bros.

WARNING: This might take a while. You should probably sit down for this, perhaps grab a snack while you're at it.

Victorious Smash Bros.png

The trailer begins on what appears to be a massive floating colosseum, with everything shaded with a comic book-like filter. Two figures stand in the center: Mario and Sonic.

Mario beckons to his opponent. "Lets-a go, pisano!"

Sonic returns the plumber with a grin. "No holding back!" The blue blur rushes towards his opponent at blinding speeds. Mario is caught off-guard for a moment as Sonic blitzes him from all angles, but quickly rights himself and jumps into the air. Sonic is forced to skid to a halt as he finds himself below his opponent as opposed to parallel, and is crushed by Mario's ground pound.

Mario jumps back into the air and attempts another ground pound, but Sonic bolts out of the way before he can be hit. Suddenly, an arrow whizzes past just inches from Sonic's face. Turning around, Sonic sees the source of the shot: The hero of Hyrule, Link, bow at the ready. As Link sends forth a hail of arrows, Sonic and Mario are forced to go on the defensive. While Sonic has no problem dodging thanks to his superior speed, Mario has some trouble, getting struck all over.

At last, Link stops his pointy rainstorm, and instead throws his boomerang.

Big mistake. Mario grabs his hat and throws it at the boomerang-Or, more specifically, his good friend Cappy. As the bonneter strikes the boomerang, Mario is sucked in to the weapon, which returns to it's holder-Right in the gut!

As Link reels back, Mario jumps away-Only to be struck out of the air by an axe. The distinctive sound of the cracking of a whip is heard, and it's owner steps into view: The mighty vampire hunter, Simon Belmont. Simon follows up with a powerful whip strike, sending Mario careening back into a wall.

While his adversaries are distracted, Sonic barrels into Simon with his Boost, slamming the warrior of House Belmont into a wall. Sonic continues his assault with a chain of Homing Attacks, only to be interrupted with a one-two trike of an arrow of light, followed by a powerful energy shot. The super fighting robot, Mega Man, and the captain of Palutena's Guard, Pit, help Simon to his feet, and the three turn their weapons on the fighters before them.

The trio quickly begin a powerful combined assault, sending a wave of projectiles to their foes and forcing them on the defensive. Suddenly, a high-pitched squeak sounds out from behind them, and the torrent of projectile weaponry is sucked away. Everyone turns their attention to the source of the vacuum: The Star Warrior Kirby.

Kirby wastes no time getting down to business, blasting Mario out of the way with his charging fireball, then bypassing Link's shield with a powerful suplex, followed by a mighty blow with his hammer. Everyone quickly realizes Kirby is the greater threat, and begins to focus their  offense on him. However, each attack is either dodged, inhaled, or absorbed by Kirby's Stone form.

Suddenly, a massive purple claw grabs Kirby from behind and grinds his face along the ground. He is thrown off the platform, but is saved by his trusty Warp Star. Wheeling around, he sees his mysterious assailant, the vicious space pirate Ridley, who lets out a loud roar. Immediately after, a tether of electricity grabs him and drags him to the ground. It is Samus Aran, space warrior and bounty hunter. She pins Ridley to the ground and lets loose a volley of missiles into her arch-nemesis, perhaps more than logically necessary.

As Ridley strugles to get Samus off of him, more fighters begin to join the fray. Pokeballs rain down from parts unknown, releasing Pikachu, Mewtwo, and GreninjaFox McCloud and Falco Lombardi exit their Arwings, and Captain Falcon follows suit, riding into battle in his famous Blue FalconRyu approaches the mighty warriors before him, followed by the hungry wolf of Southtown, Terry Bogard. The legendary Hero-King Marth materializes via Warp magic, followed by the Radiant Hero Ike and the tried and true teacher, Byleth.

Bowser, king of the koopas, flies down in his Koopa Clown Car, his son Bowser Junior following close behind him. Yoshi falls down before the Koopa King, and Mario's younger brother and number two, Luigi, follows suit, Poltergust at the ready. More and more fighters materialize; NessDonkey KongR.O.B.Mr. Game and WatchPac-ManLittle MacVillager, and the Inklings all join the fray.

Suddenly, an explosion, seemingly out of nowhere, interrupts the fighting. A mysterious cardboard box that was most certainly not there before lifts up, revealing the legendary mercenary, Solid Snake, who delivers his famous line: "Kept you waiting, huh?"

As the battle rages on, a small, round figure steps out of the shadows. A blue bandana is wrapped around his head, and a spear is carried upon his back. He takes a couple breaths in and out to hype himself up. "Okay. This is what you've trained for. You can do this. I can do this." As he leaps into the fray, spear raised, a title splash appears:

BandannaWaddleDee KSA.png

BANDANA WADDLE DEE Gets to the Point!

Bandana Dee lands in front of the gathered mass of fighters, desperately hoping he looks cool. Some are cheering and beckoning, while others (Ridley in particular) are too busy trying to avoid getting fried by their arch-nemesises. Bowser, however, looks very unamused.

"What's this?!" he demands. "Were letting... Hat Goombas in now?!"

Bandana Dee freezes. His left eye twitches, then his right. He turns around to face Bowser, a dangerous glint in his eyes, then charges.

"I mean, really! He's just a-" Bowser is too busy ranting to notice the charging Dee, who smashes his face in with a Parasol Drill, then unleashes a barrage of spear strikes, and finishes it off with a mighty Megaton Punch. Leaping off of the beaten Bowser, Bandana Dee gets back up and dusts himself off, his confidence solidified. "Anyone else?"

He is answered by a foot coming out of nowhere, kicking him away. Terry, who is currently dealing with Ryu, turns around, and his usual confident smile vanishes instantly; In it's place is an uncharacteristic display of fear. The figure turns around and laughs maniacally.

RugalB Discord Spirit.png

RUGAL Brings About the Omega!

Unlimited R begins to play as Rugal utterly shreds through the competition, wielding his signature attacks such as the Kaiser Wave, Reppuken, and Genocide Cutter, culminating in him jumping up, stomping Pit to the ground, and spinning around on the poor angel, drilling him into the ground. He picks up the angel's bloodied, broken body, and taunts, "Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god again."

As Rugal throws back his head and laughs, a ball of fire strikes him from behind. Turning around, Rugal is quickly blitzed by what appears to be a bat, which then transforms into a wolf, then into a pale man, who strikes Rugal with a series of lightning-fast sword strikes.

The man kicks Rugal away, and teh camera pans up to give a good look at him. The Tragic Prince begins to play as the title card appears:

Alucard Assist Trophy (SSBU).png

ALUCARD Swoops In!

Alucard frowns slightly, then proceeds to unleash his whole arsenal of spells upon Rugal: Hellfire, Dark Inferno, Tetra Spirit, Sould Steal, you name it. Eventually, it is now Rugal who is badly beaten.

Suddenly, a spear cuts through the fighting men, and Bandana Dee returns to the fray. The three stand before each other for a moment, then charge. The title appears:


There you go: My very own Super Smash Bros. title! As you can see, I've chosen some more niche characters here (Or at least, the latter two are), and it's gonna get even more extreme from there! Not much more I can reveal now (Beyond the fact that I did not expect the trailer to go on that long)-Except for one last reveal...

The camera shifts to a a cliff some ways away from the battlefield. A wonderfully nostalgic tune begins to play, and a short figure with a ring in their hand steps into view.


KLONOA Blows Through!


The screen fades to show a map, with the aesthetic of a worn-down and aged scroll, with text in a stylized, fantasy-like font pointing out various locations within the area. The map shows a top-down view of what looks to be a large grassland. On the bottom are tabs to show the different layers of the area, with the number of the area going up to five; Currently, the player is on the fourth layer.

The map is rolled up, and the camera shows the actual gameplay. Everything, from the grass to the skies, are cel-shaded in a way that looks like a mix between a sprite and a painting. In the center is the player character, what looks to be a young elf girl in her early teens, She is wearing simple robes; Clearly early-game gear. Her skin is black, her hair is fairly short and pink, and what looks to be a small pair of horns are poking out of her hair. Five small, star-like purple markings can be seen on her left cheek.

The girl lifts her head from the map, and the camera pans up with her. The viewer is given a view of the truly massive area they are in, stretching as far as the eye can see. As the young girl stares out at the landscape, the title fades into view:

Silver Shroud.png

And here's the last reveal of the showcase! Arianell: Silver Shroud is probably my biggest original project I have in mind so far; while calling it an action-adventure game is the simplest description, I feel that it is a bit bigger than just that. Combining elements of hack-and-slash, metroidvania, and western, eastern, and action RPGs, with a small smattering of social elements, Arianell: Silver Shroud could be described as more-or-less a combination of what I find fun in gaming as a whole.

A similar mindset extends to the graphics, and what I find to be visually pleasing: The filter laid over the models tries to emulate the aesthetics of various 2D mediums, leading to a visual style that combines Dead Cells, modern Guilty Gear installments, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, with just a hint of the 2019 Samurai Shodown reboot.

All in all, Arianell: Silver Shroud is something I'm planning to put my heart and soul into once I begin the development (Which comes much later, once I've learned how to properly use all the wiki codes). In fact, I'm planning to turn it into the flagship franchise of Isurus Multimedia Industries. I sincerly hope that you enjoy this game when I create it.

And with that, I am done! I hope you're looking forwards to all I have planned; Which would you say is your favorite? Please let me know; I need all the feedback I can get!