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The 2020 Spring Showcase is an event that will take officially take place between March 21 and March 23 in 2020. Companies partaking in the showcase will show off the newest information they have on video games, technology, fiction, film, etc. This showcase is being hosted by FuchsiaPanacea (tbc), who has changed the way presentations work to make them easier to partake in for users across the website and make them significantly less of a big commitment.

Users can sign up here.


These are the presentations of the participating showcases.

  • If you have a company, feel free to replace your name in the link with the name of your respective company.
  • If you intend on presenting as just yourself, feel free to remove the user credit proceeding the end of your link.
  • If you decide to cancel, please cross your stuff out rather than remove yourself outright.
  • Remember that you can do your showcase anytime before the 21st and anytime after the 23rd for about a week or so. You really don't have to be on time. The deadline probably will be April 1st so we don't have people presenting when the showcase's momentum has long been down.
by DoodleFox
Funny show about funny things. A lot of these will probably never happen but its fun to daydream, right?
by IncarnateParanoia
Pages touched by IncarnateParanoia are recognizable by their code, which is more often than not sophisticated to the point of insanity. The majority of their projects are either turn-based role-playing games, or fighting games driven by character gimmicks.
by Darth Phazon
Phazonworks Engineering Division works on projects with familiar titles, typically original entries or remakes; when their creator works on each individual project is typically dependent on his mood.
  • Example projects: Pokémon Brawn & Brain
  • To be showcased: Expect new Pokémon and features, as well as a brand-new mechanic sure to leave mouths watering.
Bruh Funny Studios
by El Guac
Bruh Funny Studios specializes on Family Guy funny moments videos
  • Example projects: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x JoJo's Bizarre AdventureSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate x Hollow Knight
  • To be showcased: A smaller variety of different projects, including Castle Crashers 2: Again!, Of Snake and Demon, info on Fighter's Pass Gamma, and a few other surprises.
by Sharklord1954
SharkLord1954 and his company, Isurus Multimedia Industries, is a recent addition to the wiki. Isurus started as a small indie company that pitched ideas to many companies, each of which got turned down. Eventually, Nintendo accepted Isurus' plans, buying out the company and working with it to create the Nintendo Super Switch and it's library.
  • Example projects: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Nintendo Super Switch
  • To be showcased: A wide variety of upcoming projects, detailed below. Given that I have literally three pages on this wiki and loads of planned projects, this may take a while. Buckle in, it's gonna be a wild ride.
    • Some last little bits of news for the upcoming crossover fighter and Super Smash Bros. spinoff, Reverberate, before progress begins.
    • A first look at a Kirby fangame, where the pink puffball finally makes a true jump to 3D.
    • Details on the first in a series of Metroid games, kickstarting the beginning of a new story arc.
    • An original, sea life-themed fighting game.
    • Another original game, in the form of a unique metroidvania-roguelite combo.
    • A teaser for SharkLord's take on the next generation of the ever-popular Super Smash Bros. series.
    • And a secret project, waiting to be revealed!
by Saltyjohn5
BitGears is a small indie game studio, specialising in creating original IPs based of cult classics, usually involving RPG elements within the IPs. Originally creating light hearted stories, critical feedback led to further expanding the IPs ideas to involve more dark and sinister tones, however without losing its original light hearted roots.
by Heronimbus
If you've seen enough Lone Planet projects, you'll recognize their signature "nostalgia power" style right away. Lone Planet specializes in crossover media and goes as wild as they possibly can, but they have also created the Shadowcalypse series and surrounding characters for the New Fantendoverse project.
  • Example projects: Silver Spurs: Reforged Trilogy, Synchronized Souls / Chaos Collision, Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse
  • To be showcased:
    • First reveal will be a revival of the old Cartoon Network Vs. projects - and this time, it'll be a team-up with a game developer that's no stranger to crossovers.
    • Next, a new Genesis-style Sonic game with some interesting twists. Sonic and his friends will meet some new rivals from another dimension as their respective baddies, Dr. Robotnik and Omelette, set out to take over both worlds.
    • A character action game based off a semi-popular 2000s Nicktoon. Take a wild guess what it is.
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighters Pass L, Lone Planet's own take on Smash DLC fighters. Who do you think these additions will be? postponed
    • Details on an all-new cartoon concept for the long-silent Vicinity Saga. postponed
    • A New Fantendoverse story, focusing on the journeys of Kelsie O'Fallon and her friends after the events of SUPREMACY: Shadowcalypse 3. postponed
by KirbiMiroir
In this presentation, you'll learn of two new things on my mind - a console and a game to go with it - along with a new update on the game that I'm physically programming.
  • Example projects: ???
  • To be showcased: The Hunter, Single-Handed Alchemy, Travellers of Sacred Ground
by TechnoTigzon
Sohnix specialized in original products as well as games for other companies such as Nintendo, Sega, Sony as well as reviving some older and obscure game franchises such as Aero the Acro-Bat, and Tomba! Sohnix is well known for making outstanding box-arts, artworks and character designs for its own and other content.
by .peachfuz
Fuz once specialized in Nintendo fangames with unconventional concepts, but has recently shifted his focus over to more original writing, developing stories as a writer for the New Fantendoverse project. His creations lean towards the more vibrant side of the website's original works, with an intricate, sometimes offbeat writing style.
by TheWikiOddish
TheWikiOddish usually focuses on Nintendo games and occasionally new IPs. Most of these games are light, happy, and colorful, though they can hold some dark elements in them. The games made are usually fantasy-based and are sometimes classified under the Platforming or Fighting Game genre. Ideas usually stem from the users dreams and/or drawings.
  • Example projects: Super Smash 'Mon, Kirby: Sea Stars, Pickpocket, Our Hero!
  • To be showcased:
    • More information on Pokémon Dark Order / Light ChaosForMonsters, Super Smash Bros. ExcelKirby: Adventure of the Stars.
    • Ice Climber: The Mountain Ascent is delayed.
    • Bubble City Detective Agency is revealed with a trailer. A new open-world mystery game!
    • Element Tussle is revealed with a trailer. A new 2D fighting game!
    • Mixels: Mixed Up Adventure is revealed. A new open-world adventure game!
    • Void of Thought is revealed with a trailer. A new open-world horror-survival game!
by Dorothy Nightingale
Nightingale Labs has been focusing more on obscure ideas, as noted on their biggest project so far, Grand Chase Chronicles. They have inspirations from Platinum, for innovating fast-paced combat. They have been focusing on coming up with new ideas that not many people had ever seen before.
by Thepuddlecat (tbc)
After a long hiatus, I'm back, and in a few days I'll be showing you all what I've been working on. Button Studios has recently been working on original projects with a strong focus on gameplay. Look out for more information about when the presentation will be up!
by Homdertalia
Homdertalia, Fantendo's resident Lemon Demon loving funneeman, has returned from his psuedo catatonic state to reveal some all new content for games of the past, as well as some new content overall!
  • Example projects: Nexus Overdrive, MG Eternal
  • To be showcased: Info on the new Fighter's Pass: Nexus, an upcoming Umbrella game, and something labeled "SFAD", whatever that means...
  • Example projects: TBA
  • To be showcased: TBA
by Samtendo09
Samtendo, while focusing on Nintendo-based games lately, also worked on a few new IPs in a few past years. Samtendo's games focus on giving out new ideas while also staying true to the original games' spirit. Gear Games is also known for reviving the Tempo series. While most of their original IPs doesn't have anything new at the moment, they might fix it up with a new chapter with a new mini-movie.
by ViVyper
Stardust Citadel is back! Again! See the details regarding a series of wholly new original games, based on previously created Stardust Citadel content and entirely brand new creations. Not all will be original though, as some of Stardust Citadel's now deleted projects based on existing propreties get a second take. Stardust Citadel specializes in action-based content featuring a cast of unique characters, each of them having of quirky abilities and several demons to face.
New to the scene, Faz focuses on presenting his content in a manner which is both formal and enjoyable to read. After making his debut with a Challenger's Pack which brings the world of Five Nights at Freddy's to Smash Ultimate, his lineup of larger projects will soon begin their release. While Faz's work mainly revolves around established franchises from Nintendo and other third parties, they focus on both presenting new takes on beloved ideas and catering to what made the franchises great in the first place. Tune in for what's sure to be an insane presentation!
  • Example projects: Pokémon Clash
  • To be showcased: Pokémon Clash, Project Gummi, Kirby's Star Shooter: Dream Collision
by ShadicMCGS
Topaz Central is an Australian company that specialises in making multiplayer games for different competitive genres! The company is currently working on familiar titles, franchises that are affiliated with Nintendo and SEGA.
  • Example projects: Super Smash Bros. ElementalsMario Kart: Switch Up!!Team Sonic Riders
  • To be showcased: New base content on the four games, plus an update on Elementals, and proper reveals for the other two games!
    • Elementals will enter it's final (hopefully) development cycle with the second fighter pass for Ultimate, the game will introduce the first four newcomers, and a mode that NEEDS to come back.
    • Switch Up!! will showcase gameplay, new vehicle customisation, and another mode that NEEDS to come back. This game will be planned to be the first game to be finished from the company.
    • Team Sonic Riders will introduce a new track roster, more items, and new modes to enjoy!
by Coral0excess
Coral is back with new updates on his projects. After a break from the public, but not from production, the company is ready to show some new things about its already started projects. This Showcase will act as an introduction to the soon to be announced Coral Direct 2020!
by JayOkumura
OKUMURA Studios has made quite an impact in gaming industry despite being created months ago. Founded and directed by former Koopompony employee Jay Okumura, the company made its first big hit with the reveal of the Fighters Pass Alpha for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
by Guygombaa
RHE is a multi-faceted company working towards crafting a rich variety of original IPs, though they specialise in RPG's, fighters and open world games. Other than gaming, RHE works on several tools to benefit the development community and, through it's subsidiary Chromaforce Studios, produces TV shows.
  • Example projects: Ruby Tuesday, Psychedelic Taco, Marika Island.
  • To be showcased: Updates on projects currently in development, updates for PT and Marika, early info on future projects, discussion of new comics-focused subsidiary.
by Iceboys12
Iceboys12 come back from being inactive for so long(hopefully), and try to go back to Fantendo. Iceboys12co. is a multi-genre company, that mostly work with different companies, and also work on different types of games, and experimenting things. This company also have different IPs on their belts.
by SilvakTheGuy
A newcomer to the Fantendo scene, Redacted Games works under sole employee Silvak "Cam Ham Rye" TheGuy to create some more unconventional projects than what's expected of fake video game companies on a Fandom wiki. The company strives to create quality content™, but doesn't take it too seriously. Currently, Redacted is working on Slam Jam Warriors, a crossover fighting game featuring characters from Space Jam, the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters, The Room and more.
  • Example projects: Literally nothing so far, but I made some contributions to Random Rumble: Revamped if that counts
  • To be showcased: Reveals for Slam Jam Warriors (and maybe a surprise at the end if i'm committed to one of the kajillion project ideas i have)
by EnderLegends
Ender is known for his dedication to his projects on Fantendo, as well as his giant pair of tits.
Anakin Nakamura is the current CEO of Morningwood Arts; serving as Design Director, and is part of Revelation Heroes Entertainment as a writer.
Gold-Sans runs his company, Golden Studios, who make games for various companies, as well as for their own.
  • Example projects: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Battle 2, Sonic Forces: Gold's Version, Super Smash Bros. Dokkan
  • To be showcased: We've got four different games to showcase for this!
    • Trailer for Powerborn's Story Modes and unique gameplay, plus the Create a Character contest!
    • The reveal trailer for Jump Crusade's Story Mode, along with the first two DLC characters!
    • Random Rumble Revamped DLC Wave 1 announcement, with the first two DLC fighters being revealed!
    • And a super secret reboot that you won't see coming!